NC/VS! The Dread Legion is looking for scrimmage partners!

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by OdinsPride, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. OdinsPride

    Thanks for the interest guys! Not sure if we will be able to accommodate ALL of you but rest assured that we are going to try! We love good fights and are looking to be the best, so fighting quality outfits should be fun on both counts!!!
  2. BorialisAurora

    The Forty Deuce(T42) may be interested in this, yes we are larger..well maybe who knows now with what's been happening we are/were ranked #1 on the server for 384+ so it's up to you if you if you wanna have a go, we can field a small 12v12 tac team for you and I can shop around and see if any of the members want to participate. our playerbase is loyal but sketchy for when they log in especially now with summer over. Have a good day!
  3. OdinsPride

    We are more than likely going to try and use twitter or email to set this stuff up, so please follow @TheDreadLegion for logistics!
  4. OdinsPride

    This Sunday we will start with BAID in the first scrimmage.

    Keep in mind guys that these our scrimmages, not matches. There is a difference.
    Scrimmages do not there to see who is better and keep score, that's what official matches are for.
    Scrimmages are there for each outfit to try new things and get better together!

    That's not to say that every once in a while we will up the stakes to add some spice, but I don't want potential partners thinking that this is going to be some MLG type scenario...
  5. AuntLou42

    Like Borialis said The Forty Deuce is down to scrim with anyone. We've been scrimming ourselves on test a couple nites a week and have been having a blast. Also if your ever short players just let us know. Most of us have character ready for every faction. Contact me @auntlou42
  6. OdinsPride

    I think that we already do follow each other T42. I try and follow all the outfits on Connery that have a twitter...

    Like I said we are starting with BAID then I think CASH has called next after that. As far as timing we are looking for Sunday nights.
    But if our guys are really into it and want more of it then I could foresee more opportunities opening up for times closer together.

    It's a difficult balancing act because we already have official functions of some kind 4 nights a week. While I would like to make this a regular thing (read: weekly), it would mean cutting something else that is important to the outfit. Unless the guys are clamoring for it I don't want to ask them to get on 5 nights a week every week. That's like NUC level of player activity lol.

    So as for right now we are taking it one step at a time and see where it is going on our end. I am super stoked at the level of response, and I like to think it's cause you guys think we are pretty decent and want to get better as well, instead of the fact that you're all bored and want a reason to try out the PTS :)

    Rest assured that we will try and accommodate as much as we can, so if I don't contact you immediately please don't be offended. I have a day job...
  7. OdinsPride

    Some folks have been asking about 24v24 scrimmages. We are not opposed to the idea at all, it mostly just comes down to the fact that we have 45 guys and its hard to get 24 of them on at the same time. 12 is easy. So once we get a little larger we will certainly consider the possibility!
  8. OdinsPride

    Looking forward to tomorrow for the first of many scrimmages! Thanks BAID for stepping up first....
  9. BigDeezMac

    If you guys still want tactical advice and help with learning how to shoot please contact Forsoh for details.
  10. OdinsPride

    Players beta says there is no character named Forsoh.....
  11. Morpholine

    Unfortunately I had to miss it, but word on our forums is we really enjoyed the experience. Thanks for the invite!
  12. Kaal87

    Hey BAID, was late myself to the primary scirms but I had a blast doing the closing events. Our forums are abuzz with feedback and positive comments. I give ya'll a /salute.
    Now get your purple flier peddling missionaries off my lawn before I bust out with mah Nighthawk.

    Cant wait for our next scirm with [CASH]!
  13. AcidicAce

    Bastards are still in for a romp or two if you guys are still in. We should be able to do a 12v12 at least, but were thinking more of a KOTH format. We have a few sites scouted out, can iron out the details later.
  14. OdinsPride

    CASH is up next on 9/29!
    Had an amazing time going against BAID, real classy gents that know a thing or two about planetside!
    Have no doubt that Genocidal Rampage will provide just as much of a challenge...