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  1. apcr01

    Every day I see something like this :


    Also it feels like NC got the worst air vehicles or I dont know why enemies are even flying around warpgate with no problem.
  2. TeknoBug

    NC as a whole has gotten really bad, I don't know what DBG did to NC weapons/vehicles but it's so much harder to fight with now that it's no wonder why TR is the go to faction now. NC on Emerald can't do jack squat properly, they're often so bad at AMS positions but that's a whole different discussion.
  3. Ragnarox

    TR is a way to go now cause there is no Highby anymore and dev's like TR now.

    Its like WoT bias toward Russians cause its russian game so they must be the best.
  4. SanPelicano

    WTF... You must be just bad if you cant use your world population bonus.
    NC on miller is constantly overpopulated. Most of the prime time there are 37% NC 34% TR and 29% VS (world population)...
  5. Goretzu

    Never ever let the facts get in the way of baseless supposition - in the last 21 Prime Times Miller NC have been highest in two - not entirely convinced that counts as "most".

    Having said that the server populations are still pretty balanced, and it is nothing to complain about (given some of the faction inbalance Miller has been through in its time), but it is definately TR that is slightly on top currently.

    In all honestly, looking at the numbers, it would seem like the Miller FOTM crowd went from VS to TR, basically.
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  6. PatateMystere

    Most new players choose NC cause of fancy NC music in creation screen.
    Most of those new player get bored at being killed because NC weapon have a higher recoil, so harder to handle.
    Most of new players are automaticly recruited by BHO outfit with their leader automatic invite to platton and automatic invite to outfit.
    Most of those new players get stuck in BHO useless zerg, pulling vanguard to attack a biolab.
  7. St0mpy

    What REALLY happened yesterday is all of Miller NC went to Amerish and zerged around, they did actually have world pop advantage in the end. This must have been earlier in the evening.

    Note, 30% is only 3% under average, its hardly a big problem, and Second, cont pops mean nothing, its hardly TR/VS/The games fault that no NC wants to fight on the continent you are on is it?
  8. AZAN

    I have to say that a lot of the blame comes from two points. Firstly BHO has absolutely awful decision making. They attack the same bases every day irrelevant of the strategic situation, if the vanu are leading heavily in territory, BHO will continue to roll their zerg against the terrans. This forces the terrans to fight us in turn so there is no intelligent response to who is winning alerts or what is going on in the map.

    BHO tend to soak up about 100 or more players so the rest of the NC on the continent is often heavily outnumbered. When the alerts come on BHO also tends to just leave and go to hossin, often leaving the rest of the NC outnumbered completely as happened last night when terrans got to 47% pop on indar during the alert.

    The other side to this is that there is very little in the way of organised platoons for people to join as an alternative. BHO has multiple professional looking squad names in the list, e.g. BHO Platoon.1 Alpha etc... Other squads are often just 'FREEDOM SQUAD !!!' or the like, so its not surprising they soak up a lot of players.

    We really need our other public squads to be coordinated together in the same way, so that it looks as professional and then we can start working with the outfits better. If larger outfits could provide a few players to help get such squads started as well, that would be good.

    Ideally something like:

    NC Platoon 1 Alpha
    NC Platoon 2 Delta

  9. apcr01

    BHO by the way spent 30 min on capturing 1 VS base yesterday with maybe 20% Vanu there ... guess why?
    because TR were oviously defending them (it was like 40% NC 40% TR and 20% VS). TR and VS were in same room and not fighting each other. On this server VS and TR are playing together for sure. Sometimes they fighting each other ofc you cant force all TR not to fight against VS but biggest outfits playing together. Even BHO cant fight againts two sides.

    Today is VS day:

  10. Moz

    The issue isn't with the population....!

    That's pretty balanced, the issue is zergfits (you know who you are) ghost capping stuff to try to get Inderp back open.....

    Or the total inability to move from a lattice after a 5 - 6 hours stalemate.

    There are lots of other reasons none of which are "population" based!
  11. Dosatron01

    BHO plays for fun, not for militaristic wins and gains. As long as the members of BHO have their fun they will continue defending/attacking the base. They won't just redeploy 20 times only to win an alert. That however is not to say that BHO never wins alerts. If it's only one territory to win alert and lock the continent they just do it. If it's directly in their face they try to win the alert, if it's not then they don't care. After all this is a game and they want to have their fun in a game. You don't have to understand how they have fun, they just do in their own ways.

    Also Hossin on Miller is TR territory. BHO absolutely hates Hossin. If I'm not mistaken then the ranking of favorite continents of BHO should look like this:
    1. Amerish
    2. Indar
    3. Esamir
    4. Hossin (TR territory so unless they can't avoid it they won't play on Hossin out of their own free will. Sometimes they do participate in server-wide operations like on Hossin when all faction send 2 platoons over but that's about it.)
  12. AZAN

    I get why they are doing it don't get me wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that by doing what they do they make it very difficult for those of us who do play this game for the objectives.

