NC MAX Range Adjustments

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  1. Sagabyte

    If I may recall, the NC MAX can only one-shot up to 8 meters, and beyond that it'll be 2-3 shots which is hard on the overall ammo count of the shotguns. It's the king of extreme CQC, but ONLY the king at E-CQC. My goal is to make it a strong contender at E-CQC and capable at range.
  2. Lukeirot

    No no no no you have shot guns be happy you insta-frag everything indoors and leave it at that.
  3. Sagabyte

    No no no no you have chain guns be happy you kill everything quickly outdoors and leave it at that.
  4. Devilllike

    You guys speak as if 8 meters is a few lol,and 2-3 counts for shotgun spray is not a "little" thing lol
  5. omegaskorpion

    8m is very low in a game where everyone has long ranged weapon, now if this was a melee game, then the 8m instakill would be totaly overpowered... but not in a game where you fight enemies in 15m-300m range.

    Shotgun users in this game have to run to peoples face to get full effect of their weapon, which is just stupid and only works if enemy is not noticing this runner and everyone will notice max.

    In close quaters shotguns should be powerfull, they are meant for close-medium range, however in this game shotguns only are good in extream close range.

    I tested shotguns in vr and i noticed that shotguns need more than 2-3 shots to kill target in 20m and that is still considered close range.

    Now dont get me wrong, im not saying that shotguns should be god weapons, if they remove the instakill factor in 8m range exchange for better ranged damage then im ok with that.
  6. Devilllike

    Well as a player who tested the weapons on the field i happen to notice i am more in a cqc fight even with a bolt action weapon since to capture a base you need to be cqc,ofcourse many factors change the way you will have to play for each base and i have witnessed with my own eyes a few max suits like 2 or 3 wiping the floor with everybody in a matter of a minute you can not always be prepared for max rushes but why would DBG ever give a ranged weapon in a faction were they dominate in cqc?

    I i just happened to see that even the heavies are really powerfull they even have a shotgun even as a secondary even if people use it rarely i think the secondary sux but still the primary for heavies is a painfull

    I tested the nc ihave a lvl 20 in the nc and i am using the primary guns and i never got easier kills just saying
  7. omegaskorpion

    Well if you havent noticed, the cqc areas are bigger than 8m, most of the rooms are 15m-40m long, while fight happens in tight spaces the enemies are not close to eachother, they tend to fire from other side to the other.
    I personaly have very agressive play style, i go in and get out. I fight at longer ranges only when i have to.
    I dont use shotguns because i stay atleast 10m away from my enemies and automatic weapons are more safer to use in close range since they dont have huge times between follow up shots and have bigger mag to kill more than one enemy.

    I havent met many players with shotguns in this game. In the early days of planetside 2 there was a lot more but now there are very rare numbers. The ones that use shotguns normaly use slug rounds because it makes shotguns better battle rilfes. Normal bugshot users usualy run to range of 2m to isntakill and these users are sneaky light assaults in tower bases. Other than that normaly the bugshot users die quite fast since they have to get to that 8m range before enemy notises them. Firing from 15m is like firing with a piss shooter. Only shotgun that actualy can shoot up to 20m (which isnt realy far) is baron and still kill with 2 shots if all shots land.

    People dont use the nc secondary shotgun because of high spread, low damage, low mag size and high price. Mag shot is alot more beter option.

    I have tried with my shotgun max to kill enemies in biolabs, but i usualy become gunted by heavy assault rocket lauchers since i cant shoot further than 10m thanks to limited range. And when i get to fight a tr max in biolab the tr max wins because without extended mags the shotguns aint that good even in close range.

    Now lets compare this games shotguns to other games:
    CS:GO for example. Shotguns can usualy kill instantly in 10m and at 25m they kill with 2 shots if all pellets land. However the fire rate is much slower than in planetside. (not counting the full auto shotgun wich will kill with 2-3 shots in 25m)
    In BF3 (the only and last bf that i propably play) had differend ammo types for shotguns. The normal bugshot was usefull in 10-20m but the flechette shots were usefull up to 50m (but did lower damage than normal bugshots)
    The frag shots were usefull almost in every range but did lower damage than others.
    The slugs made shotguns almost sniper rifles with lower range.

    What i am tring to say is that shotguns in this game do not perform well. 8m is not long range, its only half of many small rooms.

    NC max was strong back in the day, but now its not that good. Shotgun users have to stay in that 8m and its too close for any fire fight. 10m is just little longer, but the main point of this topic is to increase shotgun damage in medium range which is about 15m-35m just so that players dont need to use 10 shots on those ranges. If this is too much. the fire rate of shotguns could be decreased just to balance the sligtly better range.
    Its not about making the op, its about making them usefull. Now yes, if the shotguns would dominate on everywhere it would be huge problem but right now they dont dominate almost anywhere.
    Shotguns are only part of the broken weapons of this game, battle rifles, scout rifles and semi-auto snipers are just plane bad.
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  8. Devilllike

    only a player can make it usefull on the way he is playing that is what i am saying because covering distance is not really a big deal if people used their utilities but still to me just rooms i can see them covered in seconds
  9. Sagabyte

    The other maxes dont need to rely on their abilities to close gaps, their guns already do that.
  10. Devilllike

    tbh i mostly see tr maxes just camp doors or spawn rooms i rarely will see a max to actuall help in advance but ok
  11. Sagabyte

    At least you can hit things at the door.
  12. Devilllike

    xD i doubt but ok
  13. omegaskorpion

    While there will always be room sitters, the TR is not only one, even NC maxes camp and usualy camp in the corners where the 8m range is only usefull.
    However the tr and vs are more better at attacking, since they can keep firing from all the range, they can slowly come closer to NC max until its dead. The defencive camping style that you are seeing all the time can be for reason. Like when people form up camps in the control point, whats the point of leaving from there when everyone comes for u?
    Even NC maxes camp in the objective rooms but tend to die easier.