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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by GigaClutch, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Facelid

    Hey. Just wondering if you still have room for more people? I'm currently looking for an outfit, and since I like flying, I'm thinking this could be a good one for me :)
  2. SebDollar

    Hey mate, add me in game as a friend and we'll have a chat, and get you flying right away :) My name is Seb
  3. Facelid

    I added you :) Are you online at specific times or is it completely random?
  4. N4poleon

    Hey guys, Froufrou here. Now that I have to play casually, I'm getting utterly awful at 1v1ing, which is completely unnacceptable. It's making me organize a daily 1v1 MCY air event on the PTS. I'm planning on setting up two groups: an "advanced" one which will consist purely of a bunch of 1v1 mirror match-ups, and a basic one with both mirror match-ups and some flying lessons. Would some of you guys like to join? We could use group A opponents or even a second group B instructor if one of you feels like it. (If some of you guys are interested, just hop on the MCY TS this week, my mates will give you the details).
  5. SebDollar

    Hey Frou, i'd love to join in on the dogfights, and what ever I can contribute with the instruction, i'd be more than happy to. Just give me a tell next time you see me ingame with the details.

    Cool, it's kinda random when i'm on, cause i work odd hours. But you'll usually fin me on on the afternoons
  6. EvilJollyT

    Bump for our faction pilots!
  7. GigaClutch

    The 21st marks our 1 year anniversary! What a year it has been...
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  8. SebDollar

    And in that time our merry band of pilots have racked up a total of 142.083 kills!!! Long Live ABTF!!
  9. Arphelior

    It's always good to see ABTF taking control of the airspace; back to the top with ya!
  10. Loui5D

    ello ello
  11. GigaClutch

    Our dedicated server for teamspeak and forum has gone down, for good. I'll be setting up a new teamspeak as soon as I can. Debating keeping the website however.
  12. Loui5D

    Muj got fed up of the little ddos scrubbies?
  13. GigaClutch

    No, he ran out of money...
  14. SebDollar

    ABTF is 1 year old.. Yaaay!!! And naturaly We celebrated with booze, Airhammers and Battle Gals

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  15. GigaClutch

    The new teamspeak is up and running! You can connect with abtf.teamspeak.net
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  16. SebDollar

    The most ****** out Gal on Miller

  17. GigaClutch

    Solo shredder for the small chance of win
  18. SebDollar

    We would like to introduce Miller to our two subsidiaries, ABDF -,Airborne Derp Force (TR) and APTF - Airborne Purple Taskforce (VS). This should be interesting
  19. Loui5D

    Airbourne derp force got nothing on SCET (Scev tactical) and 1W1N (SCEV BEST OUTFIT EU).

    Deffo not a pisstake by me and zalt :D
  20. SebDollar

    ABTF is still very much alive and kicking
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