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  1. thomask93

    I should be recording more, so many of these kind of great moments, those need to be preserved on the internetz
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  2. Sovereign533

    For the past couple of days we've been performing to our former level. We've been lacking a bit in the last few weeks. But we're kicking *** again!
    Yesterday we won an alert (granted, we had the 4th faction. But winning an alert is rare for the NC).

    And today we were just trying to get as much territory on Esamir from the TR as possible in the time frame we had. We succeeded (eventually) to take the Amp Station near their warpgate during an Amp Station alert. We had quite a lot opposition.
    We had 2 infantry squads, 1 with a member trying to lead for the first time. And this went rather well. We also had an armour squad that was lead by a probationer, and this went great.
    We all had a lot of fun. And we learned a lot of lessons we will integrate into future squad plays. Because that's what we do. Good days or bad days, there is always room to improve. So we ask members for their feedback and take it into consideration.

    And I think I speak for all of us when I say. Congratulations on the alert victory Vanu Sovereignty.

    And good fight to both the TR and VS this evening.

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  3. allelujah

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  4. AdennTM

    Great fights had with you lads today! *tips commissar cap*
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  5. Arphelior

    Those were indeed some pretty good fights! Man.. you guys are persistent :D
  6. AdennTM

    Hell yeah! It's rare to find challenging fights nowadays :p
  7. Epoch/Eep

  8. Bvenged

    WASP has been putting extra emphasis on teamplay over the past few weeks, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    Catch one of our squads carrying momentum, in full swing, and you're going to come out of it at a loss, battered and bruised even if you had overwhelming numbers - but with a smile on your face. We have highly skilled members to experienced leaders, older veteran members to fresh-faced probationers. No matter who makes up a WASP squad, our ambition is to strike where it hurts, support where we can, and win.

    At the end of the day, people join our outfit for top-level teamwork and coordination, and that's what we plan to deliver. We don't expect a specific BR level or 20%+ accuracy of our members, but a keen eye for teamplay, an ability to follow orders and a desire to face any threat with or without reinforcements - and to smile & joke about it afterwards.

    This game isn't ARMA, but at the same time it isn't Battlefield. We plan to play it how it's meant to be played, with structure, organisation and teamwork, and we will do so as absolutely best we can. We brief, we plot, we practice, we strategise, we test, we review, we demonstrate, we encourage, we contribute, we cooperate, we serve, we teach and we learn...

    But most importantly, we play to win and we win for fun. If we lose a fight, we sit down, figure out why, and improve so we win the next time. If we win a fight, we look at how we can improve our tactics/strategy anyway.

    During organised play or Operation times, we expect everybody in WASP to bring their 100%. We do offer casual play outside of operations times however, for members who just want to play a bit more relaxed at that time. So we're not always playing at top-speed if you can't be your A-game 24/7.

    If any outfits wish to work with us more closely than sporadic /Leaders, give me a PM and we'll arrange a time and date for a cooperative Operation or play-session.
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  9. AdennTM

    I'll be honest, I rarely if ever played with you guys back then. Now I'm seeing you more often and it's always good fights :)
  10. Sovereign533

    It's nice to get praise from your enemy. *raises gun in salute* :D
  11. Arphelior

    Last nights Ymir biolab was one of the best fights if had in a while! I started out as a max, got gunned down, respawned as a medic.. In the end I had to keep running back and forth through the teleporter to get more res nades! I may have used 12-14+ in a couple of minutes :confused:.

    Join WASP & fight against oppression and brainwashed cultists!
  12. Sovereign533

    Oh just had an amazing fight during the alert. We went to Esamir, because we didn't have any territory and the TR had 65% pop. We went to one of the bases to try and take it while outnumbered. And even tough the TR was annoyed, they couldn't kick us out and we actually captured it.
    And then the zerg went crazy. The TR zerg that is. They pulled up Sunderers and started zerg spamming us, but we had AT and took out their Sunderers, forcing them to park away further. They started comming on foot over the hills. Everywhere I looked outside I saw black and red ants running to my direction. Every once and a while you saw a bigger specimen spamming either Fractures or a hail of bullets but were taken out. Before reaching our base.
    They started driving Prowlers in, but we had AT, they started sniping, but we already had snipers, they came with Mosquito's and we had some AA. It was really mental. And one of the best fights I had.
    And of course I remember that I should record that AFTER the fight >_<.
  13. Bvenged

    WASP has some of the best Liberator and Reaver pilots on the server. WE're incredibly fortunate to have them fly with us in our platoons, and it's a joy to know how much they wreck the TR & VS up during casual squads in off-peak hours!

    But without a shadow of a doubt, WASP has THE BEST Dalton Liberator gunner on the server. If you fly on EU Miller as VS or TR, I'm more than sure you've come across him and can vouch for how quickly you became smouldering wreckage.

    Need proof? Try pulling these shots off first time, every time:

    Great work there Sarx, and some awesome flying by your pilots too! I'm highly impressed by my outfit mates here.
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  14. Sovereign533

    Yesterday we had an awesome organised play with The Consortium. WASP Inc was invited to the CONZ teamspeak to work under their leading structure to form a better bond in between the 2 outfits.
    We were both fielding about 3 squads each and our goal was to take Hvar Tech from the TR. The TR obviously responded en-masse. But we purposefully threw our forces against them to see what we were able to together against the TR while outnumbered.
    It actually turned out rather well, even tough we didn't succeed with the final objective. We still had rather awesome fights.

    Thank you CONZ for a great evening / fight. And I'm looking forward to our next session. Next time we'll show you how WASP goes around with our organised play.
  15. huller

    Let's see how long it'll take for this thread to reach 200 pages.

    On a sidenote, someone tell Aquiller to stop getting so mad in /yell chat.
  16. Sovereign533

    Well, I would guess half a year or something? Earlier if we get some drama going on here.
  17. Dinapuff

    Nonsense. He aint mad, just a tad unhinged.
  18. huller

    pfff, easy.

    Enforcerer modified = EZmode
  19. Bvenged

    I gotta' agree, the Enforcer Modified is the easiest weapon I'd take to a nerf-gun fight.

    I'll take the enforce modified, and you can take this:


  20. Arphelior

    I'd rather take that nerf-gun than the C85 modified :confused:

    I'll gladly take one of these though:

    Yes, that is a railgun on a Reaver.. :eek: