[NC] New Conglomerate Cavalry Corps - NC's answer to an armored battlefield!

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by JonesyIRL, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. JonesyIRL

    Whether you are a driver, tanker, pilot, or a gunner [NCAV] has a spot for you. We are an outfit of vehicle mains, who focus on tight nit, tactical squad play. Formed in February and already numbering 75+ active and dedicated players, we are obviously doing something right! We run ops weekly, and squads nightly. If you are interested in rolling with us, or flying above us, feel free to apply now.
  2. Meraun

    Hey there. I used to be an Member of WASP on Miller several years ago. i wanna retry the game since i heard good stuff about the Update. But PS is only worth it in an Outfit.

    Got any requirements?

    About Me:

    Iam Swiss, 34 years old, father of 2 younglings and married. I play around 3 Nights a Week for several Hours, thats all i can spare due RL at the Moment.

    Iam a layed back old Gamer how wants to have fun and enjoy good Company.
    TBH i probably wont fit into a very serious, competitive Outfit since age made me taking Gaming less serious :)

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