NC/VS! The Dread Legion is looking for scrimmage partners!

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by OdinsPride, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. OdinsPride

    Do You Have What It Takes?

    The Dread Legion is looking for any small/medium sized outfit from NC or VS to participate in outfit v. outfit scrimmages! We all know that you can only get so good fighting against pubbies, and DL3G wants to take it to the next level. Nothing like a good old rivalry to hone your skills.

    We respect our enemies and expect that in return. We would like this to be a good-natured rivalry so if you are looking for an excuse to troll then you can find another outfit that cares about that sort of thing. We are looking for outfits that want to better themselves not screw around and waste our time.

    As of this writing, The Dread Legion has 43 members, so if you are a massive (read: zerg) outfit then I'm sorry we just won't have the numbers to go 48v48. So far we are looking at 12v12 or possibly 24v24 in the future.

    For those of you who don't know us yet here is our SOE thread:
    Our website as well:

    We are currently ranked 8th on the server in >24 members, so I can assure you that we can hold our own in a fight. We are looking for outfits who think they can do the same.

    The exact nature and logistics of these scrims can be discussed we wanted to see who was interested before putting the cart before the horse. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to use this thread as correspondence.

    Thanks for reading, and we look forward to some great battles in the future!!
  2. boldeagle3

    We'll ave ya, though we're in the process of rebuilding and restructuring at the moment so it may not be straight away, we were actually in the process of organizing a tourney but had to put it on the backburner due to other priorities. Go drop an ambassador app and we'll talk more in private. [FCRW], [DPSO], [YBOK], [JENK] and [ADK] have all expressed interest in the past so shouldn't be too hard to get something going0. We've run a dozen or 2 of these man, and know what does and does not work, we have been itching to get them going again, why not use this as an excuse eh? COME AT ME BRO!
  3. OdinsPride

    Are you looking for a tournament, or are you looking for a continued outfit v outfit exchange? I'd be open to doing a tournament, but we are looking for a sustainable relationship with other outfits that we can coordinate with on a relatively consistent basis...
  4. boldeagle3

    We've had weekly scraps before, and as much as we enjoyed having a rivalry with someone not just highly drilled but absolute ********'s, in fact it was some of the most fun we've had on the game, we figure why not take it a step further? We don't mind organizing a tournament if you don't mind helping us kick it off? And dude, to be honest we're not fussed, as long as we got something to shoot at we're happy, men of simple tastes eh. Holla at our dear leader and work something out with him.
  5. OdinsPride

    I'll get in touch with my guys and see what kind of response we can muster
    Maybe this thread can be used to promote some sort of tournament
  6. IronRoids

    Bellum Aeternus would be very interested in instanced scrimmages (ranked 1st 192 and up with 219 members). We would prefer 24 v 24 over 12v12 that said we can shuffle people around to make the numbers match up depending on the situation.

    As far as questions go would it be combined arms or just infantry? Or if it is combined arms what vehicles are okay to pull and is there a cap on them?

    As far as scrimmaging goes for BAID we'd prefer one safe hard spawn for each side that neither faction can destroy and any other spawns would be fair game and just pure infantry combat over the specified facility.

    Thanks for taking the time
  7. OdinsPride

    We had been interested in talking to BAID honestly we always have good hard fights against you guys.
    We didn't approach you mostly cause of what you described, which is the numbers discrepancy. You guys can field a lot more than we could so we didn't think you'd be interested in 12v12.
    That being said, we could talk about the logistics of what it would look like. I don't think we would mind having infantry combat...
  8. NapoopaN

    Ironroids wants infantry only combat? I don't believe my own eyes.

  9. OdinsPride

    Seems like we were fighting against BAID all night tonight! If that's how it is all the time guys should be a hell of a battle...

    Who should I contact within the outfit?
  10. OdinsPride

    I am actually shocked that more outfits aren't interested in this.....Don't you guys like playing against good competition?
  11. SNAFUS

    He just wants to setup a potential air farm is all ;).
  12. IronRoids

    Hahaha shhhhh Snafu! Napoopan!! Your giving it away they're not supposed to know. People to contact would be Coldstatic, Therum, or myself Ironroids im game.

    Umm do you guys have the test server by chance? tends to be easier to setup fights there just because of the controlled environment.

    If your having trouble finding us here is our website
    forgive the 90s nerd look we are currently overhauling the visuals of our website.
  13. OdinsPride

    We have the test server yes, we use it for our training. Only thing is it seems to be on the fritz lately so we may have to stick to Amerish or something for now. We will be on tonight so I will try and FR you guys...
  14. IronRoids

    Sounds great to me.
  15. OdinsPride

    Do you guys have a twitter at all?
  16. kaptinkrunch88

    If we were a bit larger I'd jump in to this. Soon we'll have the numbers to make a full squad on a regular basis and then...Standby!
  17. OdinsPride

    what outfit are you from my friend?
  18. kaptinkrunch88

    I'm the outfit leader of The Unbalanced Breakfast(TUBB).
  19. OdinsPride

    Well as soon as you can get 12 members on the field let us know!
  20. Garflow

    Hey-yo! CASH here, we're interested in a small 12v12 fight if you guys are still looking for opponents :) You can tweet @adamricohen (That's Magnmstallion) to discuss details of timing and such!