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    I'm sure all of the Outfits on Heliodine were familiar with, and miss, SgtCharlesZim's weekly community OPS. The arrival of the "Alerts" has pretty much erased the need for such events, but I don't think they should go as far as to erase our budding inter-faction community entirely.

    So how about once in a while, the Outfits of Heliodine organize gigantic, unique events such as:
    1. Playing en masse on an alternate account as one faction on another server. Ex: COLG and EXE join the Connery server to aid the underpopulated Vanu for an hour or so.
    2. Multi-faction Sundy/Flash races.
    3. Multii-faction dogfights (Like what Killface recently organized)
    4. Etc.? Ideas are welcome.

    So what do you guys think? Before the alerts, I had loads of fun playing with an against EXE, VAST, DPSO, TED, LUA, ADK, CASH, TUBB, etc. on off-continent OPS, why not build on that?

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  2. NytDragon

    The problem with the alerts, is that they're happening WAY TOO FREQUENTLY. With a slight randomness to their exact times, it's become a real pain in the *** on our event scheduling. Often times, we have an event that starts in the middle of an alert, which it's difficult to pull those that are really dug in.

    They need more variety, as territory control on all 3 continents is starting to get old with the frequency of the same thing over... and over... and over. For example, we're missing King of the Hill on Amerish, and a number of great fights on Esamir. Even if SOE randomized a facility to control by the end of the timer would make these alerts more exciting and dynamic. 2 hours is starting to get long-winded as well, with the first hour rapidly deteriorating in importance.

    I agree, let's bring back the FNO events, regardless of the alert... which has become the new "Indar". We've all ignored the crown as a strategic point on Indar for months now, I recommend we make "The Crown" as the objective for a King of the Hill on Indar this Friday night at 7pm PDT.
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  3. Vohk

    EXE would definitely be up for keeping the community events going. Zim has been really busy and away from PS2 lately, so he's been unable to put the time into organizing. I've been wracking my brain the last few days for an event we could run next week but haven't been able to come up with anything compelling. The alerts have been pretty cool, if a bit long and overly frequent, but they sure throw a wrench in event planning.

    #1 could be interesting. Would have to plan it well in advance to give people time to get set up but would be very cool to play with folks from the other factions. #2 is always so incredibly tricky because of how easy it is for people to mess up the whole event. One thought I had would be to set a regular time (ex: 7PM PST, Fridays) and then just have interested outfits vote on the shenanigans to be had. Dogfights, flash mobs, medic knife fights, whatever. That would make an easy fallback in case we don't have the time or inspiration to come up with something more complicated.
  4. Vohk

    Ugh, so much this. Two hours each and starting almost but not quite every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. The guaranteed big fights are always nice but the novelty is wearing off for me. Every single one plays out the same way: take and hold a reasonable amount of territory around a few defensible locations, then make a last minute rush to grab as much territory as you can.
    Haha, you know, I'd never even considered something on Indar. Good idea! Shall we say the usual 2 hours (7-9PDT)? Might lose a few more people to alerts but it allows a little extra time for creative attacks.

    Either way, count EXE in!
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  5. VSIngenuity

    #1. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Hell I'd even be willing to play a faction besides VS. It would be nice to have an outfit or TS3 server for it.
  6. NytDragon

  7. Killuminati C

    #1 is a really interesting idea. If this idea gets any traction then I personally would be very interested. I have a lot of admiration for some of the opposing outfits although so much of the sense of community with other factions on this server seems to have fallen by the wayside as of late.
  8. desdicardo

    I vote for #1.. We should totally pick the underpopulated faction, form a massive outfit with helios's finest and tear **** up for a couple hours and /yell "HELIOS DRUNK DIVISION!!!" Would be a fun way to change things up every few weeks so you guys don't have to try so hard to keep our FNO's from becoming stale, while improving the already great community we have.
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  9. Excellentz

    Haha wow. I like #1, that could actually be a bit of fun and super unique. Our community is the best, I am not sure how much of ADK would want to do it, but I am sure a few people would want to. I wouldn't want to do it too often, I am awfully nationalistic.
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  10. NytDragon

    +1 for #1

    I sort of feel sorry for the other factions, as we're talking about a significant number of players from Helios bombing their server. lol To add even more fun, we can plan it around SOE's FNO and get into their stream. I already have Indar planned for this Friday, perhaps the following Friday?
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  11. Excellentz

    I would be down next Friday to do that haha. I say we go VS on Connery....they are so out numbered at times its not even funny haha. Also, i've never played VS :p
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  12. NytDragon

    This will be FUNny... and the first thing you'll notice is.. "OMG no bullet drop!" and you'll have a lot of fun with the Magrider mobility and the cool Cylon feel of the Scythe. At least, until you start missing your Vanguard shields, scattermaxes, the phoenix, and the brick controls of the Reaver.
  13. kaptinkrunch88

    We'll be there...at least some of us. This sounds like fun.
  14. Maelios

    #1 for sure. I love all the factions and server and faction unity is kind of my thing, so we should get a TS3 set up for it and start planning things around SOE's FNO.
  15. Excellentz

    I will sureeeely miss my lovely blue brick :-(

    Let's try and keep the exact date of #1 a "secret" until we're actually ready. We don't want it to become a huge, public event that ends up crashing the target server :eek:

    The true prize and well deserved gift to the underpopped Vanu of Connery would be to cap the continent for them, but like it or not, this can't be done if TRG and DDogs are out in full force when we get there, since you know, 33/33/33.

    Anyways, I'll start up a new thread, and once I get a good list of Outfits, I'll pm all the leaders personally to discuss the finer details.
  17. NytDragon

    FYI, they did capture Indar while the NC and TR were at an alert... the same day and alert we took advantage of here on Helios to WG the NC, which eventually led to the Indar capture. I found it interesting that both servers had VS implement the same strategy at the same time.

    The Will of Vanu was strong that night.
  18. boldeagle3

    we're holding events every 2 weeks at Saturday 7PM PST, if theres enough interest we could make it every week, also if you lads are up for a vote on what we're doing we can do that too.