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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by erminella, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. erminella

    Hello to everyone, i would like to form a tactical Outfit on Miller NC. I got 4 years old game experience and i' m part of a big gaming community. I would like to to find somenone to share advanced tactics like PL rotation, Fireteams implementation, mixed vehicles and infantry platoons and so on, in a friendly environment.
    But i need good people with the willing to interact, follow and have fun.
    If you are interested add me as friend in game, in TS at, or in Steam as Er_Minella.
    I don't mind if it will be your 2nd, 3rd or whatever character this game is 4 years old. I don't mind about your BR too, i mind only about the real willing to interact and make your brain work, not only follow or place waypoints without any tactict in mind or any team strcture behind.
    Cheers to everyone and meet in game.
  2. Sovereign533

    Well, I would wish you the best of luck. But as you've noticed. The new blood well is about as dry as a desert. You'll literally find more people on this world who are willing to blow themselves up then people looking for an outfit.
  3. erminella

    THX man first of all for your answer. This game is driving me in a little confusion. I began recruiting on Miller began to act with all the staff and now i got problems with lags. No lag spikes, i always got routing problems to Miller, i hope it were worked out but they were not, so (For recruitement) i had sadly to switch back to Cobalt.
    Let me say anyway that i'm a little astonished about how the average people behave in this game.
    I don' t get how the majority is farming instead of exploting all the beatiful tactical possibilities that this game offers.
    There are a lot of beatiful Outfits out there, whatever i join barely none wants to lead.
    And if you lead a while a public thing, people come in and out only talking bad of Outfits and not following without any clue, thing that i really hate.
    Logically there are few positive guys that i met and kept in contact with.
    I think that good leaders make this game alive and fun, without them the structure of the game is completely untapped.
    It only begins to be a very big DM.
    Having people that only put waypoints without organizing their platoon and comunicate with it, is completely useless.
    Maybe it' s me, i' m asking too much from this game :).
    But i'm going on trying to sensitize people to group up and play with brain as i still like it very much.
    See ya in game.