NC Shotguns

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rosebloom, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Mechasmeep

    I went for the sweeper dispite everything :)

    I prefer slower ROF weapons, since you can easier manage your ammo consumption and spread.
    Also, the sweeper with normal ammo roughly fires as fast as you can click your mouse, which is fast enough for me
    1 shot headshots close up, 2body shots
    Everything more than 5-10meters, dont engage :p

    I havent tried slugs yet - wondering if they are worth it - why not use a carbine if you need medium range? Or can you switch ammo type on the go?
  2. FluffyM

    I couldn't be bothered making another lengthy post, so I just recorded a short offhand video on my thoughts.

    I don't know, the fire-rate on the piston seems almost too fast for controlled, aimed shots imo. The refire-speed for the sweeper is about as fast as I would be firing anyway, were there no restrictions.
    As for losing due to refire rate, that doesn't ever happen to me really. Sometimes if I miss the second and even third shot, then sure, the piston may have saved me by scrubbing out the other guy, but really I should've died in that situation. For every other close-range scenario where I don't fail, the Sweeper seems more than adequate. Again, preferences.
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  3. Ghoest

    Does the mauler do anything good besides the worthless reload speed?

    In reading hread about the analogous VN shotgons people seem to think it has a tightener pattern.
    Im wondering if there are any differences in the COF or the amount of recoil.

    Im curious because the Mauler has become my primary gun since i got in the starter pack.
  4. Meiu

    Piston + Extended Magazine = Domination
  5. Meiu

    Slugs will one shot a lot of people, I know it straight up one shots infiltrators, and you can use a sight with them too. They are very accurate when you pull up your sights. I use it for situations where I am on rooftops or hiding around enemy bases and killing people. Its harder to trace the slug round than a stream of bullets from a carbine. 1 shot kill to all infantry if its a head shot and you can easily headshot people if you are above them with slugs up to about 30 meters, maybe more if you get good with them.
  6. Some1

    I went with the sweeper because sits from planetside 1. That's my only reason.
  7. Regpuppy

    In truth, 1v1 close combat. All of our shotguns will kill whoever they get the drop on. But in combat situations with multiple enemies, you'll want the fire rate. It allows you to put more shot over an area increasing chances of killing someone past the magic range for shotguns.
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  8. Achmed20

    i second that.
  9. exLupo

    TTK: 0.2s w/o headshot
    Reload: 2.4s

    TTK: 0.24s w/o headshot
    Reload: 2.6s

    TTK: 0.24s w/o headshot
    Reload: 1.9s

    Magazine and Reload have the same shots/time after reloads are factored, with and without extended mag.
    Magazine is more forgiving if you miss or are planning on killing 3+ before reload.
    Reload is more forgiving if you are a great shot as you are less likely to get caught with your pants down.
    RoF gives you a four hundredths of a second advantage over other shotguns...

    If you are a good shot, reload. Extended mag helps cross that "can I spaz and still win" gap.
    If you aren't a good shot or if you want a forward grip (why?), magazine.
  10. Achmed20

    counting reload into this may be right on paper but in theory you are dead if you want to reload infight.
    those 0.04 secs honestly feel like ages for me. especialy if you miss a shot.
    take a look at the video fluffy posted here, it is noticable slower.
  11. exLupo

    Yup. If you can reliably kill someone in 1 to 6 shots, then you're ok. If you can't, then buy the Magazine model.

    Good shot.
    Not as good of a shot.
  12. irishroy

    why not piston with slugs and bigger ammo?
  13. exLupo

    Reload's half a second longer than the other 6 shot with a nearly invisible difference in TTK. Not worth it, imo.
  14. ThoughtfulBee

    It's too bad the weapon models are so lazy. I hate how the shotguns just look like the GD-7F which looks like the Gauss Rifle. And they all look the exact same.
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  15. irishroy

    so which shotty?
  16. warmachine1

    For buckshot get sweeper.
    For slugs ... Just take carabine ;)
  17. Achmed20

    nah! piston by far for the slugs.
    had so many kills today with my slug piston that was crazy. only thing that was stoping me was the lack of ammo :(
  18. Rosebloom

    Might be a bit of a necro, but I ended up going Sweeper, cause of planetside 1 nostalgia.

    Sweeper + Slugs + 3.4x scope = much lawlz.

    You can snipe so nicely. o_O 53 kills to 13 deaths. \m/
  19. irishroy

    good old shotty^^
    but i thought piston(high RoF) with slugs(slugs will lower the RoF,right?) so you have a balanced RoF though you use slugs:D
  20. MayorD

    got sweeper, mauler and since today jackhammer...
    sweeper with slug, damn hard to control. ammo change to one single bullet, not like normal shotgun with bunch of pellets. with only 1 "bullet" you can snipe, so all dmg fly one way. problem is you can easy miss even in close fight. managed to miss 5 times in row. part of circle is not on enemy, there's a chance the "bullet" just go here.
    Mauler got fast reload, most important part for shotgun. Like it more than sweeper.
    And jackhammer is just a joke, a bad joke. managed to land 3 hits on infiltrator in close fight... well, he killed me with pistol. dont waste your money for it.