NC isn't underpowered!

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  1. Nyscha

    NC are far from weak.

    They are only weak in the BAD PLAYERS hands.
    In the hands of a good player they are the best faction.

    Superior damage, superior ammo before reloading etc etc and good luck trying to fight long range vs a good NC player.
  2. MrK

    I really, really don't understand this argument about being bad at range, when our advantage (higher alpha) shines at range and advantage of others (RoF) is nullified at range
  3. ClickMe


    ... moving on.
  4. TheRealBrave

    NC weapons are 100% fine. I play all three factions rather frequently (main Vanu - switching to TR due to Vanu being overpopulated on my server). The recoil on NC weapons are exaggerated and they do very good damage with reasonable rates of fire and reload speeds. The GAUSS-Saw is a death machine even without certs and so is the Mercenary. Vanu weapons are considerably overpowered compared to the TR and NC guns.
  5. }{ellKnight

    Just stop it with the "but I have to control the huge recoil" argument. It's very easy to control. I'd agree with you if you'd have a hard time controlling it but truth is it's not hard to control.

    Harder than VS and TR? Yes. Actually hard to control? Nope. Just pull your mouse downwards (and slightly to the sides sometimes depending on the gun), it doesn't even take actual thinking, you should do this instinctively, the recoil pattern is not that complex.

    The issue isn't the recoil. The issue is as an NC going up against TR and VS their superior fire rate will make your aim spaz out more than theirs when the bullets start hitting. This will cause you to be less consistend with your hits and you'll die.

    I find this very funny. VS have basically the lowest cone of fire under sustained fire meaning they can land more hits. How does that make your weapons underpowered I don't understand.
  6. Naberius13

    Uh.. I use the Gauss SAW a lot and uh. No? Are you sure it wasn't the EM-6, Anchor or Gauss SAW-S? I haven't used the last one, but, I feel 100% confident in saying the stock Gauss SAW's too temperamental a gun to be called a death machine. Either way, our guns aren't as bad as some say, but combine our slow rate of fire, our iffy bloom of fire, knock up from bullet hoses and the idiot-proofed nature of the stock TR/Vanu guns and it can get a bit old. My favorite is sitting in an ambush position, lining up a shot. squeezing the trigger for a 3 round burst and... oh hey, the third shot went 4 feet to the left while my crosshair jumped up and right. Thanks game. (This is only minor exaggeration..)
  7. Kracken

    LOL @ Thread.
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  8. TheRealBrave

    I'm so tired of this NC recoil nonsense. I have played all factions to BR 10+ and the NC guns are my favorite in the game. (Though as a Vanu main I do feel like Vanu guns are overpowered). NC are fine. TR are fine. Vanu guns need nerfs, badly.
  9. Kracken

  10. TheRealBrave

    I literally experience none of what you said. I can fire the GAUSS-saw fully automatic on someone at a reasonable distance and kill them consistently. Without any attachments save a sight. I'm also just your average 2-3.00 KD joe. I will admit however that the Orion for Vanu is overpowered. The CARV is more than fine after the nerfs.
  11. Wolfehpoohs

    Just throwing my tuppence in as a 70 hour plus NC player.

    I created a VS character on the server on Sunday and well... things are definitely screwed up in balance. The VS heavy is a powerhouse - I can run around hosing people full auto with the VS lmg equivalent, with no recoil or loss of accuracy. My KD ratio was a good three to four times better than my pitiful NC ratio due to the fact that the EM6 & Gaus Saw are uncontrollable in comparison.

    Running forward grip on the NC and no add ons for the the VS and it was a shocking disparity.
  12. TheRealBrave

    I will agree with this. I think NC and TR weapons are fine. Vanu guns are simply overpowered. Not all, but a few.
  13. Cyridius

    Well NC weapons got a nice buff last patch. I wouldn't consider them UP, I would actually consider them the middling faction, taking more practice to get their guns to be effective, but they become pretty beastly when they do. I see no problem with that. I would take faction balance like so;
    VS > NC > TR
    I wouldn't say TR is UP either, their weapon balance is in a state of flux atm, and their vehicles are also the worst.

    tl;dr of my opinion
    VS is OP
    NC and TR are mostly fine
  14. Ileko

    I played TR for a month and then when I tried NC a week ago(now I'm playing NC exclusively), the weapons were so much better than anything that I heard from NC players. I just put a 3.4x scope on the starting carbine and I had myself a weapon for every situation, I haven't even tried to add a grip to it yet or anything else. And my KD ratio is the same as on the TR, if I don't count the kills I made with mosquito farming infantry, because the 100 cert unlockable machine gun for it is so powerful against infantry.
  15. quicKsanD

    I don't need you to buff the NC. I just need you to nerf everyone else. :)
  16. StormHawk

  17. Achmed20

    i somehow hate when guys with VS or TR avatars write this.
    please change you avatar so i can believe you :D
  18. Datek

    NC underpowered? I prefer the word handicapped.
  19. Bierno

    I have tried all 3 faction

    Vanu guns are much easier to use than NC but doesnt mean it will Kill better than NC..

    my KDR is the same on all 3 faction... The thing I noticed alot is range (close range is hard to notice because all guns basically can hipfire if you know how to aim) my Vanu I can drop people like flies becuase no bullet drop but would take almost a clip each person.. but when I play NC there is somewhat a bulletdrop but hardly and you can drop people really really fast

    I find NC really shine when you get foregrip etc...
    ***Balance in term of Infantry gameplay..

    (dunno about tanks and aircraft because i hardly use them. Magrider isnt really OP, the only thing that make it a unfair is the secondary weapon Saron. If they gave other two faction something even level with Saron then it be pretty balance tank vs tank... but i think TR has the best anti-infantry tanks)
  20. Naberius13

    Video please. I've got mine decked out and I still have to burst fire it because of the cof.