NC scattercannon users:please dont act like magrider drivers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Louis Farrakhan, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. amega

    i use doble hacksaws with default max when we need a fast brake throught into the point or in biolab. And this is how it supposse to be. If you need to broke down the door youll need the hammer - true of life. There is no Op in That. There is a placese iven in biolabs where max usless and die fast
  2. Louis Farrakhan

    it is very sad that you have spotted imbalance with the scattercannon due to range dominance, yet still deny your magriders same trait as balanced.

    this is not real life where unfairness and denial of unfairness is a valid tactic. this is a game, and games must be fair to have fun.
  3. Louis Farrakhan

    everyone saw problem with magriders dominating long range when others cant. dont you see problems with NC MAX dominating short range when others cant?

    dont you want NC MAXes to be more useful at longer ranges?
  4. MarkAntony

    You can't shoot while charging. + Charging after one kill into enemy infantry is a dumb way to commit suicide.
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  5. Dingus148

    Shut up. Just don't even try, you clown. You're an embarrassment. I'm a TR player who has only ever suffered at the hands of scatMAXs (and therefore have zero reason to defend them if they're OP), and you're a whiny little clown who needs to l2p. Stop clogging up the Gameplay Discussion with whinge threads.

    Mag was slightly OP, but it was workable. I hated fighting them, but that's because they were good. Overpowered? My Annihilator says no. ScatMAX is only a problem if you don't take them down before they get into range. I solo them with my Lynx-armed LA. I don't even waste my C4 on them. Stop sucking so much because these guys are not that hard to kill if you're not a complete moron.
  6. GamerOS

    The entire problem with this arguement is that when closing in on something that is good at range will get you killed.
    The long range weapon will be shooting at you all the time afterall.

    Something good close range doesn't have that advantage, it has to sneak up on you or you have to be silly enough to get close to it.

    The MAG was OP at long range because there was no posibility to get close to it and exploit it's weaknesses, and staying out of it's range didn't kill it or hinder it.
    The MAX suit you can move away from, it's slower then anything but another MAX, and you can engage it from outside it's effective range.

    The MAX has an effective range of 10~15 meters, outside of that they can't kill you and you can easily wear it down.
    The MAGrider had an effective range of 500 Meters, by the time you got close enough in your own effective range you were most likely already dead.
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  7. Louis Farrakhan

    are you as turned on as i am, wanda? can i call you wanda?

    your strategy is to basically avoid the magrider and scattermax, avoid what is OP, and let others fight them. of course you wouldnt not find it hard to kill the scattermax, if its not trying to kill you.

    i also dont get killed often by scattermaxes, because i avoid close quarter biolab fights. but that doesnt make them any less OP.
  8. shakkar

    pssst.... reloadtime of nc max is nothing we want to speak takes forever but hey, nobody cares and thats why we keep on killing.
    as long as people act like sheeps, nc max will stay at the top of the food chain.
    or until i arrive with double cosmos vs;)

    and @louis .. i never avoid infights at biolabs ...on both sides i play and i really enjoy them the most.
    as heavy ***, as max ... as engeneer...
    you really need to learn whats the difference between strong, very strong in different situation but weak in others....and op ( out of balance in every single aspect)....
    but i know, most of you never will...
  9. Louis Farrakhan

    MAX charge can easily close the distance. plus most of the time the MAX is forcing you to attack it by holding a vital location. if you dont engage, you lose by default.
    that is very funny, i wonder how many miliseconds it would take for a hacksaw slug to chew you to pieces. unless its N/A, since you are NC MAX player theorizing fantasy, just like the magrider drivers did?

    "if you do this, if you do that" doesnt hold up to raw numbers. the devs will see the numbers. please be constructive and offer some good ideas, instead of saying a bunch of big nothing.
  10. GamerOS

    The MAX charge has a rather lenghty cool down and some people rather have the extra ammo canisters instead, scatter cannons chew trough ammo.
    Most often a chrage will leave a MAX in a vulnerable position or be used to flee, rarely do I see MAXs use it to close the distance as it's very risky.

