NC MAX needs more effective range

Discussion in 'MAX' started by The Jiggler, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. The Jiggler

    Now that NC max is more balanced in burst damage it really could do with more effective range. People were unhappy with NC max inside a biolab or another QCB however it is not useful in any other situation! The killing potential is more in line with other maxes now but the effective range is not.

    Obviously this thread is going to be trolled. So anyone reading please do bear in mind that i'm not saying NC max is underpowered. It's just not useful in any situation other than CQB and i think this has lead to the nerf due to it's effectiveness in this niche.

    Now that we are less effective in this niche we could really do with a bit more range.
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  2. Dreadnaught Wrex

    To be honest, me and alot of others didnt like the NC MAXes ability to instagib other MAXes. Now that NC MAXes are more inline with that.

    But are you asking for longer range with or without slugs? Because you lack that in your post. I mean, they are shotguns.
  3. Flashtirade

    I'd say he meant it without slugs. Slugs are already a 150-cert investment per arm, while the TR/VS stock weapons have that range at no cost. A MAX can't ADS, so the accuracy it takes to make slugs effective is out of the window. In addition, since the magazine sizes, reload speeds, and refiring speeds were also nerfed, DPS at range is low.

    The only NC MAX weapon that can do mid-range adequately (aside from the Falcon) is the Mattock, which is arguably the best option right now.
  4. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Or the grinder if you want to fight other MAXes....

    But how about instead of NC MAXes getting range on their shotguns, maybe get a new weapon in general for distance? And the TR/VS MAXes get a buff to the CoF of their weapons and get a close range variant of their own? I dont know.... just an idea really.
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  5. Flashtirade

    I've been supporting the idea of faction-equivalent MAX weapons for some time. I'm getting the feeling that the only thing that the devs are going to do about that is to sell flamethrowers. So the VS and TR finally get a CQC weapon, and we get yet another.
  6. Soundmonitor

    WTF you talking about... I just tried it in VR with the regular scatter with no extended mag, my results 5m= instagib, 10m= 3 shots, 15m= 4 shots, 20m= 6 shots. And this is if you are standing still, but who the **** fights in the 15m+ range as a MAX without getting pop'd by RPG.
  7. doombro

    90% of the battles in this game take place within shotgun range. What "other situation"?
  8. ZEPLN

    I'd be ok actually with taking range away from TR and VS MAXes and giving them comparable close-range weaponry like our scatter-cannons. MAXes are slow and easy targets... and the AI versions are only ever useful indoors.

    And take our slugs away. They suck. Mattock scatter-shot is way better.
  9. Dreadnaught Wrex

    I have a scatmax and all I can think of this is.... **** no. Just honestly **** no. I like being able to play my MAX almost all the time. Cant do that if I have a hard time killing at a distance.
  10. ZEPLN

    That's the thing. The NC MAX is not a distance killer. It's CQB and tight corners. Slugs aren't that accurate. We're used to not killing at a distance. The TR and VS MAX units can get some work done at a distance. Two separate play-styles. I guess I'm used to "having a hard time killing at a distance."

    The problem is that the charge for MAXes is timed in this game instead of being really fast and longer-lasting in PS1, so having long-range MAXes in this game is absolutely stupid. You step outside and are immediately greeted with any combination of tank rounds, aerial bombardment, rockets, or deployed explosives, and since the charge is limited use and the MAX is slow and fat without it, you become a very easy target.

    What irritates me is that everybody QQs about the fact that the scatmax excels in close quarters, when that is what it was designed for. It suffers in long range engagements, and aside from this thread, you don't see a lot of whining NC guys that want some arm-mounted railgun or two gauss saws bolted to their MAXes.
  11. Dreadnaught Wrex

    I would have preferred a buff to the TR/VS MAX in the way of their weapons, as opposed to a NC nerf. But we gotta live with it.
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  12. Purg

    Now try the same against a heavy with Resist Shield 5, Nanoweave 5 with their shield deployed while they're mobile. While VR is an indication for comparison against 0 cert infantry, it doesn't depict the reality of combat in the actual game. I used the Dual Mercy to kill 4 infantry at 50m then 4 infantry close range in one clip - which would be impossible to achieve in game.

    Personally, I think the game would suffer if we just gave NC a similar long ranged weapon that VS/TR have and provide a shotgun option to VS/TR, I think the factions are becoming a little diluted in that regard. NC MAX need to accept short range or slug their shoguns as much as short range sucks and slugs are a cross your fingers and hope at range option. I chose slugs for mine.
  13. The Jiggler

    Slugs are terrible for max in their current implementation - because they are not accurate. I would be fine with an accuracy buff on the slugs but i didn't specify because TR and VS do not need to cert for mid-range effectiveness.

    Try slugs out in the VR. You'll find that they do not reliably land on target past 15m. So what's the point of using them especially now that we have a reduced magazine size.

    Slugs should be accurate, reduce the burst damage and increase the magazine size if they are to be a viable mid range option. Currently no-one uses them. Because they leave you less effective in all respects when equipped.
  14. Antich

    How come arguments like "I mean, they are shotguns." work only when it´s about weaknesses?
    "OMG OMG Scat/hack MAX instagibbed me at point blank, NERF NERF, they are OP." They aren´t shotguns then? What are they, peashooters?
    The reason why the shotguns instagib at point blank is their lack of range. That is how they are "balance". If they "balanced" less towards instagibbin i expect them to be balanced more towards range. Having all the weaknesses and none of the strengths of shotguns is just ........
  15. Devrailis

    VR is not really a credible environment to test weapons in I find.

    BR1 dummies that sit still do not give an accurate idea of how weapons perform on the battle field.

    Hell, the VR room could make any weapon look badass (and most are not).
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  16. SinerAthin

    I have an idea:

    - Give NC MAXes a medium range weapon equal to the Mercy(maye a slower firing, but heavy hitting Guass Railgun?)
    - Give the other MAXes shotgun variants.

    Solved xD
  17. Soundmonitor

    lol the make all weapons look badass so they can sell them...

    To solve all this SOE just has to figure out the formula to make all MAX AI weapons do the same ttk in all ranges. They did it with each factions infantry guns they dont have an excuse to do it with the MAX's.
  18. Klondik3

    Nah they should just revert the NC MAX slug nerf.
  19. SinerAthin

    Why have shotguns be good at CQC and medium ranges?

    Seems more balanced to just give them a weapon type for each role.
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  20. Ripshaft

    They modified the mattock to be a realistic midrange option, have you tried it?