[NC] LA80 VS Default Bolt Driver?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kensharma, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Kensharma

    So, I am debating what to go full-time with as an infiltrator.

    I got the LA80 unlock free for being a founder; but I don't see a difference in the stats besides the fact that the LA80 shows as having slightly slower reloading speeds.

    What is the difference between the two, and which do you recommend for long range target picking?
  2. nixgeek

    I use the LA80 and looooove it to pieces.
  3. Wampa

    The bullet travel time versus the bolt driver is extremely noticeable, even at huge ranges. You only have to aim up about 3 notches even at max render range using the 12x scope. AND it's still a 1shot head kill. But it does reload painfully slow =(.
  4. Kensharma

    Awesome, thanks, I think I'll be using it.

    Only time I need fast reload is up close and I just pull out my pistol then anyways.
  5. Timeraider

    LA80 any day
  6. Bape

    i wish i can get the LA80 i also play as infiltrator but getting 1000 cents gonna take a long time ><
  7. Meiu

    The main difference between the two is velocity of their round. LA80 travels faster so you get less drop but has a slightly longer reload time. There is something else I have noticed with the LA80, if you sneak up close enough to your target around 60-75m your shots will actually fire over the crosshair intersection requiring you to aim at their chin/neck to get a headshot in many circumstances, probably an issue with the increased velocity and how rounds work in this game. I started having massive issues with this as I got back into my sneaking mentality and have had to switch back over to the Boltdriver.
  8. Toiran

    LA80 + 12x scope = deadly combination.

    -Station Cash is the answer.