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  1. RemingtonV

    Just a couple of minor niggles here:

    1. Why are there only the NC1, NC4, NC6, NC-9 and NC12 weapons? What happened to NC2,3,5,7,8,10, and 11? I always figures the gauss compact rifles should be the NC2s or 3s. Also, why does only the NC-9 have a hyphen?

    2. This is just personal preference, but the AF-8 Railjack I feel should have had a description indicating that it was originally a mining tool. Like a prototype for the weapons that the NC would later create. Its so big, bulky, and powerful that I feel it would be more inline with the game's lore to have been a tool used to fire sensors or spikes into rocks before mining. Once the war started and the NC saw that it didnt have a way to make conventional fire arms, someone was like "Hey, this fires spikes through rocks pretty good, imagine what it could do to a person". With the first true weapons manufactured with this Gauss tech being a NC1, this would be a interesting predecessor. This would just fit the NC's jeryrigged tools to weapons style, like how they weaponized the MAXs (which used to just be used as power loaders). Lastly this would better justify its long reload animation (lore wise), as it was ment to be a mining tool, not a combat weapon.
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  2. TriumphantJelly

    Meanwhile, TR can have a reload animation where loads of chambers ready-up and then they get to rain hell on enemies, and VS bolt-actions get a bolt that opens a vent for waste plasma, instead of hitting a battery like a madman!
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  3. Cirevam

    Both of you guys have good ideas, and I like this one especially:

    Currently, a VS could turn any bolt-action into a semi-auto by liberal application of rubber bands and duct tape so the battery doesn't pop out. Venting plasma or heat would be much better.
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  4. ColonelChingles

    1. Not all model numbers get used. Take for instance the M14 and the M16 rifles. What happened to the M15? Well that was a modified M14 that never got adopted. So no one really knows about it. Maybe those other NC rifles just never made the cut like the M15?

    No clue as to the hypen... weird stuff happens I guess.

    2. I believe that "AF-8" stands for "Auraxis Firearms-8", which of course refers to that base in the middle of Amerish. I would assume that given the name it was meant to be a firearm from the beginning, designed by a firearm manufacturer.
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  5. z1967

    Its so simple, yet so brilliant.
  6. Saber15

    Forcing the battery to stay inside the weapon would probably have the same effect as welding a gun's receiver closed.

    The battery is likely jettisoned specifically to cool it, or the force of firing shoves it out through the power of Nanites
  7. RemingtonV

    I know what the AF-8 stands for. I just wish they would change it to have that "improvised weapon" background. Would make it more interesting. Instead of "New top of the line rifle.....that for some reason looks jery rigged as hell". I just feel there isnt enough in the game to show off the NCs improvised style. We are supposed to be equip with whatever we had available at the time. MAX power loaders were up armored and added with shotguns. Our armor is old but still functional, hand me downs stolen from the TR after they upgraded. Some of our helmets little more than reinforced hard hats or welding masks. The initial gauss weapons were supposed to have been mining tools that were weaponized, the NC1 being the first gauss rifle specifically made for combat. Describing the AF-8 as a pre-war mining tool would just have made the weapon and the NCs backstory a little more interesting.
  8. FactionTraitsFTW

    Totally agree. I always wanted some more improvised stuff for NC. For example some sort of ES vehicle that is just some mining vehicle with some armor plates and a railgun attached to it or smaller things like attachments that are stuck to weapons with duck tape eould be so cool.
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  9. Trudriban

    This times infinity, I would do many questionable things to have a gun in-game that looks like it's made out of 3 separate things that may or may not have also been guns. Bonus points if there's duct tape on the model and parts of it written with a sharpie.

    Hell, they can start with giving our MAX an actual mid-range weapon that is literally a Gauss SAW bolted to the arm with an extra large battery on the side to further clock the gauss mechanism for added damage
  10. Flamberge

    If they did this, I would buy a membership.
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  11. DFDelta

    Duct tape, is there anything it can't do?
  12. RemingtonV

    I dont know about the whole duct tape route. But I do feel there isnt enough to show our history. I mean by now in the war Esamir Munitions, Genidyne Dynamics, and Araxius Firearms have all started producing gauss weapons. I just wish there were a few weapons that were part of the initial war effort. I like the MAXs so far, compared to the other 2 MAXs, NC maxes have ALOT of exposed parts and alot of there helmets have backgrounds that show thier history as mining or special enviroment gear. By this point in the war, the NC has had time to refine the MAX design to its current look, no longer needing to jery rig them together. anyway, I just wish some of the other weapons showed thier history.

    I also hate how they are ******* up the canon, with backgrounds of the "production grade" gauss weapons sometimes indicating they were produced BEFORE the war. Come on people, get it right. The only reason the NC started using and still uses gauss weapons was because the TR controlled the vast majority of weapon factorys, ammo plants, and the raw resources to produce cartridge ammo. The NC figured that thier gauss based mining tools would make acceptable replacements to conventional firearms so they refined and weaponized them. The new gauss rifles and pistols were so successful that the NC continues to use them. The only cartridge based ammo that the NC makes are shotgun shells. Those shotguns I wouldnt mind having a pre-war manufactured history. The only prewar gauss weapons should be mining tools that were weaponized by the rebels.
  13. Regpuppy

    What's with the M16? What happened to the m's?1?! What about the AK's? What about every variation of a version ever made?! Simple answer,there's an absurd amount of versions of any gun and even variations within each version, and an army's arsenal is simplified down to what's cost effective while still being able to do its job. Like all things, not every "new idea" gun manufacturers have is a good one.

    Meta-wise, the devs tried to simulate this. Because NC1, NC2, NC3 etc is more confusing and boring as hell.

    Just go with it. :p
  14. RemingtonV

    We have already covered this in the thread.
  15. Prudentia

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