NC supreme leader should execute whichever scientist that make Phoenix the empire launcher!!

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  1. Goretzu

    I think saying it can hit aircraft is overstating it a bit............. it can........... but 99 times out of 100 it won't.

    It is however a fine AV defensive weapon (not so much offensive though - better with dumbfires or lock-ons for that), arguable the best in the game between 50m-290m (you never get 300m).

    However it's comes with some serious drawbacks for that:

    - difficult to use close up (without dying to whatever your shooting at).
    - you are effectively completely AFK.
    - very low DPS.
    - very short range for AV weapon.
    - very bad at hitting fast moving targets (ESFs/Harrasers mostly).

    All in all it's pretty balanced though, although I would like them to let it fly straight on its last trajectory up to at least 350-400m.
  2. Kodaa

    Phoenix missiles don't hit infantry in VR. This is well known.

    I guess it just depends on the player. I do it often.
  3. Liewec123

    why shoot from behind cover when you can shoot THROUGH the cover like TR were doing for half a year with their ESRL :p

    but i agree with your post, any ESF driver with eyes or ears will be able to avoid phoenix missiles.
    occasionally you get to laugh when you hit one who was a complete idiot hovering in the spot lolpodding,
    but being able to kill noobs shouldn't be the thing people use to defend a weapon! ;)
  4. Bennybones

    The Phoenix is an awesome weapon that's a lot of fun to use. I'd love to have it, however, the Striker is a much more all-around AV weapon. While the Phoenix can be dumbfired and can hit soft targets like engi turrets and stuff, it's slow and you're not going to hit any aircrafts with it. As a result it becomes too niched to be as useful as the Lancer and Striker. Which is a shame really, cause it's arguably the most fun of the ESRLs. I find a lot of NC whining to be pretty much just whining with no substance, but the Phoenix is absolutely an area where something needs to be done. I mean, we barely see it being used anymore. It really is a shame.
  5. Goretzu

    I hit ESFs that hover for the flight time all the time......... it is just NO ESFs ever hover for that length of time on my server :D , it's rare to see one stationary for more than 2 seconds.

    (and Libs almost never close to less than 300m range)

    I just don't see how it's possible to hit them reliably (dispite using the Phoenix since PS1 and knowing pretty much all the tricks), video yourself doing it if possible, I massively curious as to how people manage to hit ESFs.
  6. biterwylie

    It is not great. But at least NC did not get the redicolously OP no skill and no fun Striker. The striker is boring (but deadly) and ruins the game for everyone.
  7. biterwylie

    I agree. Granted the Pheonix is a very poor weapon in comparison to the Striker if all you look at effectiveness, but many people play games for fun! And the Pheonix is more fun to use.
  8. Reaper

    I think what he was trying to say is this
    It cant hit an aircraft worth a damn Because A) It moves extremely slow and can be dodged by simply sneezing in an aircraft B) its turning rate is **** and C) its range is too close so when you do get a good target lined up you end up exploding far too soon

    Both the Lancer and the Striker are Superior weapons toward Air. Valid targets for the Phoenix in its current state are Tanks and Maxes. Where the other empire specific weaponry can easily take out Air, ALL Ground Vehicles and Maxes with Ease.
    Its damage isn't comparable with the Striker in any way against AA.

    This problem is one of many the Devs have with the NC arsenal. The Falcon is a joke, The Phoenix is less effective then dumbfire weapons on 80% of targets, The Lack of long range Max weapony.... Even the enforcer was nerfed and has no splash when the Saron and Volcan liquify targets. Even the 150mm HE rounds on the Vanguard frequently leave soldiers alive when you shoot right next to them
  9. Jackyl

    Someone get this man a cigar. This is precisely how military contracts work out.
  10. Unclematos7

    They should execute whoever designed a ROCKET that can't kill an INFANTRYMAN.
  11. Teegeeack

    It used to OHK infantry.

    Those were dark days.