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  1. AllRoundGoodGuy

    What LMGs are the best ones to aurax for the directive? Right now I own the saw (duh), gd-whats-its-name, and the anchor. Is the ns LMG worth auraxing over the em6/em1? And is the godsaw worth getting?

    Thanks for any information.
  2. TheSunlikeOne

    I'm auraxing LMGs now too. I've heard that GD22 and Anchor are solid weapons, but (at least for me) they were pain in the butt to auraxium (still need ~180kills with anchor to auraxium it tbh). I like how EM1 and EM6 perform, though I've heard that EM1 is "the worst NC LMG". So my point is - use trial period and find out yourself if the weapon suits you or not.

    Ultimately, my list of LMGs to auraxium, if I'd have to start from the beginning:
    1) Gauss SAW
    2) EM6
    3) EM1
    4) Gauss SAW S
    5) NSX Naginata - this one isn't out yet, but it is a good weapon (at least for now. Available on PTS)
  3. dfury73

    I really hate the Saw so. Im always caught with my pants down in cqc. Ive auraxed ns15, anchor (+18k in kills) and just short of the gd-22. I wont go for the god saw hell why should i? I play carbines and AR atm. If i play heavy i pick the Cyclone or a shotgun......
  4. dfury73

    Only directive LMG worth auraxing is on my Vanu char really...
  5. Campagne

    I wouldn't recommend using the EM1. It just feels weak. :(
  6. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Gauss SAW, Anchor, EM6, GD22S, NS-15M2
  7. Eternaloptimist

    I've heard this too but I used it when it was a free gift for filling out that questionnaire a while back and I liked it for CQC.

    It has the best RoF of an NC LMG (I think), its manageable and the recent changes to LMGs gave it a buff on damage tiers - can't remember if it was to increase range of min or max damage tier.

    It is possible that the 143 damage puts NC players off a bit, leading to its poor reputation. Its unpopularity was similar to the common views about the VS Polaris and the TR Rhino (I like both of them too as it happens). There must have been something weak about all three as they all got buffed.............

    EM6 is pretty solid as well.
  8. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Well, for starters the EM1 has easily the lowest DPS of NC LMGs. It's basically a knock off of the Rhino, and the Rhino is basically a Bull which trades accuracy for mag size... not a good trade.
  9. LaughingDead

    I auraxed pretty much all the LMGs, the ones I used were GD22, anchor, em1 and em6, and the lovely sniper rifle on an LMG platform: gauss saw.

    EM1 is the tricky one. It will almost always lose against heavies running carv or onion, aka both defaults outdps you. The only advantage you have over them is the 20-25 max damage range, so they may need a 8-10 shot to kill you in your sweet spot when you only need 7. This was the more painful one to aurax, I will not lie, but you can make it work laning some mobs, it just takes a bit longer to aurax.

    EM6 is the equivalent to the carv, just be midrange with it and you'll do fine.

    GD22 is your midrange AR sort of lmg, but its sort of locked to mid-long because of a slightly lower dps output. It's good for hit and run sort of gameplay. It's pretty darned accurate.

    Anchor is for CQ, while your damage model with the anchor looks like the gauss rifle, it's still closer ranges than a gauss rifle. Don't be afraid to range the gun though, you still keep your damage at range...for now.

    And the love of my life the saw. Plink plink plink, 3 shot kill to de head. This weapon requires a stutter step and small bursts to use correctly but once you get the hang of it, it has some of the highest muzzle velocities of any weapon, rivaling sniper rifles with high velocity ammo.
  10. Mojo_man

    I'm actually working on a really similar objective at the moment, though I'm taking a slightly different approach. I'm getting my LMGs to Gold status before I push any of them to Auraxium. Thus far my list is:

    1) Anchor - 1st to go gold
    2)Gauss SAW - 2nd to gold
    3)GD22S - Working on this one now
    4) Not sure about this one, probably the Gauss Saw S, but possibly the EM1
    5) Whatever I didn't pick for option 4
  11. AllRoundGoodGuy

    thanks for your input
  12. Ryme_Intrinseca

    No EM6?!
  13. Mojo_man

    Is that thing amazing or something? I'm just getting back into the game after 4 years away, so I'm not really up to date on most of the weapons reputations.
  14. Ryme_Intrinseca

    It's joint highest DPS among NC LMGs and generally considered the best aside from the Anchor.
  15. Mojo_man

    Thanks for the tip. In that case I'll likely have 4 and 5 on my list be the EM6 and EM1 respectively
  16. Tython

    After taking some tips from Wrel's guide to the Gauss SAW, I fell in love with it. I know lots of people hate the slow-firing, crazy-recoil NC weapons but to me they're very rewarding to play. I got the SAW to auraxium without any issue, but once I started looking for alternatives I found the GD-22S to be rather frustrating to use in comparison, and decided to go for the SAW S instead. So far it just feels better overall.
    I have an EM1 but I rarely use it even in CQC; SMGs are better for that and shotguns more intimidating. EM1 to me feels like a CARV Lite and I just prefer the other CQC options available, so I'm more likely to wait for the new NS LMG and see if I like it before putting more hours into the EM1.
  17. JDCollie=VX9=

    The SAW is a ******* chainsaw in the right hands. Sadly, if the PTS changes go live, it is getting majorly gutted. :(
  18. The Rogue Wolf

    I'm kinda glad I just finished Auraxing it.
  19. Diggsano

    Spoiler Alert, not this:

    NS-15 Gallow