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  1. Gamenut556

    I am liking the Vanilla LMG. I know people say not to use it but, I really don't know what else to use. I have always played either a support or designated marksman role. I like hard hitting weapons because I rarely miss a head shot or someone behind cover.

    When I looked at this chart it showed only two weapons having high velocity ammunition upgrades (chart). They were the Gauss Saw Families. Other upgrades were not available on the GD-22S and others. I am confused I guess. I don't know whats good for my play style.
  2. SavageB

  3. Con411

    Wrong. The saw has the most damage / shot but the worst DPS. So unless you figure out how to kill things with 2 bullets with your saw the other empires HA LMGs are better.

    The other empires LMGs have a higher bullet velocity, are more accurate from the hip and have less recoil than the SAW. Adding front grips or compensator's wont help because the other empires can add that to their weapon too and keep the advantage.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.
  4. Zaik

    I played around with the EM1 in Beta and the EM6 now. I really don't like them. Seems like they were trying to make them both the go-between NC->TR weapon, but it doesn't work because TR weapons have very very low recoil and a less precise ADS CoF. The EM1/EM6 end up having less precise ADS CoF AND still having NC's recoil, kinda ruins them for anything but super close range(might as well use a shotgun). Maybe if they put in functional compensators/foregrips on the EM1/6 that would reduce the recoil as much as the SAW, I'd consider using it. They barely affect it at all :/.

    Honestly, the Default SAW with a compensator, forward grip, and 6x scope has been the only LMG that has been remotely reliable. As I understood it, the GD-22S is even worse on recoil than the SAW, I'd imagine it's entirely unusable.
  5. Inako

    Seems that I'm the only one that likes the "SAW s". It was my favourite on the last days of beta and had all the attachments avaliable for it (need to check if it is different now)
    Have not tried the "EM6".
  6. ShriekXL

    I'm gonna happily unlock every single one of them, with upgrades.

    I'lle share my findings in a year or two. Stay tuned!
  7. warmachine1

    SAW was ruined with last nerf, I used EM1 in beta - cheaper & still 2*effective as SAW when played right
  8. Mekhazzio

    Pro tip: at medium to long ranges, everybody is firing 1-2 round bursts, because no weapon is accurate in sustained fire. Killing things 2 bullets at a time is exactly what you'll be doing. The Gauss SAW is made for that and is, correspondingly, one of the best long-range weapons in the game.

    Complaining that it's bad at hip fire is missing the point of the thing. You may as well complain that the Orion is inaccurate and weak at range.
  9. hostilechild

    SAW sucks, EM6 i am loving(alpha squad) i consider it on par with the gd-22 used in beta. No more burst fire (at close range). Medium range its still viable, as with all NC weapons they are barely adequate at long range.
  10. Con411

    I don't need pro tips but thanks for the effort.

    I also don't really feel like replying to your post because you obviously either deliberately twisted my words or are not worth replying too because of a lack of horsepower in the grey matter department. Against my own better judgement I'll try to do so anyway.

    First of all you are using my two shot kill line out of context. My point was that it does not matter if your rounds do the most damage a shot if the rate of fire is so slow that it becomes the worst gun TTK wise. It would only matter if the weapon would kill during the alpha strike. Which it does not.

    Second of all I'd like to point out that the HA LMG's in this game are supposed to be good at CQB and suppression fire not at accurate long range engagements. Lets add to that that the NC's empire team is supposed to have them be the strongest in CQB. The SAW is completely the opposite. As for supposedly being the best LMG at long range, no, not with that bullet velocity.

    3rd point. All empires have to burst at range, but some can fire longer bursts than others with less random bullet deviation than others. NC, overall scores 2nd or 3rd on that for all weapons, not on one single occasion it has a weapon in first place. The same applies for all other imaginable categories you can think of comparing weapons at part from the clips maximum damage potential.

    And finally. The numbers from the game itself clearly point out that in this game version NC, overall, has the worst performing weapons. It's not even by a small margin the differences are quite significant. I don't get why people are still to thick to just look at the current values on the weapons and to just admit that things are not right. Are people that ****** at the game that they need to pat themselves on the back every time they get killed by telling themselves its not them but the other guys "OP" weapon. I do know one thing if someone is playing the current game on VS and especially on TR thinking that the weapons are hard to use or underpowered while those NC have imba OP, easymode weapons well .... I'd say they are in desperate need of some "pro tips"
  11. Zwan

    gauss saw s is hands down the best NC lmg. em-6/gd22 are pretty much garbage once you use the saw s. i certainly will never use either one of them again now that i've tried the saw s. better at close range than the em-6, better at mid to long range than the gd22. no reason to use anything else as NC HA, especially with the attachment options for the saw s. Of course, it will probably be the next gun to be nerfed since its amazing.
  12. Undeadfred

    I don't think you realize just how big the attachment nerf was to the other empires. atm the SAW is the only default gun that can have an attached compensator.

    And I will agree that in a 10m or less distance the TR undoubtedly have the best guns in the game. But the SAW's strength comes in it's versatility. It is the dominant LMG at long to Mid ranges, and viable at shorter distances.

    And part of that Bullet velocity issue you seem to notice, isnt so much bullet velocity as arc. The NC guns without the compensator have the worst arc in the game. Post compensator the shot is much straighter and thuss the travel time is less.
  13. warmachine1

    There will always be TR <10m away from me when i take SAW, its new Murphy's law.
    EM1 FTW
  14. JojoTheSlayer

    My view:
    Long range = SAW.
    Short range = Piston auto shotgun. (Jackhammer < Piston)
    Support weapon = Hawk (AA lock on)

    The SAW:
    Its a good all rounder weapon with range. Add a red dot and you are good to go.

    The Hawk:
    Its a AT weapon that dose a little less damage than the default one, but it has lock on air and you get scoop optics for free.

    Its basically a Jackhammer with good open iron sights. It has a 6 shots mag that can be extended to 10. Its automatic. Takes about 4-5 shots to kill someone and you fire and reload super fast. On top of that, unlike the Jackhammer, which dose less damage, you can use the Piston on every class. The downside is the Piston is useless over 5m. You will do zero damage at that range it seems... Less than that its basically a "gib sword", if that makes sense. Once most people are fully HA kitted with armor certs etc it might not be a good choice anymore, but thats a way off, I think.
  15. Quor

    I've tried the SAW, SAW S, GD-22S and EM6 (I think...the Alpha Squad LMG) and right now I'm running with the EM6. I used the SAW S a LOT before the end of beta, and enjoyed it very much. The EM6 seems to be a slightly weaker version of the SAW S, but with faster reload to compensate. According to the stats there was like a two bar different in damage and reload; the EM6 was two bars faster on reload than the SAW S and two bars weaker in damage than the SAW S.

    I like the extra 25 rounds. I'll take the slightly lower damage, because the attachment options are about the same as the SAW S and the extra magazine size has made a different for me. But if you don't have Alpha Squad and you're looking for a good all around gun I'd say the SAW S is the way to go. It's as direct an upgrade you can get compared to the SAW, the only detriments being lower per-shot damage (made up for by ~60 more RPM) and 25 less bullets in the mag.
  16. SpcFarlen

    EM1 or Gauss SAW. EM1 is a great weapon for room to room combat because of its reload time and RoF. That fast reload speed has saved my rear a great many times.

    I will say the SAW really needs the comp, fore grip and high velocity ammo before it becomes really effective. Once you have those attachments the weapon does really shine at all ranges but if you have bad aim/control dont expect much from it. The SAW does require a lot more skill in terms of aiming and fire control compared to its faster firing counterparts.