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  1. Sindroms

    "You are rolling with the Heavy Hitters 3rd Battalion, we follow the waypoint, we work as a team.
    If you are not at the current fight with the rest of us, you are goddamn doing it wrong." ~BamaRage


    The HH3B is an armor-ops focused outfit found situated on the Emerald server and is a part of the Heavy Hitters Gaming Community. While focusing on NC, we do have an alternative HH4B outfit for our TR-leaning members and our main focus is teamplay and, as the name implies, heavy-hitting tactics in order to move the main battles on the continent along. We try our best to avoid grind-fests and focus on point capture and defense and we operate in large, usually publicly open platoons.

    Q. What player is the HH3B for?
    A. The HH3B welcomes any player willing to enjoy a more team orientated gameplay. While voice-comms are not mandatory, we prefer players who are looking not only for an outfit to play as, but also seeking new gaming buddies and friends to enjoy the company with.

    Q. What stats are required for HH3B?
    A. We do not look at your stats. We know many players looking at large outfits, especially ones focused around teamplay are very self-conscious about their stats, but our approach to player skill is simple. If you are new to the game - we will gladly teach you and help you be better. If you are already good at the game - you can always stand to learn more and we will give you plenty of possibilities to put those skills to use.

    Q. Do you focus only on armor?
    A. No. We L O V E our armor ops, but the title that comes with the Heavy Hitters name encompass a large variety of possible operations. From behind-the-lines harassing tactics, to dedicated air-denail, to Liberator and Valk ops. We strive to make an impact on the battlefield and make our presence extremely well felt by the opponent and we will choose the best possible ways to accomplish that.

    Q. How strict are your ops?
    A. We have faith in our outfit members that they themselves know what loadouts and tools to use in any given situation. Likewise we like our less experienced members to ask if they do not understand or misheard something. We like communication as it leads to more productive gameplay.

    Q. Are there specific times for ops?
    A. No. The outfit is large enough for you to log in most reasonable times and find at least a few people to get a squad going. That being said, most active times are during evenings when we also have multiple squads/platoons active.

    Q. What about ranking and progression?
    A. We are open-minded about the topic and allow our members to practice leadership as long a they adhere to the inner etiquette of the outfit and display it during their ops despite their rank.
    Players who show promise or interest in leadership roles or specialization are given a chance to rise to those ranks and are tutored as they do.

    Q. I would like to join, but I do not like one of your faction members.
    A. Any HH3B member is allowed to choose to participate or not participate in ops that are lead by/ participated by members they are not comfortable around. The outfit has a sizable enough group of active leaders that make their own ops as they see fit.

    Q. How do I apply for the outfit?
    A. You can apply to the outfit by logging into the game on your NC/TR character and searching for ''HH3B'' for the NC and "HH4B" for TR. Please make sure to write the tags in caps for results to appear correctly. Submit your application after you have found it.

    Q. Do you have a Discord?
    A. We do and it is used for both Planetside 2 as well as other games. Discord server access is given to accepted members.

    Any questions will be answered in this thread.
    Moderators are asked to remove any other active HH3B related recruitment thread. Consent by the previous threads owner can be provided from their account.

    Gameplay Videos:

  2. Sindroms


    The HH3B and HH4B are now looking for logistics-orientated members with unlocked Construction objects. A minimum requirement is to have a Spawn Tube, Air Terminal, Vehicle Terminal. New positions are to fill out existing squad based gameplay with non-heavy-armor focused gameplay on demand.

    Furthermore, we are still open to players skilled in ESF and Liberator gameplay for heavy support gameplay.
    Existing small-scale outfits wishing to cooperate with us and fill that role can also get in touch with us.

  3. BamaRage

  4. Sindroms

    More vids for peeps looking for knowing what we do and how.

  5. Reinier

    can i join please
  6. Sindroms

    You can, simply follow the guidelines as described above!
  7. Asaldur

    Hello there! I'm interested on joining
  8. Sindroms

    Good day, as stated, please follow the recruitment guidelines as described in the first post.

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