    Having the platoon leaders change direction every now and then to match the situation or actually do a gal drop for once isn't going to kill the average BHO players fun.
  13. Dosatron01

    BHO does galdrops. And they also change the "objective" sometimes. It all depends on if they have fun. If they have fun attacking the same base for 6 hours then let them. Or you all join in on them and flip the territory faster instead of trying to tell BHO where they have to be. You want objectives, they want fun. You can combine it if you attack the same base they attack/defend the same base they defend. You could reach 300+ NCs on a single territory that way. Just imagine the amount of vanguards, lightnings, sundis... And the amount of infantery.... That's an army.
  14. AZAN

    I can't stop BHO from doing there thing irrelevant if I want to 'ruin their fun' or not (which I don't). The OP pointed out the huge disparity in NC territory control and NC population on miller, BHO is significantly responsible for that since they represent one of the largest outfits and dominate control of the public squads (through being more professional in presentation than anything else, not to knock them for that).

    The only thing the rest of us can do is try to provide better open squad leadership and provide a better framework for pubbers to fight in.
  15. Atis

    Constantly see BHO sitting at 70%NC/30%XX bases and failing to take them ASAP. So much fun...

    Someone must show them games like "WatchPaintDry Simulator 3000" - even more fun!
  16. Mianera

    Right, my alt is BR104, NC on Miller.

    NC on Miller is.... well, 99% terrible at this game. Like.... all the way.

    - Suck at tactical AMS parking
    - Most outfits don't do any plays
    - So many crappy pilots that ram enemies and friendlies alike
    - Trigger happy nerve wrecks that will team kill you the moment you walk around corner
    - They will team kill you for wearing a camo, 'cause that confuses them too much
    - They will shoot at your non-faction specific vehicles, because that is also confusing
    - They don't know how to get to cap points
    - They just follow whoever is infront of them, completely unaware of the existance of a map and minimap
    - 99% of infiltrators sit with pistols and do nothing, not even throw down trackers or darts
    - They run from one base to another, don't pull vehicles, get killed while running then run from spawnroom again
    - Hugely in love with non-upgraded Lightnings, they pull them like crazy
    - Complete wreckless driving, often run over teammates

    ...uuughrf, i could go on but you get the drift. I played NC because I like the Vanguard and the inside look of the Reaver. But after doing over 100battle ranks on that n00bz faction, I want nothing to do with it.

    The frustration is... insane. You so often find yourself in a situation as NC on Miller where even though you have overpop at a base, it still feels like you are fighting all the enemies alone.

    The weapons aren't bad. I mean the Godsaw is crap and complete utter garbage, but the rest of the weapons I would say are damn decent if not slightly overpowered. I liked them a lot in fact, much more than other faction variants.

    But honestly, I blame the SOE, the old developers here. Everywhere you look, even on loadscreens, it is the NC in the front. You make one faction the poster boy for advertisement and of course all new players are going to rush to that faction.

    The obvious problem is, that new players don't get spread evenly across all faction. A lot of players I know have quit the NC as well, and hopped over on TR or VS, myself included. That gives another problem which is that VS and TR get more experienced players. This means that the NC can't hold their own, even with a slight overpop.

    Worst of all, the new players get the experience that everyone else is way much better than they are and typically quit the game. Wrel shared some thoughts on this last year I think.

    So currently I play VS. 'Cause they look good and because unlimited ammo is frikken awesome. Also, if I get TK'd on VS, which happens so rarely... I instantly always get a "I am sorry" tell from whoever did it.

    Miller VS, respect!

    Miller NC, R.I.P.!
  17. apcr01

    If u played on both sides then tell me why on Miller Im so often see cooperation of VS and TR?
    I mean really, VS and TR helping each other all the time.
    Ofc not all of them (noone can force whole faction not to attack other one) but some big outfits on key points.
  18. Verceterix

    The weapons are bad. Played a bit on my TR alt this weekend (Emerald) and learned through platoon chat why VS and TR are always ganging up on NC: because the NC can't hit anything. Pinpoint accuracy weapons with no recoil from VS means TR die much, much more than they do fighting against NC, who have ridiculous recoil and stupid CoF restrictions. And I agree with that, as I mainly play NC.
    Can't include assault rifles (as my medic has a 2.2 kd and my engineer has about a .650 kd) but carbines and LMG's are just wonky as ****.
  19. Hammerlock

    for me : its the (insert faction here) got double-teamed from the other two mentality

    but yeah ... NC on miller is in a desolate state atm
  20. AZAN

    VS and TR only really gang up when NC is at an advantage, which is common sense really. NC should be doing the same when one of the other factions have a strong lead but we don't.