[NC] [Miller] Airborne Task Force - ABTF

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by GigaClutch, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. GigaClutch

  2. Tropaz

    Looks cool, I might be interessted in learning how to fly.
  3. GigaClutch

    Sure man, just hop on teamspeak with us and we'll have a chat
  4. mujina

    Great bunch of people, had nothing but fun since I joined - allways looking for more reaver pilots, hit us up on ts!:)
  5. GigaClutch

    For those concerned about their flying skill we will happily take you on as gunners and support. We are happy to guide you through the flying process and train you up to be a true pilot.
  6. Cdog

    Do you guys use joysticks to fly?
  7. GigaClutch

    I believe we have one or two joystick users, but I dont feel they are necessary as the game is optimized to cater to the masses, mouse and keyboard works fine.
  8. Cdog

    I ask because I do, but until I worked out how to reduce the sensitivity below the base line settings, it just wouldn't work. Got it sorted now though so love flying
  9. Cdog

    Hey guys, would your expert pilots help out Vipor Unit and run some galaxy drops for us from time to time?
  10. GigaClutch

    Sure, add me ingame and whisper me when needed.
  11. Semajal

    Hey all, we are still always looking for both good pilots, or people who simply want to fly. Joystick/mouse it doesn't matter just a willingness to pew pew the enemy from the air. Our goal is to build up a group of friends, and back each other up. We will provide training and tips for anyone learning.

  12. Menos

    Sign me up, ingame name = XMenosX.
    Love to fly, but never get satisfied when I give air support.
    Going to get in the teamspeak now!
  13. SebDollar

    I highly recommend this Outfit, if you enjoy flying.
    Flying is fun, but nothing beats flying with a wingman
  14. Pig

    We had Air cover for ourGal on our last night Ops by a few of these guys.... Bump from FC for that alone ;)
  15. ChaosTheosis

    Sounds awesome sign me up! :D
    Ingame name: ChaosTheosis
    Love to fly and I go anti-ground with breaker rockets and about 1k certs in my reaver.
    Imma jump on your teamspeak whenever I get the time :)
  16. Nyroc

    I already know how to fly, but i'd like to sign up, as PS2 can get really boring when flying alone, how do i join?
  17. GigaClutch

    Hop on Teamspeak and we can have a chat.
  18. DutchRex

    I'd like to have a run with you guys aswell i was a TR player but i am actively looking for a new outfit in the NC i was really good at flying a musquito and i have had some good experience with a reaver. question: do you guys only use pilots or are you guys in for a spec ops squad sometime aswell because im fairly good with a bolt-action sniper rifle and i really like playing infiltrator.
    if you guys dont use infiltrator or don't allow it then please give me some tips on some outfits in the NC that do use infiltrators regularly often. i also have a good working mic and i have teamspeak 3, i am 14 years old
  19. Wolfrez

    Is there still room in your Outfit? I would be interested. Im pretty experienced pilot. Having played lots of SIM:s :).
  20. GigaClutch

    Indeed there is ;)

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