NC is Immune to Infils

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  1. Hypersot

    I actually play mostly on Emerald and Connery since EU servers are usually empty :)

    which base that might be? cause what I see on Emerald (as a VS) is NC owning us when on equal terms. Note that I exclude zergs here, I'm only taking fair fights as an example.

    Same happens on Connery as a TR. Admittedly, TR are -ehm- a bit low on skill on Connery (sorry guys but it's the truth), but yet it doesn't explain why I constantly get shot down in less than a split of a sec by the NC... Especially by the Saw and Blitz (I get the most deaths by those two weapons)

    Anyway, maybe it's just me having an allergy with the NCs lol, although I have to admit that my favourite weapons in PS2 are the NC weapons (plus the lasher and the MSW-R)
  2. Valadain

    It was poorly written. I meant to say that "at a given base", not at a particular base. Meaning the pop balance is specific to the fight. There are a lot of good squads/platoons/outfits running about, which makes all of the difference. If they aren't around, it is very noticeable. If the VS are running organized (which they do a lot), it is also very noticeable. The point though, was just to say, if they are hacking, they aren't doing it when I'm around. When we are doing well, I can clearly tell there is organization going on. When we are doing bad, I can clearly see there is no organization going on.

    As a measure, keep an eye out for my name (same as my forum name). If it seems to happen, something else is going on as I absolutely never cheat in online games. I use this same name through all my online games (so obviously, not getting banned from them). You can look up my crap stats too!

    I generally rock the Warden or the Anchor, but I use the Saw often enough. An apologies if I land a plane on your face, rest assured I am dead as my landing survival rate is near zero.
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  3. Munr

    Any comment that end with "probably" as an afterthought isn't really worth listening to. It says you're not sure about what you're saying :eek:

    Spotting an Infil when looking for one is possible and believable. But when you just know where someone is without having to look, that's different. I'm fighting the NC right now and the only issue I'm currently having is from the network issues. I'm getting popped when moving, but that's because the IOR is too high. Not that it should be lowered to the point where I can't be shot. So I'm really thinking that there are a lot of cheaters on as of late. And a lot are really low BR's are the ones who often see me when I'm totally undetectable, but they otherwise really suck so they aren't vets on an alt.
  4. Iridar51

    In this case this is a softening word. Slamming "it is your imagination, suck it up" to your face would've been rude. Just wanted to show some compassion. And sometimes moving slowly is easier than ramming at full speed. My experience tells me that it's easier to change thinker's mind if you tell him: "consider this" instead of "I know the right way, listen to me". Thinkers are better convinced with arguments rather than raw authority.

    You wrote a long and logically structured post, instead of "omg h@xorz everywhere nerf NC OP pls Higby", so I assumed that you are a thinker, and should be approached as such.
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  5. Lamat

    "Higby's Eye" an NC faction trait.
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  6. Pirbi

    Seems like all VS play infiltrator so you get a lot of practice spotting them.
  7. JibbaJabba

    Don't straw man argue me. I never said low and ultra are the same.

    What I said was "Not true in the slightest. This is when a cloak works as closely as it was designed to. Running = you are somewhat visible. Standing still = downright invisible."

    In response to you saying, "If you're playing against a person on ultra your cloak is useless"

    What you said was a crock. Cloaks work just fine against people running ultra graphics.
  8. JibbaJabba

    ...A BR10 did that no less. I'm always a bit more suspicious of very low level players. Sure they might be a BR100 that has spun up a new toon but they might also be a "discardable" hacking account.
  9. Munr

    Ne he was right. I play on really high graphics and if an infil is moving he's better off not cloaking and retaining the ability to shoot.
  10. Mianera

    There is a bug atm in which although the cloak appears to be activated it is in fact not.
  11. JibbaJabba

    Sounds like the game is working as expected.

    Infiltrators are supposed to be partially visible when moving. They are quite visible when running. If they want to be fully invisible then they need to hold still.

    That is a far cry from "If you're playing against a person on ultra your cloak is useless"
    it should have said "If you're playing against a person and you don't know how to use your cloak then it is useless"
  12. JibbaJabba

    Any links? It would be most helpful in this discussion.
  13. Kalivix

    No its quite obvious why, are guns have AWFUL accuracy no matter what we put on them but they do have large magazines, so what does that leave us? the light, most of us just shove a light on every gun because it makes no difference using the other things anyway so we might as well just see infiltrators all the time.
  14. Jeslis

    Scout radar from an ESF or flash will ping your location unless you have sensor shield I believe?... There was alot of changings to radar and sensor darts recently so I'm not *100%* sure of this any more.. but this USED to be true for sure... and may still be.
  15. _itg

    Once I was killed in a similar situation. A guy ran straight at me and headshotted me with his commisioner. I noticed on the death screen that he had a darklight equipped, but it never rendered on my screen for some reason, so I had no idea I was exposed. In that case it seems I got killed due to a bug. It's very possible you were killed due to a bug, too.

    On a side note, I've noticed it's overwhelmingly low-BR players who seem to see through my stalker cloak when I'm crouched and stationary (and there's no plausible way they could have detected me other than very keen eyesight). My theory is that since new players aren't focused on things they "should" be focused on, they're more likely to notice things an experienced player would overlook.
  16. Kalivix

    hmmm perhaps its similar to the laser sight, you don't need it active to get the bonus. I've noticed with the laser sight if you press X to disable the red light you still have the same cof so it might be that if you do that with a flashlight you don't get your position given away all the time but still get the bonus of seeing infs.

    I hope so, would be nice to finally have a way to counter damn infs, they are everywhere in this damn game and oddly enough it seems all the BR 100 people choose to play inf.. its almost like they are the best class or something thanks to 1 shot kills from range amazing close range guns with perfect invisibility...

    And that damn vandal.. just because its for every faction doesn't make it ok to be OP as hell, the number of shoot outs I've had at close range against vandals infs as a heavy that I've lost despite hitting every shot just because its got such insane damage, awesome hip accuracy and 75% ADS speed.
  17. Munr

    I'm going to ignore you from now on, being that you have no idea what you're talking about. Your opinion is noted and discarded. So stop re-iterating it.
  18. Yuki10

    Infil cloaks don't work against NC. We can always see infiltrators - it's our faction ability.

    Just like Vanu can pour out from every hole like a diarrhea among passengers of Carnival Cruises or TR can take air down with strikers - NC can see through cloaks. Just accept it.
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  19. Goldmonk

    Beautifully put, good sir
  20. Nintyuk

    Do you remember what Implants these guys were using? Because certain implants can provide odd ways of spotting. I'm pretty certain it wasn't implants but I'm just checking.