[NC] [Miller] Airborne Task Force - ABTF

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by GigaClutch, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Cdog

    Hi guys, no idea if you remember me but I was in the outfit for about a week before I had to give up ps2 for a while. I'm back now and would love to fly with you guys again
  2. SebDollar

    Hey mate - yeah sure, i'll hook you up next time i see you ingame
  3. SebDollar

    I don't think the TR like me very much :(

  4. YamiNoTenshi

    I see alot of pitchforks, angry mob = best mob.
  5. SebDollar

  6. Frakos

    I'm quite new to the game, and haven't done much flying at all but would love to learn. ( Haven't done much because ifinding it quite hard to learn). Would like to join, so let me know
  7. Ubad00d

  8. SebDollar

    Hey guys - When joining ABTF, skill is not necessarily a must, but what is important is that you're a cool guy, and you enjoy hanging out with us and the other way around. So come join us on TS at abtf.teamspeak.net - We're active at odd times during the day, but almost every evening. Also, add me ingame, my name is Seb - i'll toss you a squad invite when i see you online.
  9. YamiNoTenshi

    What's important is that you're willing to sacrifice your resources and ram anything and everything with the skywhale!
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  10. Roberto757

    You guys still around and kicking? ^_^ If so I'd like to come along.
  11. SebDollar

    Yeah we are very much so - pop by abtf.teamspeak.net during the evening or add me ingame. Name is Seb
  12. TobieBrave

    I would totally fly with ABTF!
    But my loyalty is to the Terran Republic.

    Great pilots tho, so give them a chance if you can! I want more dancing in the air!
  13. benbenisahen

    I fly most of the time and have put about 2000 crest into my reaver and would really enjoy playing with you guys
  14. SebDollar

    Nice flying with you mate! And don't mind the Galaxy pilots yelling. He's an angry German :D
  15. CyberCOCO

    I have tried joining the ts server, but i can't connect. Did you change the adress ?
  16. SebDollar

    We're having a slight problem with the TS. Should be back up later today
  17. CyberCOCO

    i'll try later, is it abtf.org ?
  18. SebDollar

    It is on abtf.teamspeak.net
  19. CyberCOCO

    When i get to connect on the ts server, i would like to play with you guys, is that ok ?
  20. SebDollar

    We're still having troubles with our domain, but you can find us at in the mean time