NC max nerf way over the top

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  1. Barana

    An NC MAX without Extended Mags on both arms now loses against either faction's MAX at anything outside of melee range. That means NC players now have to dump 1000 certs to be able to kill another faction's MAX, or hope they can get lucky and get a punch off before the other MAX kills them (which, assuming the other MAX has decent aim, is not very likely).

    Now, I was all for lowering the RoF on the Hacksaw, it would keep me from wasting so much ammo, but being unable to kill another MAX after landing all 12 of your rounds perfectly into him (while he can still kill you and have enough ammo to take out a couple of infantry) rubs me the wrong way.
  2. Xae

    Or realize this isn't a 1v1 game.

    The problem with scatter maxes wasn't that it instagibbed a guy, it was that it instagibbed a small squad.
  3. Beartornado

    It was never godmode. That's the biggest folly anyone ever made about the NC MAX, and should be borderline deserving of an outright ban. We don't get some sort of magic infinity armor because we have shotguns, I am regularly taken out by organized infantry, or rarely 1 really smart infantry who takes advantage of my weaknesses.

    That basic argument is that if we aren't killing everything in our path pushing the NC MAX to and beyond its potential, then we must just be bad at NC MAX. And then those of us who do exert that skill are OP and must be nerfed. That's your goddamn argument, the people good at using it to squeeze out that small range of OP need to be nerfed. **** that.
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  4. Beartornado

    Any unit can instagib a squad that is all looking at their maps. That was always the only situation where a lone max unit destroyed squads. The only time squads ever got instagibbed was when a squad of MAXES supported with engineers was sent, at which point this game is being played as it should. And while the TR and VS MAX could use some tweaks they are still just as capable of devastation when supported by an appropriate squad.
  5. Goretzu

    Even most of those points have positions of attack over 10m.
  6. Goretzu

    Yup that's a very graphic video, that clearly shows how much people underestimate ranges.

    Effectively there is probably no where in the game that actually solely panders to the ScatMAXs 0-8m advantage (well more like 0-5m with extended mags, now).
  7. FlayvorOfEvil

    Many people also don't know that all it takes to gib a max suit is throw a anti-vehicle into the room the max is in. Even of the grenade doesn't hit the max in the kill radius, the max can be easily finished off with a few bullets to the chest.
  8. BeefySleet

    You're grossly underestimating how ineffective Scatmaxes are. You're making it sound like that are completely useless outside of 5 meters which is a complete joke. In that 15m rendering video posted, any infantry within that rendering distance would be gibbed instantly, no question about it.
  9. Goretzu

    I'm not saying they are useless past that range, I am saying that TR and VS AI MAXs do more DPS past that range though, which is the point.

    People say that NC AI MAXs can't be better at 0-8m (or 0-5m now) because that is were all the fighting is, where as in reality (as that video clearly shows) at least 50% of the fighting between 0-15m is actually outside the ScatMAXs advantage pre-nerf, never mind post-nerf. Never mind any 15m+ fighting.
  10. Fenrisk

    In other words the stats say the scat max is fine as its balanced to other maxs but your so use to them being over powered you refuse to change your game play style.

    stats ----------------------------------------------------> everything else
  11. Gavyne

    NC MAX nerf is fine, it was long overdue, much like Magriders and air superiority. People are just not able to get used to it because they've been overpowered for a long time. The same thing happened when they tweaked MBT balance and VS players just couldn't get used to the new balance. Same thing with pilots after the many balance tweaks between air vs ground. Although you'll notice good pilots are still doing well, it's the average to bad pilots like me that do poorly these days.
  12. Grotpar

    I look at the NC MAX nerf as a bandaid fix, anyway.
    I reckon that once the MAX rework comes around, all MAXes will be stronger than they are now, including the NC MAX.

    At least, I hope..
  13. Chubrokoli

    Thats before the nerf

    all in all the shotgun is ONLY good at CQC with 5-10m maximum range
  14. Soundmonitor

    Can we all agree that instagib weapons in general is detrimental to this game? When I use my PA and start going on a killing spree I kinda feel good especially when I kill NC because it feels good to get retribution.

    However it makes me feel that with the PA on my HA I have a higher chance to die compared to the NC MAX, or am I just delusional?
  15. StormFrog

    You've misread my post. You're assuming my comparison of damage per magazine was a tactic to deflect focus from the scattercannon.

    I was in fact addressing someone who wrongly stated that: "Unless a VS AI MAX hits your HEAD with about 70-80% of its clip there is no way it kills you without having to reload aswell." A statement which is blatantly false since Quasars have high damage per magazine, as I pointed out to him.

    The next time you rush to score forum points by regurgitating logical fallacies you learned about on Wikipedia, you might want to stop and read things in context. Otherwise, you might end up attacking someone based on a misrepresentation of their position. What's that called again?
  16. Chubrokoli

    NC-MAXes have instagib weapons because they have SHOTGUNS they are ONLY effective at 5-7m

    The purpose of a SHOTGUN is to kill someone in CQC

    Just try to stay away from them, dont tell me that you are not able to kill a MAX around a corner with a C4 or other explosives because this is one of the few ways to kill someone with a SHOTGUN and NO SLUGS ARE NOT ACCURATE
  17. Shockwave44

    One word.


    So what was that about QQing on the forums again? Why couldn't you just "deal with it"?
  18. Soundmonitor

    lol you guys a joke I just tried it in VR 5M instagib, 10M 3 SHOTS, 15M 4 SHOTS vs infantry OH MY GOD looks like you guys got a big nerf... And this is with the regular scatter no extended mag....

    Cry more lol
  19. Niller

    I find the change fine, but i would like a higher RoF on the hacksaws, but with a cost of a pellet maybe?
  20. StormFrog

    No, it really isn't a good thing. For one thing it reduces weapon choice down to one gun. The Grinder is now the best weapon to pick up for anyone who hasn't already picked up their NC MAX guns. Previously, there were compelling reasons to go with either Scattercannons, Hacksaws, or Grinders. TR and VS players should be able to appreciate that, I don't imagine they like being forced into choosing the Mercy and Cosmos. That's where the game is now though: get the Mercy/Cosmos/Grinder, everything else is a noob trap.

    They had so many balance levers they could pull. In fact, they used pretty much all of them: reload time, refire time, damage, magazine size, damage falloff, accuracy, etc. They could have accomplished the same balancing effect without dropping stock scattercannons and hacksaws below 10k damage per magazine. They didn't and now a stock shotgun MAX has the potential to lose a 5m duel to a stock LMG MAX, that isn't acceptable. Maybe you think that is acceptable by the fact remains that it's a restriction imposed only on those who have the misfortune of not buying Grinders. It's a change that creates a second class citizen in the game for no reason.
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