    And if they are holding a vital location throw some grenades, flash bangs, EMP, Concussion anything. They are sitting stationary in a room!
    IF they eat it they are weakened and can be killed, if they run for it they would likely have used their charge and be out of cover and an easy target.

    If you don't engage, yeah you loose, but if you think charging in is the only other choice you are doing it wrong.
  11. spacyman

    Don't worry guys! They'll nerf hacksaws and bring in a new max weapon that has the same stats as the hacksaw BEFORE it got nerfed! And they'll charge 700 SC for that!
  12. Louis Farrakhan

    the magrider was very strong in different situations but weak in others.

    you are talking like the magrider that farmed you over and over.

    if we help give ideas to balance the scattercannon, this will be quick and painless. if you guys decide not to go down without a fight, you will be extremely nerfed.
  13. Dingus148

    Don't get the joke, doesn't worry me. You're still bad. If you're unable to counter a guy with a shotgun, you need to go back to the tutorial. I honestly can't even be bothered explaining to you how broken your argument is...I know you're going to miss the point, as you've been doing it the whole thread. GamerOS is far too patient.

    I hunt scatmax's by KITING them. Not evasion. Sigh. THEY CANNOT TURN TO SAVE THEIR LIVES, and I can spend the time I need to pump 2 and a half mags into them leisurely behind their back. And who said I didn't die to them? How dumb are you? How badly can you miss the freaking point? I just use a tiny little bit of skill to fight on my terms.

    I hunt Magriders, but I do it on my own terms. I think I see your problem...have you tried using something other than a knife to take a scatmax down? You'll have a lot less trouble. Now leave this forum and come back when your brain works.
  14. Xiphos

    According to Higby the disparity between the NC MAX and the other MAXes are not as bad as the disparity between the Magrider and the other MBTs.
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  15. Louis Farrakhan

    then dont be scared, it will be a tiny adjustment, not a huge nerf. it wont hurt, i promise.

    dear wanda,

    other MAXes dont have close range OHK weapons. that miight cause slight imbalance, no? baby, please understand.

    hopefully this will be resolved with flamethrowers, but i still think a slight accuracy tweak is neefed.
  16. Johnnyseven

    Yesterday I was camping a doorway in my Dual Hacksaw MAX, when I saw in /yell a TR proclaim "There's only one! Everyone charge!".

    All credit to the fellow, there was only one of me and the ten or so TR infantry that piled through the single wide doorway all did so at the exact same moment, excellent discipline. I wiped them all out in about a second of course, however I had made a grievous and costly mistake and emptied both Hacksaw's at once, disaster!

    That's when one of the Terran Republic's greatest heroes showed up, he was clearly something above the regular trooper as using his >1 IQ he had stepped through the doorway just AFTER everyone else and at the beginning of my ~2 minute reload time. First firing a rocket, decimating my apparently invincible MAX's power by over 50% in one fell swoop and then carving away the rest of my health with what was evidently one of those guns from the front of an old A10, I mean what else could scratch an NC MAX? I was slain, the sky was falling, the NC door camping Hacksaw MAX had fallen.

    To rise again 10 seconds later but WHATEVER.
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  17. Louis Farrakhan

    it took 10 TRs to sacrifice themselves to be human shields to buy time for that heavy to take you down. that seems pretty balanced.
  18. Johnnyseven

    Just because that's what they decided to throw at me doesn't mean that's whats required. I think we need to get that hero in here to share his wisdom, clearly hes the only person who knows how to defeat the NC MAX.
  19. Louis Farrakhan

    all it takes is 1 engineer with you, from 1 person to 2 person, to have stopped that "hero".

    in the biodome at certain zoom angles, with multiple engineers, you are unkillable.
  20. Johnnyseven

    There was an engineer, "FriendlySupporter" he was aptly named, he fell from a combination of stray bullets from "The valiant 10" and the splash from the hero's rocket.

    He was extremely friendly.