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Discussion in 'MAX' started by AISkander, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. AISkander

    Nerf it.

    It has too much range for its damage.

    You can literally down something with an NC max faster then a VS max with blueshiefts on a distance

    That's moronic
  2. LordKrelas

    And how short do you want this range? It's already 15 meters.

    If a NC Max in close-range is matched by a VS match mulching something past 15 meters, anything closer to that VS Max, is dead as a door-nail, in addition to dead at a further range.

    The NC Sacrificed range, clip size, and reload speed to do it -- if the VS Max at a further distances, equals the best result of the NC Max, that VS Max just got the firepower in a more practical form, without any of the costs.

    So what range decrease, does the NC Max need to have, to match a longer-ranged rapid-reload Max?
    And why can't we just switch the NC Max to a machine-gun, or just make them basically the same engagement ranges.
    IE, not stick ANY of the sides, for the Max units, with the sole specialization.
    As right now, the NC is specialized for close-quarters at the cost of everything --- Which go figure, is better up close, than universal-models.
  3. JDS999

    ok nerf vulcan, prowler, n infintry guns for vs
  4. YellowJacketXV

    I still think it would be fun to have an NC max with a explosive-hitting warhammer to go with their shield. They're already quite literally melee units.

    Also having the only ranged weapon as the gorgon sucks ****... all I know is that it feels like it's either gorgons or mattocks with slugs. Ravens for AV I guess...
  5. Scroffel5

    That is the best idea for the MAX that I have ever heard. Devs, add Explosive Warhammers to NC MAX's. To keep the balance, give VS a sword that isn't cool, and give TR a chainsaw that does lower damage but you don't have to swing it.
  6. Desann

    Give Vanu maxes jetpacks, like the good ol PS1 days.

    10%dps for a 20%increase damage taken...........................da faq
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  7. r4zor

    NC Max is especially game breaking due to the wtfbbqpwn-esque instagib it's capable off. Totally ruins the game for the receiving end and is neigh skilless for the wielder.

    With slugs its often still instagib at far too long ranges, so the "short range" argument is kinda moot.
    Having a 0.01 second TTK (the very second you press the button) is ruining the fun. No other max can do that. IMHO TTK should be increased across the board (not quite PS1 style but hey, with the network problems it needs to be. Decreases frustrations!) and MAXes should be overhauled. Higher TTK and more durability. Make them the point-breaking-units/support-role they should be and not the "I-WIN-BUTTON" they are.
    What irks me most is that NC AI maxes are too deadly againt other max units. It basically takes half the time to kill a max compared to other AI Maxes.

    And yes, VS max needs something useful. Right now we don't have a special ability. Worst thing is the Comet's AV weapons are mostly useless as well.
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