[NC] Looking for the most coordinated outfit

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Trojan, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Trojan

    Hello fellas!

    Long time NC player that looks for the most coordinated outfit on Miller. I have heard stories of tactics like Maxes with shields protecting maxes behind them charging their shields while moving forward, much likes the romans. Outfits with coordinated air squads where almost every reaver got a wingman. Organised tank columns. Engineers knowing where to put up their turrets in defense. Or just simply an outfit with good leaders where people follow orders as much as possible.

    If there is an outift like that, I am more than happy to apply. Played quite a bit of Arma 3 and although that game is of course a lot slower and not as hectic it really made me love how games feel when everyone is working together as a team as much as possible.

    Not looking for size either, so if it's just 12-24 active people, that's fine with me.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Ulysees

    Not going to get into the issue of who is the most organised outfit but I would say this depends on what you are looking for and whether you are looking for a primary english speaking outfit?

    My own outfit WASP play combined arms on most of our dedicated operations which occur 3 times a week when we have around a platoon of players online so there is opportunity to fly, drive tanks or ground pound as you want to on the night. At other nights of the week we either play orgnaised play between 7pm and 10pm which is normally 2-3 squads in number so less chance of us running squads dedicated to vehichles in those sessions.

    On an individual player basis MCY would probably be counted as the best NC outfit on the server at the moment but due to them wanting to stay relatively small and tight knight I think you would be less likely to find yourself playing or being supported by large combined arms forces but no denying the impact they can make when they play.

    The only other primary english speaking outfit that I know runs decent combined arms Ops is 252v but we don't have close links with them so I cannot really comment on their effectiveness other than they are regularly mentioned in any thread that comments on the best NC outfits on the server.

    If you can speak german JNJ (Jianji) would be well worth a look as an outfit that plays combined arms to a high level and if you can speak fluent french then LSD might be worth considering, though I understand they house a lot of inactive players and there have been a recent internal split in the outfit leading to the birth of Consortium Horizon so not entirely sure if they would be what you are looking for and while I know the leaders from Consortium Horizon are all capable players and leaders I am not sure on their state in terms of numbers and in game action at the moment.

    If combined arms is only a perference rather than how you are looking to play the game there are a number of other outfits who are all competantly lead and active that would be a good choice such as Digitial Legion, Consortium or RTRS (who are more infantry focused I believe with DL being fast respsonse and Consortium more standard Infantry squad play, RTRS I am unsure of their current playstyles as I believe they have grown a fair bit in recent months and have seen more of them using armour in NCTO Ops of late).

    Hope this helps a little.
  3. Mastachief

    Probably wise to link your character.
  4. Trojan

    Thank you a lot for your great answer Ulysees! :)

    I have actually been looking at Wasp for quite a bit, will probably be interested in joining! MCY sounds like exactly the outfit I am looking for though, but would probably need to re-familiarize myself with the Miller server before I make that application. Works during the evenings so can't usually play during primetime, like 10 GMT+1. Have for this reason been playing a lot on Waterson, but once I noticed how much latency affected the game(getting hurt while behind covered) I figured I would come back here.
  5. huller

    WASP or MCY, personaly if I were a filthy corporate olligarchist I would be a WASPie
  6. Arch

    From a TR standpoint, the NC forces that I see make a difference in a battle are WASP, MCY, 252, ABTF, CONZ.

    I can't confirm activity but I have seen fewer CONZ, ABTF and 252 players recently, so perhaps they are to as active as they were. When I see WASP I always know there are going to be infantry, air and tanks aound. With MCY I know we are about to be hit with coordinated Maxes, so I have respect for both of them.
  7. Redzy

    From personal experience, I can tell you (OP) that the two outfits are rather similar. Perhaps the main difference is the approach to Combined Arms. If I'm not mistaken, WASP runs more specific squads, whereas we take a more flexible route with at most a dedicated air squad.

    Speaking for 252nd Spec Ops only, we are on the lookout for new members, as are other NC outfits on Miller. Players who are willing to listen and improve are welcome to the outfit, as we are ready to train them if necessary. We have 3 organized ops. nights on Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays and we use these to refine our gameplay and tactics. We are in talks about setting up internal scrims (12v12) to refine the infantry aspect, too.

    Our playerbase consists of players of all skill levels and gaming backgrounds. Some will be better at supportive roles, some will have a more hands-on approach. Everybody is allowed and welcomed to lead squads or platoons, be it for the outfit only or open to everyone.

    Besides our ops. nights, we run about 2 full squads daily, with a decent level of activity late at night as well, with sometimes over a full squad at 2:00am. We require that all the members utilize Mumble to coordinate within the squad or platoon without however having microphone as a strict requirement.

    However, I say you absolutely cannot go wrong with WASP or MCY, depending on what suits you best as a player.

    MCY are a more competitive outfit that never compromises quality for quantity (hence it will be harder to get in). They run internal as well as outfit vs outift scrims regularly and have been getting more and more recognition from other outfits. They are a small force on Live server ops, but still a highly efficient one at that.

    For the player who wants to play in a German speaking environment, look no further than JNJ. They are a friendly and dedicated group which rank high among Miller outfits for offering fun, quality gameplay.

    I would recommend CONZ and DL without a doubt as well, but their activity levels have fallen down recently and I don't see them around as often. They do, however, remain two outfits I associate with quality of gameplay and players.

    I believe most NC outfits on Miller welcome new players, as the activity has without a doubt fallen a bit in a general sense, I won't lie. However, it seems to be picking up again lately, so you can absolutely be hopeful for the future.
  8. Trojan

    Once again thanks for the great informative responses! Will be going with Wasp for now, still lacks a 50 BR char, although I got 2 40 BR NC, one on Waterson, one here.

    Actually used to play a lot with Conz and really enjoyed it. They were a bit too infantry focused for my taste though and the thought of having dedicated squadrons like you say Wasp has really makes me run in their direction.

    Concerning server activity, I thought Miller was the most active server in the EU? Even the most active server all over the world from my understanding. This is not the case?
  9. EvilJollyT

    There are some decent outfits on offer on NC Miller, some of which have been mentioned in this thread.

    Good luck with whoever you choose.
  10. Redzy

    It is, but TR was by far the more popular choice among players starting on Miller. The server is reaching a far more balanced state compared to a couple of months ago, when TR would very easily be above 40% world pop daily.

    The old situation definitely harmed the NC population on Miller, with some outfits even disappearing or being decimated. Things are picking up with the pace again, with the faction sporting more balanced population percentages and outfits pulling off very nice things on alerts or continent captures.

    Still many outfit-less players and too many small sized outfits instead of fewer, bigger ones. There's a bit of fragmentation, but the situation can be looked at more optimistically now than a couple of months ago.
  11. Bvenged

    Combined arms, organised play, a primary focus on tactics and teamwork, strong leaders who strive to constantly improve their play for the benefit of others?



    Active players a night: 24-60 depending on what's on the calendar for that night. 100 active members a week, 120 a month, 120-something members in the outfit total.
    - At least 4-5 nights a week we have air and armour up in strong coordination with infantry - but casual play out-of-hours sees all sort of play squads up just bumming around OR improving on their skills.

    If you're looking for more focus on competitive infantry-only play, go MCY. If you're after more flexible combined infantry-air play, 252v. If you want Infantry-only with a sprinkling of air, and love being in the thick of it, join CONZ.