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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Handsi

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  2. Ulysees

    24 WASPs - check
    200 TR - check
    Target Mekala tech Plant for Alert - check
    Capture point - check
    Slaughter 200 TR who come to take back point - check
    Eventually get over-run by sheer numbers - check
    Give up? - NEGATIVE
    Repeat from step 1 - check

    Fight harder? - check

    Lose alert (sigh) - check

    Continue to kick TR players in the nuts on Esamir - check

    Overall a very satisfactory night. You can ghost cap. You could even sit with the zerg and do very little useful or you could maybe just maybe join an outfit that isn't ******** about the over population, hasn't given up and whose outfit leader doesn't overly care about the outcome of the alerts as long as more TR are killed than WASP members he sees that as a win.

    Fight the ZERG and join the SWARM today - join WASP http://www.wasp-inc.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=4
  3. YamiNoTenshi

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzze WASPs, join 'em.
  4. Sovereign533

    Wasps are increasingly used in military pest control as they prey mostly on pests and have little impact on allies.
  5. Arphelior

    An idea perhaps? :D
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  6. Bvenged

    Last night was another episode in our weekly Special Best Friends Operation. We work closely with interested outfits as we share platoons (plural) and a VOIP server (not plural) to do some serious damage. Last night we were with the resident, kick-*** Digital Legion and the awesome Smurf Assault Squad!

    During this Operation, our personal WASP Air Squad was in full swing. You can see what kind of shenanigans they get up to when spreading FREEDOM throughout the skies!


    EDIT: INB4 Yami and "Bees". :p

    We're immune to this stuff. That's how WASP we are.

  7. Sovereign533

    Arph, quit raging :p
  8. MajorZbug

    Misses the part when we attacked your lib with a 12/12 gal. Good stuff :)
  9. Arphelior


    Awesome video btw! To bad I couldn't attend :(
  10. Sovereign533

    Pffff, the outfit leaders wanted me to post constructive stuff about the outfit. And not the Arph trolling that I did. (No-one told me that, but I figure as much ^_^)
    Now I've been in WASP for about a year now. I joined quite early after the Alpha Squad promotion went out.
    And I've never regretted it for a single moment. We have our better days and days where stuff just doesn't seem to work. We listen to all members, doesn't matter if you're the outfit leader or the probationer who just joined a couple of minutes ago. If you have a good argument we will listen, and if we agree, we will adapt.
    The fights are also usually good. We try to be as organized as we can be. So we expect from everyone to follow orders and be their best.

    Lately we've largely focussed our attention towards the TR. Since the TR have the largest population most of the time. So our goal is mainly to stop the TR push, denie them the victory of the alert. If we're hopelessly outnumbered we will just switch to being a pain in the a**. Which is a lot of fun and keeps morale up.

    We have regular operations that range from 'Combined Arms', 'Bang Bus' and our new addition 'Ulys Horny Hornets' (but that's supar sekrit! :eek:). With Combined Arms you are free to choose for Air, Infantry or Armour. Each have their own dedicated and professional squad leaders, and each leader is in constant communication. We strive to work as one big team.
    We also have weekly training sessions where the most experienced members show the newer and some older members some tricks of the trade.

    And damnit, I tried to make a 3 line post, but I just kept on writing. I'll stop now before my text wall gets even wallier. Is that a word, well, it is now!
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  11. pnkdth

    Your post just got....


    ...Wall-Er. YEEEEEEEEaaaaaaah!
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  12. dnaRIP

    You're so witty Ulysees!!!

    Love WASP and would recommend them if you are going stinky NC...
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  13. Arphelior

    awww :).. wait what, the NC is stinking?? What about the fish!?
  14. YamiNoTenshi

    Well, you scrappers roll around in the fish heads garbage while looking for useful stuff.....
  15. Bvenged

    Want to see the WASP air squad wrecking it up from the POV of the Adaptive squad?

  16. TmRNL

    Last night we had one of our more regular operations. Operation "Generic Sh*t".
    Getting back to our basics, revise and relive some tactics.

    When we started getting up our squads, the alert for the Amp stations was still on going. Though our mighty Ulysess did not immediatly see this, we started off on Esamir. I was leading the air squad, which started out with just the 3 of us when opening up the squad. Later on (5 minutes before the operation start), we had an almost full air squad!

    If there are any flyboys out there, WASP plays organised AIR as well!
  17. Sovereign533

    OY! I wasn't allowed to troll the DL recruitment thread =(
  18. YamiNoTenshi

    I'm here on behalf of the terran republic ;)
  19. Sovereign533

    BOOOOO!!! :mad:

  20. Epoch/Eep

    Thats just beautiful :)

    Combined arms all the way!
    WASP looking for more.