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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Gearlock, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Gearlock

    Hello suspiciously helpful community!

    Hopped into the game yesterday and went through the GRAAAAHHHGHGHGH SERVERS DOWN with all my fellow frag-heads, and during that time I decided I was going to invest in a new sniper rifle.

    Im an NC and from what I read, everyone seems to enjoy the starting rifle very much. I HATE it (As it comes)

    Popping out of zoom to reload isn't so bad, but combine that with a ghetto sight, and bullet drop off and I am no fan.

    So, lets say youre a day 1 infiltrator with no certs and 1000 station cash to burn.

    What do you do? Is this gun we start with actually hot as hell and just needing a scope? Or given the resources would you just buy an entirely different gun instead.

    I bounce between engineer and infiltrator, and I'm not getting enough kills often enough. I need a body dropper, I do OK with the starting gun, but I don't want to spend excessively valuable certs on a scope for it when I can buy 'the best one' and scope/mod it out instead.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. Scorponok

    far as i know there is no 1 shot body dropper..unless their already wounded, besides a 1 shot body killer would not be fair.all rifles have bullet drop,So that you just need to get used to.And the default scope isnt the best scope.
  3. Kensharma

    LA80 has less bulletdrop and less bullet travel time with similar stats. Try it out!
  4. Scorponok

    oh yea i forgot about that one.It said something about that in the info on it...but does it really have lower bullet drop as well? i got it throu the alpha squad but i havent used it..ive stuck to the default sniper ^^
  5. Gearlock


    Sorry, I did not intend to sound as if I was looking for a 1 shot 1 kill anywhere on the body gun. I just meant I was looking for a more effective sniper rifle to drop more bodies with.

    I had seen the LA80 mentioned in another post. It seems to be one of the only ones mentioned in this context, so it sounds pretty solid.

    Any reccomendation on the scope for it? I'll likely be giving it a try
  6. Scorponok

    ye i see what you mean the bullet drop on the default one is nasty.i havent tried out the L80 yet..but i would probly end up buying all the X scopes :p it probly all comes down to how far away your gonna hunt the target.
  7. Rebur

    I have the LA80 and it's not a bad piece of equipment. Drop is significantly reduced from the Bolt Driver. I'm using it as long range sniper so I immediately went and got the 12x scope. Very nice scope. That's all for when I can find a place to snipe from. If someone breaks my spot and kills me (which usually means not just one person) I switch to my second load out which has a Shadow with a IRNV Scope on it for close work.
  8. Timeraider

    If he hated the Bolt Driver, he will hate the LA80, though its a better sniper in my opinion. It works with the same principle.
  9. Roidster

    i went with the Guass sniper,reminds me of the TR sniper rifle,ok i have to fire 3 rounds to kill,i have had a lot of kill streaks with it
  10. Scorponok

    well in 1 way their all gauss rifles :p but i see your point Roidster you use the semi sniper...its not bad at all.But sometimes i like the bolt action for distances, and i would use the semi for shorter ranges were the target might be able to come close.Since you can no-scope shoot with it and have 10 shots instead of 1 and the having to get a new bullet in the chamber.
  11. Ymaros

    I tried this one in the beta, and directly switch back to my standard rifle, why? Because I was so accurate with my low bullet travel time, and my bulletdrop that I just couldn't aim right at the place where is the ennemy, like you do with the LA80.

    So clearly this is just an habit, and you can change it. My point being:
    "LA80 has less bulletdrop and less bullet travel time with similar stats" Yeah ok, we got that, but EVERY weapons can't be stronger than another one, so what's wrong with the LA80? IMO, if the rifle has less bulletdrop, and less bullet travel time, it should do less dommage, or take more time to reload, or anything else? Here it seems like there is none (in the description of the weapon there is absolutely no difference...).

    For the OP, personally I will stay for now with the standard rifle, I have already took back my x12 scope and like in the beta, my K/D ratio is increasing like hell, I just try out this 2 rifles tho, I don't like the semi, or auto rifles, and there is still 1-2 bolt action rifle I didn't try, but if I remember well, they are made for medium ranges, so I guess I will stay with the standard one, and get some camo, composite armor and helmet instead :D (I CANT TRY THEM F****).

    Oh yeah, and, at the end of the beta, they told us we will be able to use something like each day a weapon for 3 hours, something like that, to try those things (I don't know if you will try those with scopes or no :/). I'm really not sure they will do it and I don't remember sources :/
  12. Scorponok

    yea there is a trial test you can do just DONT DO it if you have alpha squad buff on or probly any buff...since it removes it with the trial when you logout of the game...their adding a fix tonight they said to stop people from losing the xp buff implant.

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