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    I am working on becoming an NC MAX guy for my squad as nobody else can step up to the plate. As of now, I'm a light assault, medic, Harasser and Lib pilot/gunner. I'm trying to extend into MAX so I can provide fire and meat for my team. So far, I own the Scattercannon for both my MAX arms and I own Falcons for both arms. I also own Aegis level 2 and Flak 3.

    Are there any suggestions to my loadout or any tips and tricks that you guys might give for being a new MAX? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Richard Nixon

    Welcome to MAXhood! Incoming wall of text:

    First, get a second burster. The key thing about a MAX is that you can change loadouts as the situation changes.

    AI MAX:

    Dual scattercannons work just fine, but make sure you get extended mags (500 certs each) ASAP. It almost doubles the damage you can dish out. Also: the less you have to reload, the longer you'll stay alive. When you get the chance (double xp weekends), cert out Kinetic Armor and Aegis Shield. KA will increase your effective health against gunfire by about 25%. As dangerous as explosives are, you'll be taking FAR more damage from gunfire. Everyone and their dog is going to be unloading his gun into you. Use your Aegis Shield while you're reloading, when you breech a doorway (usualy the people inside are waiting with rockets) and whenever you see a heavy switch to their rocket launcher. It'll save your life over and over again. If you don't have it yet, get an EOD Hud implant. It'll point out C4 traps behind walls and even on different floors if they're in range.

    Also: protect your squadmates! Veteran players know that they are far more important than you. If you've got a engineer friend that's repairing you from behind, advance/retreat forward in a straight line. If you start trying to be evasive, he's gonna die. Don't let him die! When against a TR/VS MAX, use your aegis shield to get as close as possible before you shoot. They have enough armor to survive your entire clip as 10+ meters. And if there's an enemy MAX with some mates of his own, then kill the squishies first. Even if you die, that enemy MAX can't last long by himself. He can't capture points bases either.

    AA MAX:

    DO NOT SHOOT AT AIRCRAFT AS SOON AS YOU SEE THEM. They'll just fly away. Instead, tell your buddies to wait until the enemy gets as close as possible, then unload. It'll be far more successful. Obviously, this rule does not apply if they already know where you are. Use your flack armor for this loadout. ESFs and Libs are going to make you a priority as soon as they realize you're there. Extended Mags (also 500 certs each) make a big difference. You have to put out as much damage as you can before your target flies away, and extended mags will double the amount of flack you can put in the air before you have to reload. Stick with charge, and use it when they start dropping explosions on your face. If they're doing a flyby, they won't be able to track you: end your dash early with a melee attack and continue to pound away at them. If they're hovering, you can do a quick dash to cover. Enhanced targeting is a good implant for fighting any vehicle. It'll help you prioritize targets so you can kill off the wounded ones quickly.

    Remember: you can hit them FAR easier than they can hit you. Your flack does damage even if it comes close to them. If there's any around, always fight from cover. Even if it's just a tree, it makes it that much harder for air to get at you. And ALWAYS keep shooting, even if they're way out of range. Every little bit helps, and you'll be surprised how often just some potshots can down a fleeing ESF.

    AV MAX:

    Be that guy. The ****** that runs 300 meters just to get at the rear of a tank. An AV MAX unloading into any vehicle's rear is devastating. You're like a heavy with a rapid fire shrike. Whenever you can, fight from the top of a hill or building. Tank shells can't hurt you with AOE that way, and it's much harder to land a direct hit with a tank shell than it is to hit a tank with dual falcons. Again: flack armor, charge, and enhanced targeting all the way.

    Falcons are great, but they have a lot of drop. Go to the VR room and learn where you need to aim for different ranges. When you get really good, you'll easily be able to fight off an MBT or two with enough distance and cover around. If they get close, kite them around something. You should be able to get in a shot or two on the front edge of the vehicle before their weapon clears whatever obstacle they're chasing you around. Just keep moving.

    Good luck, and enjoy your MAXiness.
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