[NC/VS/TR] Server Smash

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Negator, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Negator


    Waterson needs not only another Server Rep, but more outfit participation if the Mattherson vs Waterson Server smash is to happen.

    Mattherson has 240+ ready to smash face.

    Waterson has yet to break 2 platoons for a SS match.

    Show Mattherson what youve got. Show us how strong your community is. Don't make us show up ready for Mardi Gras and all we get is a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

    So having said that, pending a server smash next friday night, or saturday afternoon some things need to happen:

    1. 2 Teamspeak meetings to get outfit leads and the numbers they can provide, as well as the where and when for their people day of. Masterchaif, or a new Waterson rep will organize that (or i can assist if needbe).

    2. Start listing outfits here that can produce a squad, as well as their point of contact that will be able to attend said meetings.

    3. Outfits that are participating also need to list individuals willing to platoon lead.

    4. Outfit reps must understand they are responsible for:
    *passing ALL info to their people about when the SS starts, how early to be there, and their conduct
    *Ensuring that their people have the PTS DLed and characters on ALL 3 factions created (since we dont know which faction we'll be). That means YOU MUST VISIBLY VERIFY THAT.

    More to follow.

    lets see some names folks.
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  2. LordDethir

    If you have an alt on waterson, but your main is on mattherson, can you fight for waterson?
  3. Corvus Corax

    you need to be part of an outfit that's participating. might be able to register in ps2-pickup as standalone guy to fill in where people don't show up, not sure. you'll have to ask those in charge of the event.
  4. doombro

    I will talk to my outfit about participating. We pulled some decent numbers for the ceres match.
  5. Negator

    Masterchaif from XOO is your point of contact. In the mean time, just post here:
  6. DaMann22

    You know Quantum Dawn is ready!

    EDIT: contact me when meetings occur
  7. EGuardian1

    I'll talk to anybody I can, Might be able to muster up a Platoon worth of CoB Outfits. I'm definitely down for this - where does one sign up?
  8. Colonelveers12

    If someone could link the server smash site that would be helpful so we know times and dates. Oh and IMRE will be joining in the conflict.
  9. Sgt.Mile

    VREV is here and I can help with the prep as much as I can if yall need help
  10. Dotz0r

  11. Casterbridge

    Hrm I want to participate just can't confirm yet if I will be able to make it.
  12. Tshapedvisor

    QPRO will field a squad for this. Please contact Ock in game or hit me up on Twitter @tshapedvisor.
  13. Negator

    you need to go here: http://www.reddit.com/r/watersonps2

    seek out masterchaif from XOO and sign up, he's too busy to hunt you down.
  14. Tshapedvisor

    Do you know which method of contact he would prefer? I sent him a message on reddit.
  15. FireclawX

    Comon Waterson, turn up!
    Also, huge props to Negator for taking your lack of players on his shoulders. He's busy as is with Mattherson, and could have just left you guys to get stomped.