NC MAX Range Adjustments

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  1. Liewec123

    slugs are horribly inaccurate, its like playing D&D...
    "roll 5+ to hit the target!"
    the only way to make your 3,300 cert slug mattocks accurate is by remaining stationary and crouching,
    and if you're doing that you might aswell just C4 save the LAs the time. ;)
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  2. lothbrook

    The problem, as i'm sure you're aware, is that you give up your close range power and max killing power, while forcing yourself to make shots at a much slower rate of fire while barely moving to hit targets, and even still you will dump half a mag when killing a guy, not to mention if its a heavy where you can easily end up putting 5+ shots into him just to kill.
  3. Goretzu

    Mattocks with Slug are good - they are IMO the best NC AI MAX combination, but equally they give up a fair bit of 0-8m damage and still are likely beaten on average by Mercy and Blueshifts.

    Hacksaws with slugs are a strange beast, they only work because of the sheer number of slugs they can put on a target (or rather within a pretty large CoF) within a short time. They'll get kills, certainly, but you'll spend almost all your time reloading.
  4. JonboyX

    My suggestion would be to embrace what the NC max is good at, and only use it to fulfil that function.

    I've spent time in VS and NC maxes: where I can get some "medium range" kills fairly easily with the VS options that would be tricky as NC, nothing the VS have compares with the sheer damage/panic you can put out when storming a room with an NC max (or two). If you want a line breaker; it's the NC max. If you want to mooch around as a super-heavy, then fine, it's not as good as the other two empires option.

    Horses for courses?
  5. omegaskorpion

    Cant realy agree with this, every time there is nc max coming to room all my teammates rush with grenades/rocket lauchers/c4/pistols... everything they got to kill it, it does not matter how many there are, all the nc maxes die.

    Now when im at NC side, everybody sh.its in their pants when they see VS or TR max and run far as possible. The brave ones that stay, usualy die.

    I also tested double grinder nc max today (again). Got few good kills in 5m range but in 10m range it got sligtly harder when i needed to shoot more than 4 times. At 15m it became useless.
    I also died continiusly to VS dual blueshift max in 10m range in narrow hallway. Granted, there was 20 other people in the room all the time but still i did not manage to deal enough damage to kill him in that range, he seemed to be able to shoot me faster than i was able to empty my weapons to hes chest.

    In my oppinion all shotguns need more narrow spread and atleast max damage range of 10m. So they would be good for close-medium range but still useless in long range without slugs.

    I also find it funny that shotguns in this game cant realy kill enemies reliably in 20m ,needing to pump more shots to enemy than gun has ammo (yes i test shotguns in VR and it was not pleasent to see the damage being that low, even real life shotguns can reach 50m with still enough power to kill)
  6. JonboyX

    Do you play with your same teammates on the NC side?
  7. Dgross

    Um NC MAX is the king of CQC.
    You get to be king of CQC or you have range and you lose king status.

    NC don't get to have it both ways. And seriously....asking to buff NC MAX units?
    Dream on smurf.
  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

    with both hands i vote yes
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  9. Sagabyte

    Not really. If you consider 8m cqc then sure, but otherwise we are useless
  10. Devilllike

    u are a max with sprint u can be from point blank within 1 or 2 seconds....that distance is nothing
  11. omegaskorpion

    Always with random people.

    Remove shotguns from NC instead of making them balanced? ALL MY YES AND ARMS AND FEET.

    Being a king in 8m is not much when your enemies are kings of every range and since there inst realy places that have only 8m range the nc mac realy does not shine anywhere anymore.
    I do remeber the times when NC max was op, back in 2012. Since then the nc max has fallen from hes title.
    Everybody who still screams nc max is op realy havent played the current nc max.

    No, seriusly i would trade all my nc max shotguns to any anti-infantry VS or TR max weapons since shotgun is so limited for that 8m range.
    I rather be versatile than god in 8m (which is piss poor range).

    Now i would not mind if our "op" weapons would receive damage nerf so that they would not be able to one shot in 8m if we would get better range for our shotguns.
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  12. Goretzu

    Yep you can Charge in, of course with Mutilators or Mercys (for example) you don't need to you can just start firing and keep firing, go for a smoke, come back and then it might be time reload!

    But really speaking Charge works for MAX Crashes, for all factions, but even then most of the combat won't be in the 0-8m range, for solo play it is honestly better to save Charge for running away than charging in, because you'll just be dead after 1-2 kills and a 4.0 second reload.

    It's bit like saying you'd take a shotgun over a GD-7F all the time, when in reality for most people it would be the other way around - which doesn't mean the shotgun isn't powerful, just more limited.
  13. Dgross

    Complaining that the NC MAX is useless?
    Now I've heard everything. :rolleyes:
  14. Steza

    NC max is very fun to play if you find yourself having problems reaching those pesky reds and purples then pull out your shield. Only problem with that is you're a walking target and easy road kill lol. Really though just use that shield to close the gap then watch them run in fear when you unload your grinders!
  15. Jbn0s0rus


    I fully support this range improvment. As a TR who laughs at NC maxes when they're at more than 20 meters, and gets OHK when facing one, I can say that it is more advantageous for everyone.
  16. Devilllike

    As a tr i can asure you that the people you constantly keep firing from the other side of the room tend to camp there and do nothing at least for the nc they actually have to advance and that encourages that action a lot

    Trust me from the moment you get ranged weapons on maxes u will start see door camping and much more spawn room camping
  17. omegaskorpion

    Our action packed style only gets our maxes killed.
    While TR for example can either camp or rush and i have seen both tactics used pretty well and a lot more better than nc max could ever imagine.
  18. Devilllike

    well we will see how it goes but still i think nc shotguns are too much but its not like daybreak will read these posts and do anything about it but ok whatever
  19. Sagabyte


    The shotguns are too much?
  20. Devilllike

    You claim that they are not? for a game that is most of the time in cqc mode?and there are freaking maxes that can 1 shot you?

    Or heavies with shotguns that can one shot you?