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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rosebloom, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Rosebloom

    Yeah. Thats why I use Sweeper with slug+3.4x. I wouldn't want to use that in close range, but medium+ Psuedo sniping? Yuo got some advantages a infil often times don't have, like stuffing yourself into a tiny crevice on one of the legs of say one of the elevated bases and sniping it out where it takes forever to be found often times.

    Close ranges, I have a laodout without slug for shotgun, or even my Mercenary with 1x optic and suppressor, so I don't pop on minimap.
  2. Corway

    Piston is king in CQC. I love mine.
  3. bsones

    I have a hard time understanding why anyone uses the shotguns. They just aren't that great. Note that I haven't tried slug ammo, so they may be better with that, but the default shot? Not good.

    I mean, I get that if you close to point blank range and take your target by surprise, you can tear **** up. But that's true of any weapon, and other weapons do it better. The GD-7F carbine does the same per-shot damage as any of the NC shotguns, and fires 845 rounds per minute. You do the math. As an added bonus, it can also hit targets that are more than five meters away.

    I've trial-ed two shotguns so far, and this is what I found: if you get the drop on someone at point-blank range, you'll win. If you and your target start firing at each other at the same time, even at point blank range, the shotgun loses. If you aren't at point blank range, the shotgun loses. I really want the shotguns to be good, but they just aren't. I'm okay with giving them severe range limitations for regular shot, but within their ideal range, they should be devastating. Instead, they are just average.
  4. ThoughtfulBee

    I purchased the Piston last night, only after saving up 140 certs for the Slug Ammunition and 2x Reflex Sight.

    And so far I'm pretty disappointed. Granted the gunplay is the most fun I've had so far on planetside. There is something very satisfying about the slow firing, heavy hitting rounds.

    But it feels like I've brought a musket to a gunfight. I had to work so hard for every kill. I want to keep using it, but even last night I lost out on many kills my Gauss-S and UGL would have rewarded me.
  5. Deerhunter

    I use the Pistin in CQC and OMG the sweeper with 4x scope/slugs I am a sniping machine with that thing. NOW I can get to a nice spot and snipe across the map and with 2 shot kills on infantry except for heavies man this is so nice!!!!
  6. HerpTheDerp

    All shotguns fire six bullets simultaneously, each doing 143 damage. You do the math. As far as I can tell, the Slug Ammunition unlock simply takes these six bullets and turns it into one. One bullet doing 6 * 143 = 853 damage. That is more damage per bullet than bolt-action sniper rifles.

    Even the semi-auto shotguns will deliver over twice as much DPS as GD-7F.
  7. Kuriby

    Great math, but too bad Planetside 2 doesn't do shotguns justice. Bullets aren't always going to hit dead center on your crosshair. They like to go anywhere within that circle, sometimes even outside. Get a carbine, or wait for them to fix shotguns.
  8. Achmed20

    the spread of shottys is honestly way beyond usefullness. but in cqc fights at 0-5m range your are going to own every1.

    theorycraft: since u need only 2 shots and have like 34 left, you can kill 17 more people then you could with the GDF which just rips through your ammo and leaves you OOA pretty fast. the GDF makes 9 more at kills at best.
    but ... this gun has a range advantage (which still pretty low if you ask me considering the spreads its having)
  9. HerpTheDerp

    Nothing stops you from spending 100XP on Slug Ammunition.

    And out of curiosity, have you tried "quickscoping" the shotgun? Because shotguns in ADS are over seven times more accurate, and I'm fairly sure it will work even when using shot ammo(because videogames are silly).
  10. Deerhunter

    EASY - went 25 kills/5 deaths last night sniping with the slugs and 4x scope.... Quick double tap kills for most infantry unless a heavy....
  11. ST_III

    I really like the sweeper and have been using it since I started playing, but the recent patch seems to have made the recoil crazy on that gun, but the piston isn't affected... is this just some bug?
  12. hardes13

    With a light assault I would go for Slug rounds. and RoF does not matter very much with them.
    I have a piston, and with 10 shoots its Rock and Roll in meele, but you burn through your ammo in no time.
    Heavy and close combat, that would be my piston choise, but as a light... better save some ammo.
    But i got the piston and you can singleshot with it. and the difference is not that big...
    btw I am a little bit disapointed with the pumaction... feels too modern... and i miss the right "Rickrack" sound.
  13. Turiel =RL=

    How can anyone be disappointed with the Piston? This is really beyond me. You use with Light Assault, jump directly into/onto your opponent and press the button. I mean where is the problem? All you need is a minimum element of surprise.
  14. Bankrotas

    And waste ammo.
  15. Turiel =RL=

    Well, don't expect to go on endless killstreaks with it, like the guys in the youtube videos. You carry 30 rounds and just like a Hacksaw you'll go through ammo fast.
  16. Bankrotas

    No no, Piston makes you waste ammo more than semi-auto shotgun, waste. If you try to conserve ammo, you're better off with semi anyways, cause you need to restrict your RoF.
  17. Kulantan

    Shotguns have both cone of fire and pellet spread. ADS reduces your cone, not your spread. This means that in ADS the middle of your pattern of pellets is more centred on your cursor but the pattern is the same as when firing from the hip. This can provide very slightly more range, but is normally not worth the speed reduction.

    Yep exactly right. Shotguns are a ambush weapon and since nobody looks up, ambushing folk is easy even on open ground. The piston's advantage is that it give almost no time for them to react because it has the highest refire rate and will ensure that there is no time wasted due to you clicking slowly.

    They can also be easily used to clear whole rooms by flying around peoples' heads blasting. In fact they are by far the best weapon to use during flight.

    <-- Owner of both the piston and mauler auraxium medals.
  18. Badname0192

    Mauler does okay but I think it's out performed by the others.
  19. Achmed20

    looks like the mauler just got buffed. it shoots way faster now. its pretty much my favorite shogun. but the new pump action is getting in close. dont have the sweeper but since the mauler reloads so fast i dont need it anyway.
  20. Gridge

    I recommend the sweeper. It fires plenty fast enough for me to tap my mouse twice to kill someone, plus the magazine size is very helpful. With that said though, I've gone away from using my shotguns much at all. They are too situational as I am usually engaging people from a variety of distances and prefer having a loadout that can handle that. There are times when shotguns shine but many others when I wish I had my carbine or smg.

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