NC supreme leader should execute whichever scientist that make Phoenix the empire launcher!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dragunov, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. dragunov

    Our enemies laugh at us when shot this glowing blue ball at them and shot it down with a pistol. This weapon can't kill MAX, can't hit flyer, can't kill infantry, and fly so slow and so hard to hit moving vehicle. :mad: Other 1k cert launcher is better than it
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  2. Torok

    I like it, it's a great weapon, try it out when your feeling about it will cool down.

    One guy in my outfit even has it first in his "Top Weapons" :D
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  3. Kodaa

    It can kill a MAX, it can hit aircraft, and it can kill infantry (I'm not sure why you'd bother trying, though. It's an AV weapon.)

    Sounds like user error.
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  4. Kaon1311

    Nc laugh at us freedom hating soldiers, as they deafen us with their wailing, glowing blue rockets of doom and scoff at the fact you tried to hide around a corner as they sit comfortably in their spawn room.

    "Oh, you want to take my base" said the sad NC player from the spawn room. "Good luck parking a sundy, lightning or tank 300m from my comfy spawn room you scum" scoffed the NC player.
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  5. Admiralty

    I would happily trade my Striker (which I havn't used for more than 5 mins since I got it from the sale) for quite possibly the coolest rocket launcher in the game right now.

    The Striker is such a boring weapon to use..
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  6. MykeMichail

    It wasn't a single engineer though. The development of an empire specific launcher was put up for tender and multiple corporations put forward their bids. Ultimately the contract went to the lowest bidder, but the project ended up costing 6 times as much as the stated price and almost twice as much as the highest tender. Private sector FTW.
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  7. Pikachu

    Phoenix is good. I just wish we could have the fun of headshotting with it. I would never want striker. Such a boring weapon.
  8. LordMondando

    I'm coming back around to the phoniex myself.

    Its not the worst thing to use against vehicles and maxes where there are a bunch of them dicking around in openish ground.
  9. Lewinsky

    NC is Op.
  10. Hands Down

    I like unique feel/feature that Phoenix has, and I can see how those who recently have not tried to use it outside of VR are biased against this weapon. Rocket fired from Phoenix is slow and cannot make sharp turns. If your Sunderer gets blown by Phoenix it is not because Phoenix is OP, it is because you parked vehicle at wrong spot - no matter if it is close or far from a spawn room.
  11. PrimePriest

    But it's so cool to deliver freedom into places where enemies think they're safe.

    What is needed though is better training for NC HA's, so they can reload another rocket while controlling the first one.

    What if Phoenix took two people to operate. One would have like laptop with joystick and the other had launcher itself. After launch the guy with laptop would control the missile, meanwhile the other guy would reload missile and prepare for another launch.
    How cool would that be huh? :cool:

    I think NC engineers should look into that and upgrade to Phoenix Mk 2
  12. RHINO_Mk.II

    How is that any different from having 2 HA with phoenix alternating shots?
  13. HadesR

    I enjoy it and it has it's uses ( OHK Engi's on turrets I'm looking at you :p ) but would be nice if it had a slight increase in reload speed.
  14. TheShrapnelKing

    I blew up 2 Prowlers, 2 Lightnings and a Sunderer the other day as they engaged in a shooting match with Vanguards in the desert on Indar. The Phoenix works best in the open - problem is, it has only a 300m range, which makes it's effective USEFUL range very limited. They need to make the range longer - do that and I have no prob with it.

    Other than, you know, people shouldn't survive direct rocket hits. Who the hell thought that made sense?
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  15. gigastar

    The Pheonix is fine.

    I never get killed by it, but its fine.

    When it first launched, the Pheonix did OHK infantry on direct hit.

    That was changed when SOE realised that this made it an easymode sniper rifle.
  16. uhlan

    The Phoenix is a great weapon.

    Like the lock-on weapons in general, they do little more than harass or give a Coup de grâce NC style.

    When I'm bored, however, I can headshot people with this thing and take out a sniper or two... few things are more fun than that.
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  17. lothbrook

    The phoenix is awesome, its not so great against air other than targets that are hovering, which is why i think it needs a bit more speed, and a better turning rate to compensate for the speed, but against ground vehicles and non ZOE maxes, its incredible.

    The new launcher changes have also negating the negative of just standing there while the rocket hits, now everyone must do this.
  18. Axehilt

    Definitely my least favorite of the three.
    1. Lancer: Accurate, great range, allows for nearly full mobility with the ability to poke your head up just long enough to fire the shot and duck back down, and no warning.
    2. Striker: Noisy "HI I'M TARGETING YOU" lockon sound while you stay within line of sight of a vehicle, before finally doing reasonably good damage...if they are bad enough not to have flares. So in practice it's mostly a weapon of area denial rather than damage-dealing or killing power.
    3. Phoenix: Turns you into sniper bait, and only good against tanks and sunderers (and therefore there are very few conditions where it's actually better than a Decimator.)
  19. Drsexxytime

    It's OK, but it's a flawed design due to it's damage characteristics, along with reload speed, range, and that it's easily shot down. Also, people like to say "around corners", making it sound like the thing turns on a dime, or, at least on a half dollar. It doesn't. It's not nearly as maneuverable as people's hyperbole make it to be.

    I personally think it should have behaved like a Javelin. Top down armor shots with long range and a dumb fire mode. It should be able to lock onto aircraft and hit less hard than an Annihilator, but hit very hard on ground vehicles.

    It follows the NC trade though by SOE devs, a very-very situational weapon, at best, while the others are far more versatile and effective most of the time. This is a common, repeated, and boringly expected method of how SOE does NC.
  20. Killcreek