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  1. Nexus2151

    I play TR on Miller and nearly every night I see the NC get there *** handed to them by either us or the VS. In alerts the NC seem to near constantly come 3rd . I don’t even remember the last time that NC won a alert, you can complain of TR overpopulation but that’s not an excuse to come 3rd to the VS. What I want to know is what gives with you guys why can't you seem to win?
  2. AdennTM

    VS and NC dodge alerts like the plague and for no reason. They can perfectly pop lock a continent but they never want to. Other times it is there own strategic incompetence that they lose and then they claim they lose cause of the TR zerg.
  3. Goretzu

    I've started playing all 3 faction on Miller (having largely given up on the way I wanted to play PS2), and I've not seen any magical difference, all 3 factions are more or less the same.

    There's two things I think affect the general state of Miller:

    1. TR over-population, both directly sheer Zerg-power and in the sense that people don't both to contest alerts some of the time.

    2. The strange thing of NC and TR fighting over a single base whilst VS caps the rest of the continent, no idea why this sometimes occurs.
  4. LordMondando

    1) We generally have lower numbers
    2) Nc have a habit of camping biolabs, trying to request people withdraw from them quickly gets you lots of what I call 'YOU ARENT MY MUM! YOU CAN'T TELL ME HOW TO HAVE FUN' /tells.

    So often, we can be outnumbered 1:2, we were even down 1:3 quite a bit on Esamir last night, despite the fact con't pops are never worse than 32:35:30. Often its simply an issue of lacking 1 even 2 platoons on the frontline and being overwhelmed one battle at a time as a large concentration of VS and or TR cascade over various bases.

    When the NCTO is out at 70% strength at least and we are aiming to win an alert, we do it 2/3rd's of the time.
  5. ergie

    Yesterday alert - The tech plants one I think (the one I could play because RL issues doesnt allow to play me more)
    NC pop (aprox if I remember):
    Amerish 17%
    Esamir 12%
    Indar 28%
    TR has the most population in all continents
    VS pop is similar to NC, somewhat better on Indar.

    I login, my outfit has one squad and we're on Amerish trying to reach one isolated tech plant. As it looks like we're the only outfit there and we cant cap the tech plant alone, (there are 48+ TR's there), we try to cap the surrounding territories, to make the TR spread to recap and lauch a quick assault to the tech plant itself; Result: after isolate the TR capping the tech plant, we are steamrolled by them 3 territories away (by the people taking the tech plant), losing meanwhile what we had gained in minutes. Looking at the map its worse, I see NC islands in biolabs, amp stations and such (as every day). We only have 3-4 territories by our WG. So we cant dream on take a tech plant. My people says: enough of this crap. So we retreat and move to indar. At least there we're only 8% down in population. The solution is boring, because we follow the lattice lines and no decissions are made, just mark and advance...
    This is a typical day for the NC man, at least for us. And yes, we're part of the NCTO, but... We hardly have the numbers to keep nothing.
    Spanish, for you Adenn: La frase que decían mis camaradas era algo asi: "Que se queden con el p%&%o Amerish, a ver si se aburren y se crean un personaje NC"
  6. Fumblewatt

    4th faction telling the underpopped side to fight harder.
    Brilliant 5/14
  7. Morti

    Generalizing an entire faction, gg. There's been a drastic increase in noobs on all sides since miller went recommended, but most noticeably NC imo. All of which seem hell-bent on playing the l33t snipur 360 noskope headshawt class 24/7. Doesn't help that each time the TR steamroll us, you start with the flaming in chat. "NC is so terrible this" "NC is awful that"

    I understand that everybody begins as a noob, but your belittling and flaming doesn't help. Does it really surprise anyone that people would rather play for the smarter, winning side? It's not a mystery, TR on miller have a few great outfits that can pull some crazy ****. Hell, if it weren't for my thousands of certs I'd consider joining TR too because you have leaders and people who can actually identify a situation where they think "Oh hey, maybe my rocket launcher might be more useful than my sniper rifle right now. Or perhaps I should consider changing to a support role?"

    Staying NC though. You reds need a challenge.
  8. zukhov

    Not really bothered about alerts unless they are naturally in my gameplay zone. Even winning them just means giving xp to some faction switching poofs alt so meh.....
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  9. ergie

    Same here, we dont go to the alerts unless they're around us at the right moment. Usually we look for the most balanced continent and we make our play session there
  10. Gedd

    facility capture alerts are 99% of the time won by TR
    VS/NC can put out decent numbers on one continent only (usually Indar) I assume many TR cannot get onto Indar due to a queue so Esamir and Amerish are usually dominated by TR and nobody wants to fight against overwhelming numbers in what is usually a lost cause so alot of folks just ignore these alerts
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  11. Benton!

  12. LordMondando

    They are however, a fairly good metric of how a side on a server is performing and if there is anything on the server making things unbalanced.

    Generally if its a an alliances ops night, and they are operating within the confines of alerts as they often do (they area simple goal to aim for). about half the time they should win.

    If one side wins alerts over and over, as TR at least did the last 3-4 months, they an indication also there is a real balance problems.

    Its also something that focuses randoms and the public/open squads.

    By all means continue your method of play zukov thats entirely fine, but they are one of the better barometers we have.
  13. phreec

    When we manage to get 33/33/33 on Indar it's usually 50%+ TR on Amerish and Esamir...
  14. EvilJollyT

    NC Miller got all the baddies. We suck.

    Besides, we measure our success as an outfit, which we can control as opposed to an empire which we can't. Playing "for the empire" was a concept that got laughed out of the room years and years ago back in PS1.
  15. LordMondando

    Thats an issue thats been magnified by Miller's population problems as a whole though.

    I do wish they'd get the empire specific recommended server mechanic in soon, and leave us under the Nc and VS for a while. The growth at the moment of TR also is slowing down population balancing.
  16. MrEclectic

    It's even better. Calling them to focus on the other underpopped faction, so they can fight for secnd place and essentially over the scraps of the overpopped one.
  17. Stanis

    What fascinates me is that people avoid directly confronting the most populous faction.
    Which means the most number of players are free to pick on the already squabbling other two factions.

    I used this misquote as a signature for a while:
    If we see that TR is winning we ought to help NC and if NC is winning we ought to help TR, and that way let them kill as many as possible.

    The problem with 3 way continental battles all the time is the balancing factor is disrupted by proximity.