NC op!!!

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  1. Gavlad7

    Which is the reason to make the NC weapons OP!!!
    Daybreak pretend to all people play in NC,

  2. LordKrelas

    You haven't played NC have you.
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  3. infilallday

    Yeah come on over to the OP side, where team kills seems to be the most popular thing ever
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  4. ExarRazor

    NC was fairly OP in planetside 1, and higby, the former person in charge of planetside2, was a former PS1 NC player

    i'll prolly get a bunch of downvotes or replies trying to invalidate this next part, but it needs to be said:
    higby is the reason this game is in the state its in. higby had blatant personal biases that influenced his design desicions in this game. higby was a terrible game designer
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  5. LordKrelas

    Shotguns on Shotguns, Shotguns on aircraft, Shotgun pistol, Shotgun Top-guns, Shotgun Maxes
    Horrid designer? Oh **** yes. If he designed the Shotgun fetish train, or starting gear selections..
    Shotgun fetish however I find more appropriate to be said first.
  6. Jbeasty

    You must have been getting farmed by my GODSAW earlier.

    Lol, but really, I do prefer most NC guns and I also considered them "OP" as someone who was originally TR for years until Connery happened. Have used all VS stuff too and find most of it is not my style. I hate TR carbines with a passion, except for the suppressor friendly T5 AMC. ACX11/GD7F are sooo much more preferable to me. Along with the other 200 dmg weapons ofc. 167 min damage is ******* nice.

    All of that is simply because they fit my mid range flanker playstyle though, TR weapons are waaay better for other scenarios. Same with VS. Point being, the most "OP" thing is going to be what fits you best.
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  7. raffa2

    Ground to ground speaking they have the strongest options overall if used the right way.
    Vanguard is extremely strong when used to overpower the opponent and for rushing towards a target.
    The Mjolnir is the best top gun right now due to its effective range and large magazine of ininterrupted damage, which makes it more versatile than the Vulcan, its close competitor.
    Phoenix provides a good way to reach targets otherwise untouchable, and if used in groups can be terrifying.
    Their MAX is the best at holding points enclosed indoors, which is the whole point of the game at the moment.
    All starting weapons are the best per class (except the crappy MAX starter), one might still argue if the SAW is better or worse than the Orion, personally i prefer the SAW for its strenght at all ranges, very high high damage profile and large magazine, also the compensator + forward grip makes it a joke to control.
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  8. adamts01

    NC Pros
    • Guns
    • MBT
    • Max for CQB - point holding and taking
    • Mj
    NC Cons
    • ESF
    • No Max for Outside
    • No Striker
    • Poor performance at continent locking
    • No decent big outfit - server depending
    • Bad starting LMG for most players
  9. ridicOne

    As much as you personally think the Reaver isn't up to par with the other ESF's, some of the best pilots I've seen and played against in the game fly Reavers. To me ESF's are the only thing left in the game that are actually truly different and have both Pro's and Con's. Outside of MBT's but they've been changed soo many times and vehicle gameplay is what it is now. It would be a sad day if everything was changed to be carbon copies of each other.

    The Striker isn't just an NC con and I'm somewhat fine with TR having something special, as I'm fine with the CQC NC Max. The original Planetside was unique because of the different toys each faction possessed.

    If in the end all this game is going to become is copy's of something else, there's no point in having different factions anymore. Which at that point it shouldn't be called Planetside because that's not what the original game was.
  10. adamts01

    The are of course incredible Reaver pilots, but I've dueled against those same guys in Scythes and Mossies and they're infinitely more terrifying. I've only met a single guy who's aim was so incredible that his hitbox didn't matter. Bottom line is that 99% of pilots are worse off in a Reaver. And I think the worst ESF for the vast majority of players definitely holds that faction back, as NC's infantry/armor game is top notch.

    I 100% agree, which is why I've never agreed with Reaver hitbox changes, although that would be the easiest way to balance the thing.

    As for the Striker, it does need to remain unique in some way, but I think that mechanic is the single best solution to balance air vs infantry. Lock-ons just don't work against decent A2G pilots, they're just too easy to counter. In small fights every faction should have a decent AA launcher to fight back with.
  11. AlcyoneSerene

    This is fact. Probably won't change.

    All it takes to cut through the dense propaganda is having sufficient experience with the other factions' gear, then trying some NC gear.

    What's worse is TR's faction trait as well as weapons have poor performance or have been nerfed excessively harsh if they're not outright badly designed from the start.
  12. Corezer

    NC guns are the most specialized. It's hard to beat the ACX-11 or Razor at range, the GD7-F up close, and the Fortuna at mid range (speaking in carbine terms cause that's where my exp lies) but, with rare exceptions, this specialization makes them quite inflexible (the battlefield is constantly changing, and your weapon is more likely to fall out of favor for whatever scenario you find yourself in more quickly) and for people without multiple weapons (zerg of lowbies) or the knowledge to use them, this can negatively impact performance when looked at from a broad scope (NC alert performance)

    VS starting weapons have the lowest recoil and no bullet drop. While these things don't mean much at the epitome of play, they have a huge impact on the number 1 factor towards winning alerts (zerglings)

    That being said, if you are a skilled player more concerned with your individual performance, all of the factions have something to offer...
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  13. Demigan

    Yeah! Thats why the NC got its **** handed to it for the first 3 years of the game before it got anywhere close to the other two factions!

    Thats why the Prowler used to have about double the firepower of the other two tanks!
    Or the VS used to have the Saron anti-tank sniper which doubled as 3-shot anti-infantry. Or the PPA which dominated fights. Or ZOE. Or the Lancer...

    Both the TR and VS have had a list of weapons that have been OP and usually were for an extended period of time while the NC had things like the Phoenix which were nerfed almost instantly compared to the things of the VS/TR.

