[NC] - [NCAV] New Conglomerate Cavalry Corps.

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  1. JonesyIRL

    How to apply - Fill out the form under "outfit applications" on our discord; https://discord.gg/AS8YXbE

    Are you an infantryman, tanker, or pilot in search of an outfit? Do you wish to partake in highly organised operations utilising armour squads, infantry squads, and air squads? (The true Planetside experience) Then NCAV is your answer!

    At NCAV we specialise in being specialised, our 200+ strong, active outfit is divided up into 3 unique but not binding Divisions.

    1. Infantry division: our foot soldiers, the soldiers whose job it is to get stuck in with the enemy securing the capture points for the NC.

    2. Armour division: the soldiers who lock down entire hexs with armour, destroying everything in their path, securing spawns, providing fire support and backup infantry support (when required), and countering all air threats overhead.

    3. Air division: the flyboys, reavers, liberators, and everything else. Used for strike missions against targets directed from ground and air, and to dominate the skies so the ground can operate freely.

    Outfit Stats - https://ps2.fisu.pw/outfit/?name=ncav