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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by GigaClutch, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Handsi


    ABTF is best TF
  2. Son10

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if you are still arround and kicking?
    If so i would very much like to meet you guys and possibly join you if you are still recruiting..
    As PS2 goes i play for a while now, but just recently started play with an ESF. I practiced a lot in the VR room, but i still lack a lot of experience fighting in the air.
    Hope i will hear from you soon.
    Cya arround!
  3. Smiley92

    If you're still recruiting, I don't suppose you'd be willing to take on a novice gunner? I've only just started playing Planetside and everyone says it's best with a group. I really like the idea of flying but obviously I'm not any good at it yet :) I certainly can't fly they way I've seen in your videos, but maybe one day, if you'll have me.
  4. SebDollar

    We're definitely still around! (don't spend much time on the forums though) In ABTF it's not about skill, it's about having fun. The skill will come eventually. Drop by our Teamspeak at abtf.teamspeak.net and see if we're something for you. We're on there every evening

    And same goes to you, just drop by our teamspeak at abtf.teamspeak.net

    See you guys there!
  5. ProMuffinz

    BlueLava from Connery here, I fly a lot on Connery and have been flying on Miller lately, I have ts and a mic, could I join? Low BR, need to do a cert grind to upgrade my reaver first though. :p

    Edit-Age Limit? I'm 14 but my voice sounds weird over mics.
  6. neiljojo

    hey I was wondering if I could just fly with you guys im a experienced pilot and the leader of the 103RD Immortal Legion (so i cant leave :p) you guys could help fly us into our selected spots in return we could when you guys are going to do some ground work we could supply you with support. it really hard to help everyone in my outpost get to spots where they can fight what ya say?:)
  7. GigaClutch

    We prefer to judge people on maturity and common sense as apposed to having a solid age limit. So if you think you're able to be mature and sensible, feel free to drop by the teamspeak.
  8. DrBash00

    Greetings from GZC ;-)

  9. SebDollar

    Poor Shintyx :( All he wanted to do was to give you guys a ride, and this is how you treat him
  10. DrBash00

    No, he must have pressed the wrong button. We only wantet to lend him some rockeds, so he doesnt run out of ammo ;-).
  11. SaulBarker

    Hi, I'm completely new to planet side as a series I have TS and a mic and am willing to learn how to fly but most of all start to get into ps2. I have a little flying experience through battlefield if that helps. Would you be able to accept me or am I too much of a noob? If not can you give me some tips on how to get into the ps2 community as a new player. Thanks
    P.s. I'm quite mature but I am up for good fun where relevant:)
  12. Xenoraptor

    I am an engineer and I'd like to join you guys.
    Can I contact you somehow so we could talk and you could look, if you could take use of me?
  13. SebDollar

    Sorry, completely miss this one - If you're still looking for someone to fly with, pop by abtf.teamspeak.net (our teamspeak is acting up a bit, you have to try and connect a few time before you get in) We have many people who have joined us from BR1, that's fine :) As long as you know how to have a good time

    Pop by abtf.teamspeak.net (our teamspeak is acting up a bit, you have to try and connect a few time before you get in) and see if we're something for you mate
  14. Praiseworthy Tunes

  15. Handsi

    Ey Bee Tee Eff