[Suggestion] NC maxes urgently need those Machine guns

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  1. Jbrain

    Hi guys,
    I have been in this game a long time and I have seen the same scenario played out in the game hundreds of times. NC has great fight going sieging a enemy held base. Most of the fighting is outside since we haven't broken through their defenses.. All of a sudden were on our heels, were trading several deaths on our side for 1 or none per small fight spread out on the field.. The reason is always the same. Enemy maxes.

    Enemy maxes whether TR or Vanu can set up maxes on the field to support while staying relatively safe. Since the maxes is high hitpoints they can deal a lot of death at medium ranges with a much more superior ammo clip and reload clip than the nc maxes which can only dream of being effective at that range. Even with an nc maxes dream spot at close range the ammo supply is so small you might get a few before dieing to reload.

    A long time ago the devs finally admitted the nc maxes were not useful in situations the enemies maxes are and that is causing a win/loss discrepancy for the NC as a whole. They said they were working on a heavy machine gun for the nc maxes or it would be a NS weapon, frankly I don't care either way I just know we needed it years ago. If they other factions want a shotgun ns for their maxes then that's fine with me as long as it sucks as bad as ours do.. akk 6 to 10 round mag.

    Devs, please give us the heavy machine gun for nc maxes.. either as an nc option like other factions have access too or as a NS version. I don't care which as long as we get it soon so that in all the great situation vanu and tr can max against us we can max right back..


    Sincerely, Ps2fan
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    Also the NC MAX shotguns need +2 Rounds.
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  3. Jbrain

    you mean plus 20 rounds right ? considering our reload of 4 to 5 seconds which is almost 1 second per round. While enemies have ridiculously low reload times for 50 rounds + I have given up on them ever fixing the nc max shotguns but I have a small tiny candle of hope that we will get ns machine guns for our max which would open our faction of to so many more wins in the open world
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  4. Hegeteus

    Unfortunately for you, majority of TR and VS probably still think scattmax is still one of the most OP things in the game. I don't personally use MAX much these days, but I've always thought their TTK differences are trivial at best and don't get why NC MAX close range TTK has always been such a fuzz
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  5. Azawarau

    I really dislike the max shotguns and find them ineffective at anything but tearing through other max suits or camping on either side of a biolab

    That being said

    We have huge advantages with the Falcon and Ravens to balance that out

    Though i wouldnt argue against someone saying the ravens can be too strong
  6. Reclaimer77

    So basically you want NC Max's to be kings of short range AND on par at medium to long?

    Yeah that sounds TOTALLY fair to me....

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  7. Pikachu

    You talk of these. Has been in the files since spring. Was shown on twitter before that. Devs have not spoken about them.

    Anyway if they come live ever, they will not be regular bullet hoses good for range since that makes NC MAX more versatile than the others because they have shotguns. If they make shotguns for the others then the ES stuff is all ruined. These things would most likely be MAX versions of basilisks. Especially when you think of that basilisks are described as heavy machine guns.
  8. Azawarau

    Thats kind of how i feel about them

    The only fix would be to implement a viable short range weapon for other max suits that can compete with scat maxes

    Though to be fair again

    Scat max isnt too useful
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  9. Crayv

    I really don't get why. Since people tend to buy NS weapons with cash more than ES stuff and since there are 2 of them (right and left) it would be a large cash gain.
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  10. Dualice

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  11. Azawarau

    I had high hopes for them but its not very helpful....
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  12. TheFlamingLemon

    Then other maxes need instant-kill close range weapons. Also, I would want our rocket launchers to also do 500+ damage per shot so that our max also has insta-gib potential on infantry while also being useful at anti-vehicle. Thirdly, raise the velocity and damage of the VS vortexes so that it's comparable to the Ravens as well as give the TR a long-range AV weapon for the max. Lastly, give the VS max a useful max ability to put it on par with lockdown and aegis shield. Then, unless if I missed something, the NC max will be balanced enough with other maxes to give it long ranged AI potential.

    Also, while the above suggestions work, I think it would be better to nerf each of those characteristics on the NC max rather than buff them on the other two, so that maxes stay fun for everyone who isn't a max and isn't fighting NC.
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  13. Jbrain

    Its not a hard mystery here.. ez fix for a long over due problem. The nc max got hit to the extreme back when scatmaxes could mow does squads at a time per shell.. those days a long long gone.

    Also anyone saying that I wanted nc max to be king of short and long range didn't read my post at all.

    My suggestion is simple.. give us heavy machingun arms or ns heavy machine guns and make a ns version of our shotgun arms for the other two.. aka so we all have the same chances of winning in a fight instead of who has the best tools. It would be fair and balanced and nc would win a lot more fights in which their maxes are worthless.

