NC on Cobalt Eu sucks hard!?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FrostStarWolf86, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. FrostStarWolf86

    Iam one of this old veterans. Nc was always a bit behind organisation and leadership but now its a total mess... It seems all remaining organized outfits had left or joined the Vs. And now my Tankshells are flying like tennisball and my Vanguard shield is a bad joke. I can't 1 v 5 Tanks like i used before or shell esf in midair on regular bases o_O xD I was kind of a lonewolftanker with a fine selected gunner. Now i need really teamwork. Atleast some guys that can back me up. Iam lacking in the infantrydepartment cause most my certs went to vehicles so iam not so good against this cqc machinegunners and smg tryhards. And it seems most Nc players are avoiding fights with certain Vanuoutfits. Even if it will cost us the victory. They only fight terrans... I tried to lead but Nc Infantrymen seems less experienced than the other factions and were outplayed hard by Vanus Br 100+.
  2. McToast

    In short: Yes.
  3. FrostStarWolf86

    It seems Infantry has become far to powerful against Tanks. I can still deal with them but its so much harder becouse of my slow flying ap shells... Less experienced tankers are having a really bad day... Ambusherjetpack, rocketrifles and antitankrifles are just too much tools for infantry. I want like to have a coax mg atleast...
  4. Caesar_REDMIST

    It mostly depends on when you play. I think prime time NC are pretty strong
  5. FrostStarWolf86

    I think everyone is strong in numbers. It doesn't reflect the quality. Except for standard Vs Squads. They appears to be superb and can even match the strongest Tr Groups Organized and skillwise. Seriously. It seems Nc can only win with overpop and Zerg. No Tactical Airdrops. No Fast Deploy with Sundies. Too few Shieldbrakers... No Minebackup. Too many Infiltrators and heavies which are useless in certain situations alone. But atleast sometimes i can see a medic around :confused: ! Most of the nc lights doesn't even noticed diffrent jetpacktypes like the ambusher. Maxes are left alone without engineer and medicbackup. Sundies getting attacked hard and nobody cares and redeploy or even repairs it. It really is painful to watch the Nc newbies die alone. They need more Veterans to coach them. I can only coach a few people and they are doing fine just by running around with me for a couple of hours. but i can't coach a whole platoon during a battle. We need more Vets to log back to Nc.
  6. FrostStarWolf86

    If this continues new players will always switch the factions when they reached a certain skillcap. They will realise that the other factions are far better organized and they are going to stay Tr / Vs. That leads to less skilled nc players and will scare new players off because most will choose Nc based on personal experience.
  7. OldSchoolD

    I haven't seen much better from VS. I just came back to Cobalt to finish leveling my VS toon after years of playing NC and TR on Miller only, and I haven't even seen a full platoon running yet, at no time of the day or day of the week in any continent.

    Miller seems consistently much more populated, and the outfits better organized. I couldn't find a single 48vs48 fight in Cobalt yet.

    If this is the case normally, I think it's time they merged the EU servers.
  8. Towie

    Statistically Miller and Cobalt are very similar (peak players and average too) so possibly related to the time of day you are playing ?
    VS was / is underpopped on both servers - suspect this would make a server merge very difficult.

    Since escalation, most of the larger / better organised outfits run locked so unless you are in - you are out.