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  1. KillerOrgy

    The problem with factions is that instead of making the same weapon that the other two faction have, they are trying to make something against the other factions and not keeping a balance. They should only change the look of weapon to fit with the faction color and model design style, but not mess with functionality and dmg.
    Example: a sunderer is same on all factions, a galaxy does the same on all factions, why can't you make that with weapons and the rest of all the game?, Just keep faction design style, but don't mess with DMG and functionality!, make it equal for all factions then u wont ruin game, and peoples will only chose a faction based on design and not on features and crazy functionalities, such a easy fix and so avoidable by the dev team.

    In my opinion higby ruined this game, all he did was to search ways to take down player faster through changing weapon functionality for his fav faction, and make the other faction weapons react slower and bullet spread.

    ps. i still love this game, even if i hate it more than 50%, but i have no choice since there is no other game like this.
    ps2. excuse my engrish
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  2. Hegeteus

    Yeah they get me every time :rolleyes:
  3. Campagne

    Eh, only in theory. As per usual it's all up in the air in a real engagement though I'm sure both TTKs are so close the difference is negligible with latency. Don't forget the VS' Serpent is also almost identical to the GD-7F as well. GR-22 and TAR are almost identical, with the only differences being projectile velocity, magazine size & ammo pool, and recoil. Comes down to personal preference which is really my point.

    FPS/RPM limitations are some serious bullcrap though. This should be unheard of in an FPS game. :confused:

    NC's weaknesses are primarily massive bloom, small magazines (Yes. :p), and low RoF itself, as with it comes a host of other issues.

    In exchange, the NC gets great damage often carrying over range and low horizontal recoil, which makes most NC-centric weapons excellent mid-long range options.
  4. Liewec123

    actually both of them beat vanguard if they utilise their strengths.
    what strength does vanguard have? it can activate a shield so it can get shot more, that has a very low skill ceiling.
    prowlers and magriders both have abilities with high skill ceilings,
    a pro prowler will be an anti tank sniper, melting them within seconds from render range.
    a pro magrider will be dodging shots with unpredictable movements making them incredibly hard to hit.
    with great skill both of them can utilise their strengths,
    but no amount of skill will allow vanguard shield to soak up more damage.
    hence if a high skilled vanguard faces a high skilled maggy/prowler they will likely lose,
    because their performance is capped fairly low by the vanguard not having anything that their skill can utilise.
    no rapid fire, no swift dodging, just a static short duration frontal damage reduction, unaffected by skill level.

    i took screenshots of the current stats shown for all MBTs and it looks like maggy has dropped to being similar in performance to vanguard since i last checked while prowler remains the steadfast king of MBTs with a large lead.
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  5. Jbeasty

    I was there when they reworked the lynx and gave it a new model. Was a beast, but the following nerf went too far imo. Would much rather they just copy/pasted the GD7F/serpent than give it the SMG treatment.
  6. LodeTria

    Cyclone, GD-7F & maybe the Anchor LMG are the "superior" guns on NC in their respective areas. I guess you could put the jackhammer in there too but it's still a "superior" wasted slot overshadowed by other stuff, but still better than the Lasher & MCG.
    Well and BR1 Infiltrators lol.
  7. Campagne

    Serpent is basically the same as the GD-7F, Anchor was converted into the Maw. Cyclone is good though. Jackhammer is dreadful, I think I'd prefer the MCG. :p

    The default semi-auto rifles can be replaced very quickly with the free certs per each level for nubs, and they're quite underrated as it in my opinion.
  8. adamts01

    That guy who did that crazy in-depth review on Twitter posted a 10-15% rpm drop in TR's fastest fireing guns at 60fps. That's at 60fps! Running a high rpm TR gun on a potato is essentially giving your target free nanoweave for their face. That hits TR pretty hard. I do love my Lynx, and on paper the dps is only slightly lower against the GD7-F, but in practice I do considerably better with NC guns.
  9. raffa2

    I've extensively played prowler in the last weeks, and i think the only way we could beat a vanguard was either shooting from very far, or baiting their shield from a cover and then try to ambush it, it was all about outplaying the vanguard; in any situation in which the vanguard knew what we were trying to do no amount of dps or outplay could outdamage the shield and also make us survive a vanguard encounter, so the problem comes down to bad usage of the shield from vanguard tankmen, not it being underpowered, i'd trade the prowler with the vanguard anyday if it wasn't so fun to harass stuff from afar with lockdown.

