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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Rosebloom, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Rosebloom

    So thinking of buying one. Which is everyone's favorite?

    I kind of like Sweeper, 8 shell mag is nice.

    Everyone's thoughts?
  2. FluffyM

    I went with the sweeper and the magsize has paid off a couple of times, but I think the piston is a little better overall.
  3. Rosebloom

    What makes it better? Reload speed? Ammo carry capacity? Damage per shot?
  4. Ghoest

    Does anyone know for sure that all 3 shot guns do the same damage per shot?
  5. FluffyM

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  6. Monnor

    What range become shotguns with slugs ?
  7. Achmed20

    Pretty much the same as a carbine.

    i went for the piston. has a faster firerate which is realy needed for slugs.
  8. Draegnar

    did they remove double clip size mod from mauler? it used to have one so you could have 12 anyway i loved mauler in beta.
  9. Ghoest

  10. foam

    Piston is superior by far. It has the greatest fire-rate, so when you outfit it with Slugs, it is still the fastest. Slap an extended mag on it and its 10 shots. This thing 2 shots at medium range!

    Good luck.
  11. FluffyM

    Not was a topic in the general gameplay section explaining with hard data why NC have some of the worst guns in the game, this is the data showing TTK of different weapons.
    So does the sweeper, the only difference between the two is fire-rate on one and mag-size on the other, from what I can see. Superior? I think that depends on personal preference.
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  12. Thorval

    I've tried the piston and I cant get a shot to land at any distance but 5 meters or less, and then I HOPE that just two shots hit out of the full magazine and that they don't notice me. I don't think the damage balances out how bad the spray is. Am I doing something wrong here?
  13. Rune

    Yeah you need to move closer or load up slugs
  14. FluffyM

    Sounds like you're playing too carefully for a SG user imo.
    What I usually do is, find the enemies' base of operations (sundie/beacon), jetpack onto the rock/building they are hiding behind, drop in and drop every single person there before jetpacking out. 90% of the time I either drop on unsuspecting victims or edge corners. I get hungry every time I see muzzle flashes in windows, because people in buildings are my food. Sprint in at insane speed from an angle they wouldn't expect (such as, from their spawn (balconies are your friends)- you might run into reinforcements, but the risk always pays off), then put your barrel to the backs of their necks and make them pay for daring to set foot onto the same map as you.

    Shotguns are completely broken if you're not afraid of dying; you can go full-on Rambo-after-another-head-injury and easily take 10+ people with you before you die/get out- and if you do it right, it's actually helpful. You can completely interrupt enemy movement between their spawn and the objective you're trying to hold.

    The other 10% of my fights are full-frontal combat and that -as you found out yourself- can go either way. Usually I come out on top even against HAs if I get the headshots, but really it's relying on the other guy being bad. If the distance between you and your opponent is big enough that you would be better off switching to pistol, just don't chance it. Turn around, zig-zag-sprint and jetpack away.

    Picking your fights is so hugely important as LA- play like a good scout (only a few representative scenes in that, but I hope it'll get the point across). If the enemy knows you're coming, then don't go. You want free damage on at least the first one or two guys, then brute-force or leg it.

    All of this, of course, is under the assumption that you have decent enough aim to not miss 80% of your magazine.

    tl;dr: flank all day, go for headshots outside of melee-range.
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  15. FluffyM

  16. okuRaku

    Great points Fluffy and I agree completely. I went with the sweeper + extended mag myself because I think if you have to reload you'll typically only survive by jetting/supersprinting away (in which case reload time doesn't matter really). Having 2 more shots could mean one less person I have to escape from or in the not-so-rare case the difference between clearing a room/roof and not. I suppose there are other situations an LA might get into where they're confronting 2-3 enemies who are aware of their attack where being able to shoot faster could make the difference but I'd rather make my first priority to have the jump on them just in case.
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  17. Achmed20

    well not realy especialy not for shotguns. u need to pump out your damage fast and thats why the piston is superior damage whise.
    if enemys were one shots, then the sweeper would be the way to go.

    With slugs the sweeper gets significantly worse (firerate).
  18. FluffyM

    Agreed on the slug thing, Sweeper isn't great with them- however, imo the firerate without slugs on the Sweeper is fast enough that it accomplishes the same thing as the other one- a basically instant kill with no time for the opponent to react. Anyway, there really is no reason not to take the Piston if you even consider slugs, as you said.
  19. Achmed20

    if the default sweeper is as slow as the piston with slugs, then it has a serious disadvantage.
    i keep constanly loosing 1:1 with piston+slugs because the firerate way to low/im to squishy
  20. irishroy

    so it´s like(?):
    sweeper: big clip
    mauler:quick reload
    pistom: quick RoF
    so which to use?