[NC] WASP Inc [Miller-EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

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    That post was mine by right of forum hoe!

  3. Bvenged

    Oh oh, I want to post on page 100!

    Y'know, we're the first outfit in Planetside 2 to reach 100 pages in their recruitment, as far as I'm aware. Bizarrely, we only have 170-odd members in the outfit of which around 100 are active each week and 20-50 are on during any given evening (training, casual or operation days).

    We have an niche playstyle, a highly regulated recruitment policy, we HATE zergfests and field approximately a platoon each week.

    I just hope you join us for our organised teamwork and gameplay, and not for our thread page count - you know you want to help us hit 2 full platoons of kickass coordination! :p
  4. AdennTM

    I wish to be part of the legendary page 100!
  5. YamiNoTenshi

    You know that about half of all the posts are mine, right?
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    You point being? =P

    The Legendary 100 page is still the legendary 100 page no matter how you got there!
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    I can not believe you contributed to this 100 page of Corporate filth.
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    My point is that this thread is now my property, I have more than 51% of the shares (posts), you corporate scumbags should understand that, right? :D
  9. AquaKiller

    TR's overpopulation is getting out of control. Makes me despise each and every TR player on Miller currently. :/

    Strongly thinking about making char on other EU server, if only it wasn't for all the certs on this toon...
  10. Bvenged

    The other servers all have it nearly as bad, but the faction that the 4th factioners are drawn to differs.
  11. Arphelior

    Yeah, just look through the PS2 forums and you'll see that it sort of differs per server.
  12. LordMondando

    That'll do WASP.

    That'll do.
  13. AquaKiller

    I obviously overreacted during the weekend so I apologize for all the QQ tells and yells to whom it may concern.
  14. Bvenged

    WASP, NCTO and the greater NC as a whole won a prime-time Alert for the first time in ages yesterday!

    Just goes to show: If we stop assuming we'll be outnumbered by TR and just fight back for a change, no Alert is safe. Good work NC with the coordination between NCTO alliance, smaller outfits and any other squads and platoons participating in the organised play. It was fun to be in the thick of it!

    Commemorations to the Vanu and TR for being good sports and putting up a fair fight all night.

    Bloody 4th faction players started jumping on their NC characters as the alert went on, instead of logging on to TR for a change. Our population counter rose from 1% more than TR, to 5% by the end of the night, which is several hundred players when you consider it's prime-time.
    Being on the bitter end of this each night sucks, but it sucks just as much to turn up to a good fight and have it zerged by friendlies moments later. If you're one of those people to jumped ship early to the winning side for the bonus XP and easy wins, you should be ashamed. It spoils the fun of everyone if you have more soldiers than your combatant.
  15. YamiNoTenshi

    So you say you're a fourth factioner? Why you should meet my friend, mr Bullet, meet mister face.
  16. Bvenged

    Who let the WASPs out!? Bzz, bzz, bz bzzzz.
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  18. huller

    gg on the allert, some of the best fights i have had in a while
  19. Bvenged

    The one we lost without a single base and hardly any of us were online, or the one after that which NC won with even less of us online for? :p

    NC won the prime-time alert again today. I'd say GG but I didn't get to fight you unfortunately, VS were being a pain by Sungrey Amp so we were throwing squads around up in Northern Amerish to keep them back. :(

    Maybe next time!
  20. huller

    question: why were there NC at kwathee?

    you sorta gotta learn dem newbs to l2map if you wanna win more often