    Of course a stock vanguard or a shieldless vanguard vs lockdown stands no chance.
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  10. adamts01

    How much do you drive the other tanks?

    The Mag and Prowler might have a 1v1 advantage at range. The Mag doesn't stand a chance up close. And a Vanguard has to facetank a locked-down and waiting Prowler to lose. Especially if you're running 2/2, where the shield protects the entire tank, and lockdown only buffs the main gun.

    There are some things the NC can complain about, like the Reaver, but the Vanguard isn't holding the faction back.
  11. Fishpoke

    Taking user accuracy out of the picture the TTK on NC weapons (especially with headshot bonus damage) trounces the VS / TR equivalent. Their guns simply shoot too fast for the damage they do, everything else is has a good feel. Playing between all 3 empires, NC have life good right now.
  12. LordKrelas

    If we discount accuracy, and account for perfect-head-shots, what did you think would happen?
    If VS & TR, shot faster, and had the TTK advantage against perfectly-landed shots from slower-firing weapons..
    NC would never be able to match either side, even if they hit every shot.
    How slow is NC meant to fire? How much is it, that every shot fired hits dead on?
    Is every NC weapon meant to require the enemy to miss, while scoring a perfect hit?

    If you discount accuracy, then you discount, half of the critical factors in that damage output.
    A sniper's single bullet is high damage: Imagine if it was pure hip-fire only, and the likelyhood was 1\200th.
    Without account for accuracy, any RPM nearly on that, is brutal: As accuracy, which determines if that damage even is dealt isn't considered.

    If VS & TR are to have equal TTK in a perfect-hit contest, with NC, while having more RPM, faster reloads, and plentiful ammo compared to NC, NC then is required to land all hits perfectly to have a draw - or be dead.
    A single miss, from an NC gun, already lands them behind severely.
    If a perfect string of hits from NC was equal to the hits achieved by VS & TR in the same time, with ample extra rounds from either VS or TR allow & afford VS & TR to miss & still match a perfect-accuracy NC.
    That is the most hilarious fantasy: A perfect hitting NC, constantly.
    If NC's TTK is equal to VS & TR, to where a perfect every-single-bullet that can be fired by NC in time lands dead-center, has the same TTK to VS & TR, who have more spare rounds to land..
    Any NC that misses 1 bullet is dead.
    Any NC that misses 2 is dead faster.
    Any NC that lands every single bullet perfectly has a 50% chance of death.
    Any NC that nails every shot as a head-shot, could survive barely.

    That **** is important.
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  13. adamts01

    Accuracy really is what most NC guns rely on. The 200-167 guns have perfect accuracy for the first shot but insanely high bloom. You HAVE to burst and you HAVE to land headshots. This is why everyone who really knows NC wants a different starter weapon for the HA.
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  14. Liewec123

    way more than my vanguard, and i main NC.
    i have all 3 certed out,

    my prowler is fairly traditional,
    maxed out anchor, and reload using AP, delivering swift death from a million miles away!

    but my maggy has taken the odd route of running the frame that increases strafing along with NAR and FS,
    i can dodge shots like a Matrix Agent at mid range while auto repairing and also use FS for a big repair when needed.
    i don't feel like vanguards pose much of a threat, i don't say that out of ego, i wouldn't consider myself a pro tanker but i just land way more shots on them than they land on me simply because of the super fast strafing and silky smooth aiming because of the hover stability and zero recoil (while the vanny is sluggishly trying to imitate, bouncing over terrain if they try to move throwing their aim way off.)

    maggy is my favourite of the three, easily
    followed by prowler
    and waaaay behind is NCs shoebox.
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  15. Twin Suns

    Don't honestly know if NewCo is OP cuz..yuck yuck I'm a noob.

    But sweet baby jebus....we do love some team killing THO. I do know that. o7
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  16. adamts01

    Fair enough. The Mag is my newest tank and I really do love it. It's just incredibly weak under 100m where strafing doesn't matter, and so many fights take place within that range. I run combat on mine, as racer isn't that fast, but I do keep boost in case another tank catches me off guard.

