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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Wraithscar, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Wraithscar

    Hello, I was hoping could tell me which scope is used for long/very long sniping distance and which rifle would be preferred for the task?

    I'm enjoying the infiltrator so far, but the starter scope is kind of meh for long range headshots and i'm not a great shot just yet.
  2. Thanatar

    i had good results with the 12x scope during the beta (disclaimer: 10x scope was **** during that time) for shots from 300-500 metres. such ranges are rare though, but also for 150m+, the 12x felt good. for small ranges, like inside a bio lab, the standard scope is fine, imo.
  3. m44v

    the standard scope is 6x afaik
  4. Wraithscar

    I dunno, I keep finding myself in situations where just a liiiiittle bit more would be fantastic. The standard scope is functional yeah but either way I guess it's just preference.

    Thanks for your input!
  5. Wraithscar

    Well in that case, is there a x8? or is x10-12 the only other options?
  6. Kalocin

    I use the 10x scope and so far I have like a 350/50 k/d (roughly) count and I have a 30% accuracy on all my shots...I tend to get chain headshots. I find that the 10x scope has a perfect distance where the bullet drop off is more manageable.
  7. Kalocin

    There's an 8x scope.
  8. Thanatar

    does the 10x scope has mildots now?
  9. Wraithscar

    Awesome! Thanks man! =D
  10. schwarzklang

    huh? am i the only one with 1x zoom on boltaction sniper rifles? I tried V10 and Ghost. I bought a scope for 30 certs fpr my v10. but still 1x zoom. does someone have the same bug with vanu sniper rifles?

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