[NC-TR-VS] Indar King of the Hill - April 19th, 7-9pm PDT

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  1. NytDragon


    After a short break from our weekly events since the introduction of the new alert event system, we're back and kicking off with our first Indar event. Not only that, we're taking it to the Crown! This Friday night, from 7-9pm PDT, regardless of any alert events, participating outfits will be engaging in a 3-way fight for the Crown.

    Hope to see your outfit there!

    • ADK
    • COLG - confirmed
    • WSG (formerly TWM) - confirmed
    • EXE - confirmed
    • VAST - confirmed
  2. Vohk

    You know EXE will be there!
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  3. RachelGomez

    Oh, this will be beautiful.
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  4. Jrv

    How can you possibly schedule 3-way fight at a specific facility if you have no idea what the map is going to look like in 4 days? How do we know each empire will have adjacency or even close to it by the time the event starts? What happens when one empire pushes to the point that the crown is no longer a relevant facility during the event? Seems like a lot is up to chance, and that a lot could go wrong.
  5. NytDragon

    You obviously never participated in our Amerish King of the Hill events? There's obviously going to always be 1 defender and 2 attackers in a 3-way. It's been over 2 months since we've seen a significant fight at the Crown and I have yet to see a coordinated multi-faction strike on it... on Helios.

    As for adjacency and what the map will look like... I'll leave that up to your imagination.
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  6. desdicardo

    This would be our 3rd(?) 4th (?) KOTH event and for the most part they work pretty well. If we get a good turnout from all the factions, then it will be difficult for one faction to be dominant because we'll all be gunning for the same thing. Starting with adjacency isn't the most important thing. Besides, you wouldn't want to fight just at the crown for the whole 2 hours would you?
  7. Excellentz

    I've let all ADK know. I am not 100% positive yet if I can personally make it, but will let you know for sure soon. I am quite certain ADK will be participating though, just have to confirm.
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    Alerts are always happening, so we can all afford and NEED to miss a few, for the sake of sanity.

    Count COLG in!
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  9. Riekopo

    We Should Game (WSG) (NC, formerly The War Ministry TWM) will be there!
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  10. RachelGomez

    C'mon guys, we need more TR and VS signed up.
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  11. xluto

    Last time on Amerish, the NC warpgated us VS 30 minutes before the event even started. Not only that, when the event started, we were met with heavy resistance when trying to push back to the ascent. We could not do anything at the ascent for 30 minutes while we were trying to re-establish adjacency. I don't want to see this ******** from the NC or any faction again. It's ridiculous and childish. It really reflects on what your faction is seen as.
  12. xluto

    and yes, I'm fully aware that one or more of the factions may be warpgated already, but my main focus is that there should be no effort to KEEP the faction warpgated so that they cannot participate.
  13. boldeagle3

  14. Vohk

    I wouldn't go quite that far. Unless rules against it have been clearly laid out it's a bit much to blame them for taking advantage of the situation. You also have to remember that many pubs and non-participating outfits tend to show up as well. I would tend to argue that removing adjacency is a valid tactic, although I agree warp gating could be a bit much.

    That said, I would be alright with making a gentleman's agreement to avoid pushing more than a territory past the crown, if that's something that works for everyone. We would have to keep in mind that everyone else on the continent may not feel so generous of course.
  15. NytDragon

    I disagree. Warpgating or cutting off reinforcement territories is a completely valid tactic. You have to remember, this is the Crown... where it's known for a faction to defend while they've lost all other territories. The crown is also known for it's zergfest. It's going to be interesting to see various tactics used this weekend, which are far more effective and fun than mindlessly zerging.

    I don't see anything bad about trying to gate someone before an event, provided that you don't just pick up and send your entire Outfit to the continent an hour ahead of everyone else. Out of common courtesy, the max number of units you should send up to 15 minutes prior to the event is one or two squads, nothing more.

    As for the Crown, it's our job to make sure that territories are connected prior to the event for capture/defense. We've been given advance warning on the event, so no-one should act surprised when the other factions are trying to isolate Crown territory.
  17. Vohk

    Actually, that I kind of disagree with. Personally, I don't get on until around 30min or so before event, and only that early to get everybody coordinated and get our platoons sorted out. I get ensuring your faction has a decent position to start the event but I think it's less an issue of how many people you have running around early and more one of not pushing too far past the natural borderlines. One faction having a major population advantage becomes more of an issue when the others have to fight an uphill battle the entire time.
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  18. Riekopo

    This is going to be epic.
  19. NytDragon

    Game time... good luck everyone!
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  20. Otulien

    What's this? An Event!?

    I can still make it!