NC isn't underpowered!

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  1. Birdrock

    Making hyperbolic false statements won't help your argument. If you believe your statement, please back it up. Low rate of fireweapons were buffed, while high rate of fire, large magazine, weapons were nerfed. This isn't exclusive to any faction. NC is laden with low ROF weapons, so we use them. Other factions seem to find them subpar options and tend not to unlock them. All other things being equal, a high ROF weapon is preferable because of the flinch mechanic.
  2. Xae

    There was exactly 58 changes. 2 Sidegrades to NC, 4 NC Nerfs. 52 VS/TR Nerfs/Sidegrades.

    My statement was neither hyperbolic, nor false.

    Do not lie.
  3. Bloodskull

    I'm feeling like the OP is. I think too many NC brothers and sisters are complaining about having inferior weaponry. The one weapon that REALLY pissed me off as an NC is the Gauss SAW. Other than that, I think their weapons are solid and powerful. Even then, the Guass SAW is a good weapon in others hands but certainly not mine. Some like it, some don't. I have a little few nit picks here and there but I think that the factions feel balanced. Maybe I'm wrong in this.
  4. QuantumMechanic

    NC who *aren't* complaining about their weapons. I've seen it all now.
  5. FlayvorOfEvil

    I think ESF should have lesser ability to float, fly faster and be able to barrel roll.
  6. Adeodatus

    Its not that were underpowered exactly. On Jaeger we do quite well. Me and several of my outfit mates rolled VS and TR to check their weapons and almost instantly you can feel how more accurate and fast they are. But as I said this doesn't mean the NC weapons are underpowered, they're just geared for different situations. I can tell ya that we NC do pretty good when upclose.
  7. Tenebrae Aeterna


    This is what I have been saying throughout the various threads regarding the NC being underpowered. We, as gamers, learn to compensate for weapon recoil and bullet drop within every FPS we play.

    While the NC have the greatest hindrance within this category...they also have the greatest of benefits with their increased weapon damage. Considering the above statement, this means that the NC have the greatest potential to excel out of all three factions. Upon compensation...these players will be hitting more often for a lot more damage than the other three factions...and the best thing about this is that the compensation comes natural through gameplay experience.

    This is, however, extremely frustrating for new players...which results in the shifting towards alternate factions. For those who stick with the NC, however, they'll start excelling beyond the TR and VS players who don't get such a significant faction based strength. Essentially, this makes NC the most difficult to master...but the strongest amongst the three factions once you do. We all compensate for weapon recoil and bullet drop...but only the NC gets a significant boost when this occurs, through weapon damage.

    VS are the exact opposite, while they start out strongest due to their lack of having to compensate nearly as much...they also receive little to no benefit through this natural progression.

    TR are within the middle...but seem the most popular out of the three, most likely due to
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  8. Faithwolf

    Nerf rock. love scissors. paper is fine.

    this is how it goes with mmos. always. esp free 2 play ones where sadly.. everyone is entitled to play and have an opinion. (I prefer the north korean way of doing things!!) -

    NC are fine, there IS an issue, sure, the recoil is fine. to me now? its un noticeable. but with both my other chars i didnt have to adjust anything. I didnt have to adapt. NC need the edge taken off their weapons slightly. no more then a few % points.

    Vanu I personally believe have it easiest.. its so ridiculously easy to kill I dont know how I ever beat them.. TR players really love to spray, but they are tolerable.

    so yes.

    Nerf Vanu, love NC. TR is fine.
  9. Tenebrae Aeterna

  10. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Vanu are already nerfed.

    Like you said, you don't even notice the recoil anymore...but your weapons deal much more damage. Vanu don't have to compensate for recoil...but don't recieve any benefit upon compensation. You hit harder upon compensation, Vanu remain the same through progression with a very small skill advancement.

    NC are the most difficult to master with the greatest potential upon doing so.
    VS are the easiest to master with the least potential upon doing so.
    TR are within the middle, and gain a moderate advancement upon mastering.

