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  1. Doctor Tiki

    I'm looking to spend points on a new assault rifle for my NC medic and was looking to get a few ideas from others with more experience on what their favorites were.

    I really like the default one but since I play Medic almost all the time I feel like I should invest in one of the upgrade options. Are there any other ARs that handle similarly to the NC default but are noticeably more effective in some form?

    I did try a few in the training room but it's hard to get a feel for how they will be in actual battle while in there since nothing acts like a player. (moves or fights back)

    I tend to do most of my shooting while on the move/frontline if that matters. (not just sitting in cover/still)

    Any thoughts are appreciated!
  2. Liewec123

    most medics would say it comes down to either Reaper DMR or A-Tross.
    they both play fairly similarly though, i'd recommend you try everything in the VR, and when you find one that you might want, trial it in the real game :)
  3. The Shady Engineer

    I'd say go for the Carnage.

    It is similar to the default Gauss rifle in that it is going for versatility instead of being specialized and geared towards short/long range like the GR-22 or Reaper respectively.

    Also since you mentioned you move around a lot and spend your time in close ranges, I think the Carnage will be even better for you than the NC1 because of it's higher rate of fire and 0.75x ads multiplier.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the Carnage has much less damage per magazine than the Gauss rifle. Meaning that you can't kill as many people before having to reload. On the flip side the Carnage reloads in 2.3 seconds so that's not that much down time.
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  4. TheSunlikeOne

    Try NC-9 A-Tross. It is a good weapon for long range fights, and quite potent in CQC if you equip laser sight.

    Also, before purchasing the weapon, you can start a trial period (Blue "try now" button) and use it as your own for free for 30 minutes
  5. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Not sure why people are suggesting reaper or tross when op said he fights on the on the move at the frontlines.

    There's not really any upgrade on the default rifle imo, but if you want to try something else the carnage or gr-22 are worth a look.
  6. TheSunlikeOne

    Because Tross is surprisingly good at the frontlines. And OP was looking for the weapon that is "similar to NC1", which is not a CQC weapon.
  7. TheSunlikeOne

  8. LaughingDead

    Guass rifle is the best rounder, has great damage at range and close, GR22 is the high dps SMG of the ARs, bad at range but has good muzzle velocity, carnage is indeed midrange but unlike gr22 only drops one damage tier, reaper is just better than the Atross, atross only has burst fire and ammo going for it, but thats only 6 rounds more in the mag while sacrificing RoF for it. It just isn't worth it over reaper.
  9. dfury73

    I don't understand why you would mention a tross. That thing is atrocious. If you have a capable HA with an Orion or Carv you are dead. Lasersight? And you take that thing in a biofarm? UR kidding me right? Carnage and GR22 are much better. If you want the high DMG go for Reaper. But the other two are much easier without the quircks..
  10. TheSunlikeOne

    NC1 is a good all-rounder, Tross with laser sight is (imo) too. It can be useful indoors, where objectives usually are. +6 to mag size over Reaper is 1-2 more frags.

    On paper Tross looks underwhelming, but in practice - it has saved me a lot of times, where Reaper failed. It isn't "the weapon for everyone", I agree with that. Thats why my suggestion was just to start the trial - he won't loose much.

    Also "If you have a capable HA with an Orion or Carv" you are dead anyways, because... shields.
  11. AxiomExotic

    GR-22. Arguably the best weapon in the game for close range, for the nc aside from of course the GD-7F but that cant be used by medic. The A-Tross is not as good as the Reaper DMR just keep that in mind.
  12. FLHuk

    Carnage all the way, takes a little getting used to.

    The NC1 is still a solid weapon though :)
  13. repairtool6

    Just my opinion but pick GR-22 for true frontline pushing.

    Carnarge is the second worst gun in NC medic arsenal (tied with A-Tross) and gets way too much praise.
    Much like the A-Tross - it is now in fact a pointless weapon with no substansial upside to is competitors.
    GR-22 is way better for pushing and NC1 is way better for allround-play so why ever bother with it?

    Now dont be stupid...i put this disclaimer because ppl always misunderstand. Just because i state Carnage is among the worst AR's for NC (which is fact) that dont make it a BAD GUN.
    AR's are great - Carnage is great - Its just that almost all other AR's are better. stick with gr-22
  14. TheSunlikeOne

    Gauss Rifle S is probably worse at doing it's job, than Carnage at doing it's.
    But horizontal shake on Carnage isn't good, so foregrip is must have with that weapon.