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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Who needs a map when you have a crosshair.
  3. Bvenged

    NC presence was relatively unnecessary at Kwahtee last night, so while I wasn't calling the shots I apologise in this instance, but it's better to be safe than sorry with Alerts - as we've learned the hard way many times.

    The VS had that base pretty locked down, so personally I am sorry if it spoiled your night. There was no cross-faction coordination, however, I think we both know what those NC forces were trying to do. When you're several hundred players and multiple platoons smaller than your opposition, and they're as organised as you are, you can't afford to play straight or you'll lose.
  4. AquaKiller

    But we weren't at Kwahtee last night, only around Sungrey.
  5. huller

    uh, you were with us in our hearths?
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  7. Bvenged

    WASP wasn't, as far as I'm aware, but we did have a hand in the decision to send forces there... as in, it was our plan.
  8. JonboyX

    How many WASP players have logged in in the last 14 days please? This isn't a trick question to make some stupid point, so please be accurate :)

    As WASP openly advertise as the biggest NC outfit - well, in terms of impact - I'd like to understand what you roll with.

    Excluding NCTO obviously
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  10. Ulysees

    We haven't marketed ourselves this way since late beta/early release when we could put 7 squads into the field each night, unfortunately at that time we didn't really know how to manage those kinds of numbers and the member count dropped drastically once the new shinyness of the game fell away so nowadays we field between 2 and 4 squads on a non operation night and normally 4-5 squads on an Operation night.

    Having said that I am pretty confident in saying we are among the top 5 NC outfits that you don't want to see heading your way when the fighting starts and we are very keen to promote teamwork and combined arms play and run infantry armour and air divisions for players who want to play those playstyles.

    Activity wise http://www.planetside-universe.com/outfit-37509488620601589.php 84% over 30 days and 62% over the last 7 days of 167 current members so we are active, though we are not a 24/7 outfit, outside of primetime you will be unlikely to be able to run with more than a squad of players.
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    Kinda precluding my next question - thanks for turning up :) - what do BRTD run with, as probably(?) the biggest TR outfit?
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  13. Epoch/Eep

    We shy away from being a "big" outfit and always have so i doubt anyone advertised as being the biggest NC outfit and the terms of impact business is a bit too boasty for our recruitment :)
    I think most outfit members would dislike that sort of label to be honest.

    Edit: Looking back on it maybe people spammed largest and most organised. /blush
    I think Conz used the same line and we would get into spam wars over it. Silly silly days :)

    I think Nordstage had us at 2 platoons watching (TE vids too often) the other NC outfits were larger though. As Uly has said that all ended when the games shiny appeal faded from the masses.
  14. YamiNoTenshi

    Had no idea we were the biggest one, cool :D

    Out of a total of 345 members we've had 286 (~83%) active in the last 30 days and 223 (~64%) active in the last week, we've got members from all over the world so we usually have atleast one squad up at any time of the day :)
  15. huller

    wasp: Ruining brtd photoshoots one liberator at a time.
  16. Dinapuff

    Not sure what to counter with. We do ruin photoshoots. Especially if you're picnicking.
  17. Arphelior

    For those who haven't seen it yet or want to see it again..
    WASP's point of view
    BRTD's point of view
  18. UnKnownPlayer

    We have had some great additions to the Outfit recently with plenty of new applications, thanks to the newer guys for joining, great to have you all onboard.
    It's also been great to see our Super Best Friends Ops with DL picking up again and the recent operation with BRTD, <3
  19. Bvenged

    We're not dead, we're just too busy fending off the 4th faction to post on here!

    f your'e not a 4th faction scrub and would love to share your loyalty with us, to fight alongside us against the Barney and Elmo's, pop us an application! We play seriously when the going get tough, and when the tough gets going, we cause some serious damage.

    Our current numbers are 2-3 squads during non-calendar events, 3-4 squads prime-time calendar events and 3-5 squads for the weekly operation. We offer all walks of gameplay, from pure infantry, to pure armour or air, and if diversity is your thing we also run modular and adaptive squads most days too!

    We possess some of the most experienced and enthusiastic leaders and members on the server, so if you join us, expect to join us in doing everything we can to defeat the opposition or counter their forces without using numbers. We work closely with other outfits and maintain strong relations with opposing outfits too.

    So what are you waiting for?

    If our tactical style isn't your cup of tea, we do have biscuits on the side. Nevertheless, there are many more excellent outfits for your to join on both factions! There's an outfit for everybody, from the casual to the hardcore, to everything inbetween! So stop dilly-dallying, join us or join another outfit. This game is scientifically proven to be over 9000x more fun with an outfit. Now go get applying!

    In the mean time, while you ponder over life's biggest mystery of "which outfit do I join?", rest your eyes on some snaps I've taken of our endeavours in PS2 over the past few weeks!


    We like to run a lot. It keep us fit.
  20. YamiNoTenshi

    You forgot to mention the singing :D