    It makes sense that you would find VS extremely easy, and TR moderately so...because you had the most difficult hurtle to surpass in order to reach your peak.
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  11. ZombieRommel

    They are a kick-*** faction and I like their aesthetic designs and lore. I do think the naked gun recoil is a bit too much on the high side, even though my favorite assault rifles in BF3 are the G3A3 and the AK74M. I don't mind recoil, but at the extreme mid-long range combat you often find yourself at in a vast MMO FPS of this sort, the recoil relegates you not even to bursting but to tap-firing single shots. Meanwhile TR and Vanu can hose you down with 4-5 shot bursts.

    Recoil compensators and foregrips help a great deal on the majority of NC weaponry. But I still think the base recoil is a little too high. Everyone screams "burst!" But the fact is that for most base NC guns, bursting will make you miss shots and you have to single fire, even with something like the HA Gauss, which has a 100 round magazine.
  12. Birdrock

    I haven't lied. You, however, have. First it was 80 nerfs to TR/VS or buffs to NC; now it is exactly 58 changes, 52 of which are nerfs to TR/VS or sidegrades. No matter how you manipulate the numbers, your claimed exactly 58 changes cannot equal 80 nerfs to TR/VS or buffs to NC. Even if we take your claim of 58 changes as gospel, you exaggerated your earlier numbers and misrepresented their meaning - hence hyperbolic and false. None of this has supporting evidence. You made a claim, so the onus is on you to provide proof.

    If you want to make your argument, make it with proof rather than trying to present unsubstantiated false statements as fact.
  13. Deavonere

    Well the thing is, that after a while, I got used to my EM6, and THE ONLY way to survive a 1v1 fight with any TR or VS, was to learn how to head-shot them. I got better, and right now I can actually kill some of them. I'm still dead if I'll meet skilled TR or VS and they use high ROF + headshots, but I don't care any more.
  14. Xae

    You literally either can not or are too lazy to count.

    Don't take my word for it. Go through them yourself. But oh wait that would require effort. While sitting here and crying to mommy on the forum (while using words you don't understand) apparently doesn't.


    Everyone on every empire complains about their weaponry. People aren't happy until they have something to complain about.
  15. Birdrock

    It isn't worth my time to do at the behest of someone who is disingenuous. You made the claim, so the onus is on you to provide proof. The fact that you have changed your claim, and won't support it speaks volumes. You have a clear bias and are resorting to ad hominem. It certainly appears that you know your claim is false.
  16. Birdrock

    Nowhere in this thread did I make mention of overall balance. That is your own fabrication.

    I can easily count, but you aren't worth my effort, and, as I said, the onus is on you to prove your argument. It is ridiculous to make an assertion and require those that are refuting it to prove your argument incorrect.

    Nice edit, but you still didn't fix the grammatical train wreck, nor did you fix your incorrect diction. If I am a "literate idiot [sic]," what are you? The additional ad hominems were appreciated, since you utterly failed to defend your argument.

    Congratulations on running away from an argument. Your behavior is quite immature. Hopefully, one day you'll mature a bit. Closing with another ad hominem was a beautiful touch.

    TL;DR: You completely failed at backing up your assertion and turned to add hominem instead of any evidence or supporting arguments. Your grammar and diction are atrocious. Please look up the definition of 'literally'. Your responses truly were pathetic.
  17. Pacra

    Came for the inevitable consensus of "NC are fine, but Gauss SAW needs tweaking as an intro LMG," stayed for epic flamewar with a clear winner
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  18. fish998

    I did try making a TR toon, and TBH I didn't see a major difference with my NC main. Maybe a bit easier to get headshots with the Carv. I'm not using the Gauss SAW though, I bought the EM6 a few days after launch and have used it ever since.

    The Gauss SAW was worse, and is a bad default weapon IMO. Honestly I think that's where most of this NC underpowered thing comes from.
  19. HerpTheDerp

    Solstice SF was buffed, Pulsar C was buffed, Flare was buffed, Nyx was buffed, NS-11A was buffed, can we already agree that you've been talking ****, got called out on it, and leave you to your shame?
  20. Nyscha

    Posting this again for good measure as a VS player.

    I've played NC and personally I prefer NC but I like playing VS more because their guns fit my fighting style better.

    As proof this is me,