[Suggestion] NC Maxes are too OP now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tr34, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Tr34

    Biolab fights became impossible now, why did you buff something that is already good? Buff other maxes too or revert this update please.
  2. Liewec123

    that didn't take long! only a few hours after NC max becomes more than just a big blue cert pinata
    and already the nerf calls are coming in! :D
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  3. pnkdth

    Give it a little while and collect data before jumping to conclusions. It has been pretty meh for awhile now and we're probably also seeing lots of NC peeps wanting to go for a test run.
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  4. Johannes Kaiser

    Just try to engage them outside of kicking distance and the story will be a bit different. While the engagment range was increased a little bit (well, more or less, depending on the weapon), they are still shotguns. They are supposed to really hurt up close as the tradeoff for spweing what amounts to hot air and farts at longer distances when the other MAXes only experience slightly reduced efficiency.
  5. Liewec123

    I dunno, I think they can all actually hurt thing from across the room now, and people aren't used to it,
    People have gotten complacent standing in the open shooting nc max,
    and now that they actually take damage back they don't know what to do! XD

    Mattocks are actually pretty damn deadly at range now, up there with blueshift and mercy,
    so people will have to get used to nc max being a threat once again :)
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  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Yeah, true, they can more than tickle now. Still shotguns, in the end of the day.
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  7. FLHuk

    Read patch notes, load forum, post a call for nerf.

    Play all three factions you silly people :)
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  8. ican'taim

    First mistake was going to a biolab in the first place.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    i still want the option for slugs back ... why isn´t it possible to have the flexibility to either have the NC MAX AIguns be shotguns or autocannons .. the rate of fire and projectilevelocity is pitiful with the exception of the hacksaw in RoF,
    and any of the guns save for the mattock REQUIRE the ageasshield to get in a position to use them, so yea i would be willing to exchange the closerange burstcapacity for more consisntent DPS on midrange ...
    and extended mags on any AI gun is a joke .. like both TR and VS get +50% more ammo .... NC guns don´t even get 25% ... and using the ammo container for the grinder is pretty much worthless for making any sort of firesupressionbuild for how small a effective range the grinder has along with its pelletspread ..

    as much as i welcome the AI gunbuff on the NC MAX .. i still feel maxes in general require a rework to be a proper supporttool
    for infantry AS WELL AS vehicles ... it needs more survivability, it needs squadsupportools like a ammodispenser, radar or motion detector or shield gen, a repairarm one could use when for example riding on the harrasser .. stuff like that ..
  10. Toppestofkeks

    Liewec123, arent you literally the guy who cried about NC maxes being underpowered for like 5 years, even before they slashed the damage by like 50%? If so, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Thank you sir, you are a legend, a source for many laughs. Ah well so now its back to NC maxes having the same DPS as c4, I guess NC having 48% of the global population wasn't already enough. I mean as TR, I already get 50%+ bonus experience because we are 20% of the population most of the time. I bet that would number would be cranked up to a nice even 75% now.
    So let's recap:
    NC have the best ESF
    NC have the best max
    NC have a competitive MBT, in many situations being the best
    NC have very competitive infantry weapons
    I really wonder why they overpopulate every continent at almost every hour of the day. I just can't quite figure out why.
  11. Liewec123

    No i'm the guy who can do math, and even on PTS this was BS.

    (Cqc ttk max v max)
    4,880ms - Onslaught
    4,935ms - Nebula
    5,250ms - Heavy Cycler
    5,250ms - Mutilator
    5,340ms - Cosmos
    5,350ms - Quasar
    5,640ms - Mercy
    5,740ms - Blueshift
    7,000ms - Scattercannon
    7,522ms - Hacksaw
    12,165ms - Mattock
    12,500ms - Grinder

    You're damn right I was the guy who pointed out that BS.

    Cqc, the only place that NCs -75% damage drop off didn't occur,
    and nc max was still outgunned by EVERY SINGLE WEAPON tr and vs had,
    But you think that is fine? Share whatever you're smoking.

    Sorry that you need to treat nc max as an actual threat now, and not just free certs.

    Oh hell I'll let you respond to this...
  12. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    I have one simple question that I haven't tested yet:
    Pre nerf they weren't able to onemag a kinetic armour max. Can they now? If YES, then I think they are OP if NO then I think it's ok.

    I always countered NC maxes by going kinetic in the past, but I know kinetic have changed too but don't remember the details.
  13. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    That must have been post-nerf because prenerf if you met a hacksaw or scatmax around the corner it was just some sound and you were dead. However kinetic countered that.
  14. Toppestofkeks

    Pretty much this, TR/VS maxes would be pretty much dead before client/server had time to sync lmao.
    >Huh where's my max, oh wait there's an NC max around I think, that explains it.
    And that lewec kid argued that somehow this is still not good enough LMAO. Well anyway I guess its back to those days. Thats okay though. NC is overpopulating the other factions again so I understand why they'd need help. Let's just release a patch titled "Enemies within". The lore in this patch is that VS/TR deserted the planet and now there's internal rivalry within the NC faction. It'll just be NC fighting themselves from now on, I mean, why the hell not. Is there even any reason why you wouldn't play NC in the current state of the game other than being turned off by them being the soyboy antifa faction?
  15. Liewec123

    Yep, this was the nerf,
    making the cqc max worse at cqc than literally every weapon tr/vs maxes have.
    and this idiot Top thinks it was fine.
    Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.
    Not sure where you got this idea that I was asking for buffs pre-nerf, care to explain?
    Oh look here's me in 2017 pointing out that slugs give NC max too much range...
  16. Toppestofkeks

    Yeah my bad, let's just go back to the insta kill max where you're dead before the max who killed you is even rendered. Oh wait we did LOL.
  17. Liewec123

    I swear you are the reason that the picard facepalm gif exists.
  18. Toppestofkeks

    WAOW you're right. Your post had such strong arguments that you've completely changed my perspective. The next time time I get killed by an unrendered 1 shot kill max, ill be sure to think about your valuable post here.