    People argue "but tha Vanguard!", what about it? As long as Oracle of Death was alive (and it outlived Highby) it could be proven that the Vanguard scored less vehicle kills and infantry kills than the TR and VS. Even if you took MBT kills, which was the only area the Vanguard shined in, you could prove that on a "MBT killed per vehicle life" basis the Magrider killed practically the same amount of MBT's as thr Vanguard and thr Prowler did as well.

    Most NC ES infantry weapons score lower than the TR/VS equivalent because the high punishment for misses is harsh on the players. But when you look at NS weapons, from the Lightning Guns to snipers, shotguns, SMG's or things like the NS-15, the NC on average scored higher. So it can be proven that the NC's overall skill was never to blame for the consistently low alert/continent losses or the amount of teamkilling.

    Teamkilling! Whats the reason most people teamkill? Because the player is frustrated and blames a teammate. Because the NC has worse ES weapons overall than the NC has more frustration and more teamkills.
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  14. Campagne

    I'm curious, does anyone genuinely believe the NC's infantry weapons are "overpowered" or are noticeably superior?
    (In general combat, not for rare/uncommon occurrences such as plinking from extreme range with a SAW. :p)

    I see this argument a lot but I don't really share the opinion. With the exception of 200 DMG guns and most 167/600s faction equivalents exist for almost all of each faction's weapons. In this case of NC carbines the Razor ~ Cougar ~ Pulsar C, GD-7F ~ Serpent are met with the Lynx.

    200 DMG weapons pay their price while other 167/600s are frequently middle ground options with their own quarks. I personally accept the necessary sacrifices and prefer 500-600 RPM damage models.

    While high RoF weapons are limited by user PC specs and range low RoF guns are punished with unrealistically high accuracy requirements and easily increased TTKs, while hitreg goes around bashing everyone with a wrench like a drunken Cupid. I simply see no manner in which the NC arsenal is overall superior for most realistic engagements.
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  15. adamts01

    NC might have fine marksmanship, but that does't count for a lot when they can't work as a team. What I've noticed on Connery is a chronic solo mentality with the NC, something which they suffer from to a much greater extent than VS or even TR. From listening to everyone on here, it seems that same problem is on most servers.

    The GD-7F not only out-DPSs the Lynx, it also doesn't suffer nearly as much from the fps/rpm "feature". I definitely prefer it. Sam goes for the GD-22 vurses the TAR. The 200-167 guns are noticeably worse once China logs on, but the higher rof NC guns pick right back up and start getting reliable kills. Overall I really think that NC has the best guns.
  16. Fishpoke

    NCs weapons RoF is too high given their accuracy (low recoil) and damage (especially at range), there's no give in the formula. VS? Damage falls off at range quickly; low recoil, solid RoF... TR? High RoF (kinda) with more recoil and less damage drop at range than VS.

    What is NC's weakness? Just curious. Magazine size? hehe
  17. Demigan

    From my experiences and from the comments I've seen from people who dedicated themselves to playing all factions, they overall agree that all factions have the same lack of teamplay.

    It also doesn't explain how the bulk of NC's ES weapons has inferior stats compared to the VS/TR, but on average they score better with NS/copy-paste weapons than the VS/TR.

    A better explanation is simply that NC's ES weapons are inferior. While many NC weapons are great for highly skilled players, the overall game is determined by the much larger population of average players. With inferior weapons these players lose more 1 on 1/multi on multi battles, which causes NC to be pushed back more easily and lose more battles overall.

    You just pointed out the highest ROF guns of the NC, which is the exact opposite of what the NC is known for...
  18. adamts01

    Their guns do take more skill to use, for the most part. While they don't recoil so much, they bloom like crazy, so you're often limited to much shorter bursts than TR or VS. You can get away with a fair amount of holding down the trigger with TR and VS, but shoot more than 4 or 5 bullets at a time on NC and you're not hitting anything. With that bloom and fewer bullets, rng really shows its ugly face, where at least with TR you're pumping out so many rounds that you can still deal consistent damage.

    You can't say they're inferior when the best players work magic with them. I don't follow server smashes, but I hear NC is the faction to beat there. I do believe NC picked the wrong starter guns, but they're incredible guns.

    NC isn't known for high rof, but their high rof weapons are arguably better than their VS and TR counterparts. They're just as easy to use, crank out more dps, and don't suffer as much from the rof/rpm "feature". I think NC would be in a much better place if players just started with those.
  19. Liewec123

    why do people keep saying that vanguard is a good tank?
    even when the Shield was actually decent Vanguard was always on the bottom of the MBT heirarchy.

    the stats have always clearly shown vanguards preforming worst of the 3 MBTs
    with maggy and prowler being fairly competitive for the top spot (but usually prowler leading).
    and again, this was when vanguard shield wasn't the useless junk that it is today.

    here is just the every day stats from back when stat sites worked and vanguard shield was useful.
    incidentally i took this from a forum thread asking why vanguards are so bad lol
    (Q4 KPU shows the average kills per MBT for BR75+)

    and VKPU (vehicle kills per MBT)

    tldr: vanguard is the worst of the 3 tanks.
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  20. adamts01

    Because in a tank vs tank battle nothing beats a Vanguard.

    I especially hate Prowlers. Landing 2 hits is more difficult for me than landing one with the Mag and Vanguard, though I suppose crack shots might like that thing. I see lock down as not much more than a C4, Hornet, Tankbust, or Cloak Flash me sign.

    The Magrider is pretty slick. I think it's far and away the most versatile and survivable. But I'd still take the Vanguard if I could pick just one, because when you need a tank, you need a tank.

    As far as the stats being the worst, I can only guess it has to do with NC's hopelessly terrible leadership and teamwork. At least that's the reason they're a joke on Connery.