NC maxes are disgustingly strong in biolab fights

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  1. Qel

    Shotguns good in close quarters combat, more news at 11!

    On a serious note, yes they're good in Bio Labs, anywhere indoors with a small space in fact. Outside of that, not so much. All Maxes are very powerful in close combat, the ttk difference between them all is less than half a second I believe. The NC max is the most situational of the lot, don't face hug it and you'll be ok... shoot it from a distance and if that isn't possible, anti-vehicle grenade spam.
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  2. Devrailis

    NC MAXes are also the most handsome and manly of the MAXes. We are powered by the tears of Vanu orphans and TR slaves. Our shotguns fire ballistic FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Our Falcons fire concentrated VICTORY stuffed into a warhead. Our Ravens sing TRIUMPH as they deliver explosive SALVATION to the oppressed hordes of TR and VS.

    We don't teabag our kills, we merely assert our mating dominance.
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  3. Lamat

    Well now MAXs have their own icon on radar, so I guess you can know what's around the corner without sticking your face into shotguns.
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  4. RHINO_Mk.II

    Attention Nerf-Mongers

    The NC MAX has been nerfed 4 consecutive times since launch, and never buffed. Please go away.

    That is all.
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  5. Devrailis

    They can nerf us another 5 times if they want.

    We will still be horribly, gloriously, triumphantly OP.

    Signed - NC MAX Master Race.
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  6. Vinakis

    I'll trade you my shotguns for your chainguns, kay?

    What, no takers? :eek:
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  7. Epic High Five

    If it's safe to do so, my favorite thing is to charge them from the front (so they see it coming) and then blow them away from 0m once I get behind them. The best part is using the engie's own turret to protect yourself from fire as you retreat :D
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  8. Keiichi25

    Tell you what... Play an NC MAX... We will wait for you to get 2k Certs to get two hacksaws, the most likely weapon to generate that 'instant death' you believe NC MAXs do. Then you will see the other inherent problems that the NC AI MAX weapons have. Such as, the default gun will only have about 60 rounds initially... That it takes at least 2 to 3 seconds to reload a magazine of 6 shots. Even with the larger ammo capacity grinders, of 8 rounds and maybe 70 rounds of ammo... The staying power of NC MAX armors are relegated to being short ambush engagements with a retinue of people behind it, otherwise, they don't go out that far unless there is a lot of infantry with them.

    As a TR and VS player, while I don't get an instant kill with the VS/TR AI Max weapons, I can also engage infantry at a longer range, and go after them than I could with an NC MAX.

    And if you want to argue slugs... Remember, slugs work great if you can ADS and a narrow your shot. But you are still limited to the magazine or the extended mag (Which means, 500 certs for the Mag, and 150 for the slugs, which means 1300 certs) to get maybe another 10 to 20m range of death dealing... You will note that is about 3300 worth of certs you are dedicating to outfit one max before even looking at another 200-600 certs to increase your survivability above base and ignoring anything else.

    With the VS or TR, you can do it with 2600k certs, 2 of whatever your favorite AI weapon is, don't need the extended mags, and Kinetic Armor 2. You will find that while you aren't doing instant death, you are longer surviving and able to engage a lot more for a longer time than you would an NC MAX certed for instant death and unable to venture far.
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  9. Epic High Five

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  10. Poorform

    Yeah, and TR maxes are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, I MEAN BAN THIS SICK FILTH in open tower fights. You try assaulting a tower with TR fractures and chainguns blazing.

    NC = Biolab King
    TR = Open defensible position King
    VS = Assaulting Max or Open Ground Max king
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  11. NC_agent00kevin

    Any max in a Biolab fight is disgustingly strong. And CQC is the only place the NC Max is even remotely effective, which is also outclassed by Maxes that dont have to be 10m away to do their jobs. There are places in Biolbas the the NC Max isnt effective. many of them. Even the Shield Gen room is a bad place for NC Max.
  12. ncDieseL

    I struggled with the NC Max, it's range limited big time. Great for clearing a room, but it's dead meat out in the open. I've not certed mine yet mainly because I struggle with it so much. I'm thinking of investing in the anti-vehicle weapons and just using as a solution to armor/air zergs.

    The deadliest MAX is the Vanu, I always run, no point in try to fight it, it's death at close/medium range, and they are pretty handy at long range too. I've been tempted to create a VS char just to give it a go!
  13. Seyaret

    Until they pull out their shield, and walk around behind you. I know what you're talking about, because I use my AI turret in biolabs all the time, but I wouldn't sell it as such an easy counter. I would say it makes you about even with the max, considering that you can do damage while behind an immobile shield, and they can move with their shield on. But I've had plenty of times where it's just me and the max, and the max walks behind my turret and kills me before I can kill it.

    And thats about all their good for.
  15. Alarox

    They are not "disgustingly strong" moreso than any other MAX.

    What they are is disgustingly annoying to be killed by because they use shotguns.

    Solution that makes us both happy? Give us something besides 10m effective range insta-gib shotguns, and instead something that can lay down suppressive fire and doesn't leave you hilariously vulnerable after killing 3 guys or trying to fight any infantry passed 15m. Any MAX can camp a doorway, NC are just specialized in doing so.
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  16. oherror

    they can keep the biolabs. They are a one trick pony you cant take that last trick away....
  17. Alarox

    It isn't a case of NC MAX vs TR MAX or NC MAX vs VS MAX. It is "who can pull the most MAXes" to win a bio lab fight.

    Every NC goes through the exact same thing the TR and VS do. The only difference is that people have a special place in their heart that gets squeezed when they die instantly because they feel like they didn't have a chance to fight back.
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  18. Seyaret

    I always run from NC maxes, unless I can hop into a turret, but even then, my goal is to weaken it so someone else takes it out when I'm dead. The other day, an NC max, supported by an engie, camped the spawn of a biolab, and it took me and a few other guys a good 10 mins (and lots of deaths) to kill it.

    Pre update, you'd be right, but I wouldn't drop certs into the ZOE at this point. I used to use it, but now charge is more effective. And I almost never use my max for AI, just AV or AA.
  19. Epic High Five

    Just bounce some AV grenades off a wall so that it lands right where the MAX is. Two of those will kill a full health MAX and MAXes don't generally run from them because they think they're frags. Could've killed it without a single death (except its).

    That or just cover a friend in C4 and send them out to die at its feet. Then just...detonate...and all your problems go away!
  20. Paperlamp

    All MAXes are disgustingly strong in biolabs, but I often get more out of my falcons than shotguns since so many players pull MAXes for biolabs now and TR/VS MAXes have a distance advantage unless they come to you which is rare since most players in biolabs are more interested in farming than pushing.

    Infantry take care of enemy infantry well enough that I can focus on putting tons of damage into enemy MAXes, destroy any engi turrets, and of course gib infantry at longer ranges and spam them into chokepoints like a rocketlauncher with a much faster reload and way more ammo.

    Mattocks with extended mags might also be amazing, but I think the 250 cert grinder + scatter combo is less effective than the TR/VS with their higher magazine size machine gun set up. I haven't got the full Mattocks going 'cause they're so damned expensive cert wise it's hard to find room for them.