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Discussion in 'MAX' started by chamks, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. chamks

    expand the sarfes/surface degree for the shield (pls fix my english). what that i mean is that the angel of covering is too small, this ability shut down your ability to shoot, reload, makes you move slower, has a cast time of 0.somthing seconds (not immidiatly like HA shield) and you still can get hurt by someone that is a bit not right straight in front of you. i just throw a number here but it seems like 30 degrees of shield, and i think that a bit more cover angel will make justice.
    for the VS max i would reduce damage taken bonus to be like the extra damage dealt, it will make justice i think.
    the TR max ability looks pretty fine.
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  2. Nobalification

    TR ability looks fine, but it isnt.
  3. Liewec123

    i'd increase the angle of aegis like you suggested, also maybe make it activate quicker
    so it can be used with good reflexes to block c4 fairy cheese.

    for TR i'd give them the ability to crouch/stand while anchored, such a simple change would allow them to use cover.

    for VS i'd remove the bonus damage taken and actually make it do something for the AI weapons!
    currently it doesn't reduce the shots to kill with cosmos/nebula/blueshifts/quasar so it is absolutely useless for AI.
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  4. Fishpoke

    NC MAX does not need any buffs whatsoever right now until their damage is brought inline with everyone else or everyone else gets a damage buff.
  5. Blackomen

    The NC max is worth nearly 2x that of the other maxes in terms of power. While I admit the shield does need to be improved in coverage because of how easy it is to just shoot the max behind it from it's many poor coverage points, that's like adding an extra cannon onto a futuristic battletank, while the other tanks are rusted and barely functioning.

    The TR max's ability (lockdown) is only useful for one single thing, anti-air, it's useless for anti-vehicle, and anti-infantry as soon as you use it, you turn into a giant immobile bullseye and die horribly. The Vanu max is... just bad, I always annihilate them with ease, and only ever die to one if I get stuck in close quarters with one with no cover and no C4 on me, a rare occurrence.

    The NC max however instantly kills anyone in a 5m range with dual matlocks (sometimes out to 8m) and can clear an entire room before anyone even throws a stick of C4. And it outright kills any other max in close quarters with ease. (And is roughly equal to the other maxes at range, if using matlocks.) Plus it's shield gives it outright immunity to spray and pray weapons when it's out of range to kill anything. (Though snipers still kill it easily.) And it's the only max that can actually take tank rounds to the face with it's shield.

    Yes it's shield needs better coverage, but the other maxes are in DIRE need of improvements long before the shield needs fixing.
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  6. brutes359

    Have you SEEN a dual fracture build for TR MAX's in action? With the raven nerfs still hitting home on NC. They aren't just the most effective anti-vehicle MAX. They are literally one of the ONLY effective anti-vehicle MAX's. That said. I agree with you about VS MAX's. With ZOE and the high DPS anti-armor weapons and anti-infantry weapons they wield, they are specifically built to be hunter killer roles. But they fill this vary poorly. Especially since Light assaults do it faster, more reliable, and more cheaply. They can now 1V1 NC MAX's but this is only do to the recent and VARY poorly thought out mega-nerf to NC MAX damage output. and while that has been scaled back....slightly. I still consider the NC MAX in a worse position than that VS MAX. With its scatter guns and hacksaw being its ONLY viable anti infantry options anymore. And combined with its repeatedly nerfed armor values, even FREE MAX EVENTS can not bring their numbers up. So in short. Don't just buff VS MAX's. Buff ALL MAX's back to where they used to be. People loved them back then. they had vary specific roles they excelled at. And they where balanced out by the addition of hard counters like the Archer, Tank mine rework, and Rocket launchers.

    Then again i speak from the console perspective where the devs obsession with mouse and keyboard controls has turned nearly everything over here into flaming garbage piles. So what do I know? Man what I would give for them to do some alternate decision making for console. What works for PC does not always work for console. Its sad the Devs don't get that.
  7. Cancdemon

    Yo eh, that post WAS from 2018 you know.
  8. Liewec123

    The irony of calling out a thread necro, by way of necro! :D
  9. Cancdemon

    Let's just say I hadn't logged in 2 years and it was past midnight :D
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