    If you think of the battlefield in terms of binary numbers.. each soldier capable of hitting an enemy is a 1, and the ones not are a 0. In any given fight our maxes will be a 0 outside of a few select scenarios while the other two factions will always be 1s. Add them up and youl see who is more likely to win said fight.
  14. Greiztoph

    To be honest I think NC and TR need to be reworked for empire stuff, since I think NC should be railgun tech all the way and TR should have gyrocs for bullets.
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  15. Jubikus

    Personally ive been playing a fair amount of NC the last week and i got my max in a decent spot with 1 scattercannon and one mattock both with extended mags and i must say i feel much more deadly than i do with my TR max. The thing is the one drawback of range doesn't even feel like that much of a drawback because the chainguns im used to are surprisingly **** at range aswell but with thees shotguns i can poke in unload hell and run off plus whenever i come face to face with an enemy AI max i always win its fantastic. I understand that not having a medium range option may be a little frustrating in some cases but i guess the same would go for TR and VS with not having a high alpha damage option.
  16. Imperial Sect

    Give this man/woman a cookie. Railguns would be amazing.
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  17. Liewec123

    i don't think we should get machine guns, what we should get are larger clips and a hell of a lot more ammo,

    instead of 8/50 default, we should have 10/100 default
    grinders should have 12/150
    also it wouldn't hurt if they made our reloads a little bit shorter >_< maybe 2 years down from 4 years? ;)

    NC max being king of CQC is a myth,
    i play all 3 maxes and much rather having the sustainable fire of TR/VS than a 0.2 seconds faster TTK within spitting distance :p

    sure the NC max can insta-gib 2 or 3 people and then sit through a 4 second reload,
    but TR/VS maxes can still kill those 2-3 people with a shorter TTK than the average human reaction time,
    and then melt down 10 more people before needing to reload. :)

    "roll 4 or higher to hit the target!" :D
    slugs make shooting at someone feel like a game of D&D, you've just got to hope it goes where you're aiming otherwise you'd literally be better just spamming a pair of hacksaws at the enemy 50m away, atleast you might do "some" damage :p
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  18. Zombo

    i'm for it, NC is a real pain to deal with in biolabs, a big part of that is the shotgun instagib maxes,
    would love to have that option as VS or TR
    there also isn't a real reason why vanu and tr didn't grasp the concept of plonking shotguns under the MAX arms,
    just as well as there should be a real long-range option for NC maxs
  19. Chewy102

    Iv been trying to get people to see this for about 2 years now, been complaining about it since ******* beta. Gave up months and months back when Id have to repeat myself over and over again to others that just don't understand how limited shotguns are on a slow moving, high target, and non self sustaining class, more so when both other factions have MMGs that act like SMGs, LMGs, and Carbines depending on the weapon that play to near any infantry fight and support the core limits of a MAX. Shotguns in general are VERY limited to every other weapon type in the game, you hardly see them at all outside of some LA jump jetting around a tower as that is just about the only class able to effectively use shotguns.

    Ended up quitting the game from this. But still read these forums and reddit every day in hopes of something. I can't stand for such a basic ****-up. It's balance 101, you do NOT force a niche on one side without also doing the same for the other side or give all sides the option to get out of their niche.

    MBTs, ESFs, Harassers, Infantry, anything that has ES gear SHOULD HAVE NS gear as well to act as a balance foundation. Without a foundation you are building on sand and thus nothing to stand on. Every single thing in the game has NS or clone ES that might as well be NS acting as a foundation. Everything but MAXes.

    I never asked for favoring either. 2-3 NS weapons. A MMG akin to the Heavy C or Quasar, and a shotgun akin to the Sacctercannon. Use the shelved HMG model for the MMG and take the Renegade from the Flash to use as the model for the shotgun. Also bring back the Flamethrower for the role of of SMG, but without any of the wanted DOT effects Higby planed.
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  20. orangejedi829

    Have you ever come face-to-face with a dual chaingun max? You're dead before you can blink. The people who argue that scatmaxes are better at CQC because their point-blank TTK is, say, 0.5s instead of 0.7s, baffle me. The TTK of a chaingun max within scatmax effectve range is essentially identical as far as the victim is concerned. It's a gib either way. The difference is that a chaingun max has infinitely better TTK at any range beyond 5m, way more killing potential per magazine, and shorter reload time.
    Honestly, a choice between the two is a no-brainer. I, and probably a vast majority of NC, would gladly trade the VS or TR our scatmaxes for their MAXes that are actually useful outside of extreme CQC, (and arguably more useful inside of extreme CQC as well).
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