    I just hate lockdown with a passion. It's a magnet for c4, cloaked flashes, tankbuster runs, and hornets. Plus I'd rather take one well placed shot than two, so outside of point blank I don't like the Prowler's guns. And despite its speed, it always played better for me as a wait and ambush tank thanks to lockdown. Nothing about it feels right.

    I love my Racer Vanguard. Anything that rushes me gets owned, and anything I rush gets owned. It's not as versatile as the other two, but it just wrecks when it matters.

    I can see myself liking the Mag the most in the future, once I get better at it, but that doesn't mean that I'd ever think less of the Vanguard.
  17. Klondor

    • Best Primary weapons in the game
    • Their MBT is the most similar to an actual tank, therefore easier to adjust to. Highest damage gun, with a riot shield for an ability.
    • Instant-kill shotgun MAX in close quarters with laser guided rockets and slug mattocks that are more than capable for ranges of up to 70 meters. (Yes, i've tested this)
    • Best Starting LMG due to highest damage per shot and best burst accuracy. If you can pull a mouse down, you can master a Gauss SAW, plain and simple.
    • The have the Promise and the Gladius enough said.
    • They are getting a battle rifle with piercing ammunition... In a hallways where you have clear lines of sight and only enemies in front, 4 guys could easily lock that down with no contest, just shoot, and win.
    As i see it, NC is the best faction right now, there is almost no reason to play the other two in terms of design alone. This is of course factoring out server culture, current playerbase and outfits. If server culture were a factor, Connery is a perfect example, all of the good players have left TR and VS and have joined NC. I can count 1 in every 4 NC heavies is using a God SAW, Promise, Gladius or GD-22s because they're so effective, fighting them is very difficult even for a veteran like me.
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  18. LordKrelas

    Then why aren't you playing NC.
    • In what way does driving any tank in this game, behave as it should.
    • Highest single shot damage: Longest reload time. It faces the best DPS, and the fastest reload... With a TR prowler's twin shots also dealing the most damage.
    • Riot shield... does not translate well to Energy shield, when we have a literal directional-shield.
    • 'Instant-kill' assuming it all lines up. Slug mattlocks, go record that one.
    • Best Starting LMG for new players? Past the first shot, it's inaccurate as sin. Unless you understand bursting to under 4 rounds.
    • Promise & Gladius: Gladius has no hipfire. Gladius faced the UA of the VS, and lost hard. Promise, the VS weapon clone vs the VS's Maw, which is the NC's anchor clone. NC's best preforming close-range LMG.
    • And the grand usefulness of a bullet piercing a target, which we never saw working, praying it actually does damage enough to matter, while hitting multiple targets in front, that don't even attempt to crouch, sure.

    Best Faction.
    Lowest Alert wins in the entire game.
    Faction's ES weaponry, tends to be close-range RNGesus, or impractical.
    ES Sniper rifle, has an entire firing delay - ES Launcher, can barely kill an infiltrator.

    Connery has a history of VS & TR dominance.
    Or did Wildcard & FPSK die the **** off.

    A Godsaw is a directive LMG.
    You can literally say half of VS in a proper fight, is likely got a Beetlegeuse, given VS Directive LMG's have the highest number in service.
    Promise is a VS gun clone; Do you see people packing VS weapons on VS? yes.
    VS's glorious SMG on release, had the ability to exterminate with head-shots on chest-hits.
    Without that, it fell short on capability: And that met with a lot of hot hell, so it's not been properly adjusted since it was OP as hell on release, and they seemingly got terrified.

    What even do you play? TR?
    If a hip-fire less SMG, is a threat... my gods, VS must be terrifying.

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  19. Fishpoke

    spot on

    also; alerts

    "Hurr, lets get organized guys, recall all 30 of us back to WG so we can go retake a ghost cap because we need to win alerts and not stay where the action is because doing what I say is fu... oh wait... where is everyone?"
  20. Beerbeerbeer

    I think the NC is the weakest empire by far.

    I say that from a perspective of having BR100s on ALL EMPIRES.

    I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

    I don’t think it’s any one weakness, but a compilation of many small factors that taken together, just handicaps them. This includes (don’t get mad) a general lack of good players, at least on Emerald. Outside of one or two BAX guys, the entire empire is filled with really poor players generally speaking.

    Which is why I constantly see them getting the most attention from the other empires because it is easy to farm them on Emerald. I admit I do it.
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