NC is Immune to Infils

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  1. Alan Kalane

    Not sure but I might know why...
    This happens very rarely but sometimes it happens...
    Sometimes I can see the body of a stealthed infiltrator but not the head nor the gun(I'm not cheating I SWEAR) seems like a bug
  2. Inex

    Not sure why, but almost every Infil I find with a Darklight seems incredibly surprised when I start firing. To the point I've gotten accusations of having cheats which let me see through cloak.

    If you're playing against a person on ultra your cloak is useless.
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  4. Sigmundr Rumare

    It's all the practice the NC have gotten having to try and see Vanu on Hossin. Sharpens the eyes you see.
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  5. Nubm

    Yeah, pretty much this. Didn't saw enemys with Darklight so i always asumed that it won't render for other factions.

    Also i run often with Magshot and Darklight, especially offbase, repairing turrets or after bigger fights to spot random infiltra(i)tors.
    And Deep cloak state is canceled if you move your mouse to look around.

    I once saw a shadow of a cloaked infil so he was easy to spot, but this bug seems to be very rare.

    And i often hear NC friendlys warn for infils in prox vc if they think they've seen one.
  6. Valadain

    Strangely, I play NC and have the same trouble with VS. It comes and goes in waves. It almost seems that when on my screen they are facing away and I am unloading on them, on their screen they are facing me and firing into my face. Then other days, no problem at all, nice quick clean take downs.

    I'm with you on the infiltrator bit. If they move at all, I see them. Also a tip to you infiltrators, if you go fully invisible... I know that you stopped in place and I will shoot that place. Sometimes I just wait for a second to build the suspense.

    To be clear though, the cloak is not obvious. They couldn't tone it down any more without pretty well making the infiltrator invisible. The things that most often give away an infiltrator to me are: shot tracer, cloak sound, sound of SMG, red Turret, exploding turret.
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  7. JibbaJabba

    YOU! Are you the chump that absolutely insisted I was cheating on hossin the other day?

    Are you the guy that said something like, "haha looks like you died anyway cheater" when I got killed a minute later by someone else? Kept saying, "don't try to play dumb" every time I tried to get clarification on the accusation?

    Fess up.
  8. JibbaJabba

    Ah, I see you are TR...

    The guy who accused me was Vanu. Apologies.

    But.. It may lend something to your story. I looked this guy up at the time and he getting kills with the Crossbolt so very likely also using the stalker cloak. When I saw him he was on the edge of a hill, in broad (night)light, completely *uncloaked* and I dropped him like a sack of potatoes in one burst. Then he starts in with the cheating accusations and won't quit until I finally /ignore him.

    Needless to say I wasn't cheating. He was convinced of it though.

    I suspect he simply didn't have his cloak on when he thought he did. It wasn't a graphics thing... I didn't see the outline of his cloak or anything. He didn't have one on at all.

    Maybe there is a bug in the stalker code. The guy was on a pretty steep hill. Did micro-movements cause it to drain perhaps. Dunno. Having been accused though I would lean towards, "nobody is cheating" and suspect some other explaination.
  9. Lamat

    I play NC on Ultra settings and I do notice enemy infiltrators a lot, pretty brazen really, so they are easy kills.

    Are you sure you're a good infiltrator?
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  10. JibbaJabba

    Not true in the slightest. This is when a cloak works as closely as it was designed to. Running = you are somewhat visible. Standing still = downright invisible.
  11. Hypersot

    I would be with you if I hadn't played all factions extensively.

    With my VS against TR or TR against VS, things are balanced, sometimes I rule and sometimes I get owned but everytime I play my NC against other factions it seems that it is just *slightly* easier to own them and I see this more intensively when I try beating the NCs with my TR or VS.

    Statistically though, the past couple of months, I have never -ever- been in a force that beat equal numbers NCs (talking about 24+ battles).

    In the past NCs were easier to beat and that's why I created my NC char, I like to be with the 'harder to play' factions... but now.... I don't know, there must be a reason behind this but I have yet to find it :/
  12. DatVanuMan

    Same thing happened to me on Amerish once. I was a VS (My main faction) infiltrator, cloaked and in a bush, when a ScatMAX comes by. I happened to have two friends near me at the time, and one of them was on a rock near Sungrey Amp. He was right in front of the MAX, and all of a sudden, the MAX turns around and starts shooting me. I managed to run away, but the MAX kept on chasing me. That is, until I hacked a vehicle terminal and Magrided the hell out of his sorry life. It left me confused, though... HOW DID HE KNOW?
  13. Spadar

    Sometimes pretty ridiculous things happen. On Connery at least, situations like this aren't exceedingly rare for me whenever I try to sneak around as an infiltrator. He's at least 100m away down by their Sunderer. Prior to this clip I had just been sitting around up there not shooting anything as a backup for some friends. It's like I'm not even stealthed.
  14. Paragon Exile

    I know in my case that I've played many games where invisible enemies are an omnipresent threat, or the enemies are far away and you need to watch for movement, not shapes. Over the better part of two decades I've trained myself to pay attention to contours, distortion and very minor movements (including enemies breathing). Planetside infiltrators, unless they are in deep cloak in a very dark area, are trivially easy to see and murder because the vast majority do not factor in the varying colors of the background, movement effects and projections against the sky/prefabricated structures.

    My personal record for detection is a stalker sitting 100 metres away in a bush in deep cloak, but I didn't kill him though :(

    OP, sometimes things like this just happen, it's best not to worry, and continue trying to improve.

  15. LIKE A BOSS!

    It is true I went from a intel 4000 on low to a r9-290x on maxed out completely. The difference is VERY noticible. Go tell people on the forums with a straight face that low and ultra settings are equal for infiltrators.
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  16. dstock

    Do you notice this more in big battles? I saw a post, last week I think?, explaining how Stalker cloak has a low render priority. So, if you move into a big size battle, as it's loading in nearby players, it loads the Infi in first, before running the check to see if he's cloaked or not. If true, this would explain a large number of these threads.

    Also, as someone who plays on Ultra, I can pick out cloaked Infi's if they're standing in the open, made poor location decisions (didn't consider lighting or contrasting background), etc. out to about 30-40 meters. If I'm in a vehicle using thermals and you stay cloaked, you will survive/won't be seen. If you're inside that range, though, you will be found by an alert player using Ultra settings. What I'm saying is, cloak is very effective at hiding from vehicles using thermal optics, less so in close quarters.
  17. Valadain

    Come on over to Emerald and you can see plenty of NC fights lost with population advantage (at a particular base).
  18. XtremeDoritos

    For some reason recently, I've been able to see infiltrators cloaked through my IR / HV scopes and sights on my vehicles and infantry. The only thing that would light up is the gun so I would see floating guns in bushes. I don't have it anymore though. Game deleted itself and I had to redownload :confused:
  19. Cinnamon

    Vanu only attack with infantry at night due to simple cowardice and it also happens that infiltrator cloak is much more effective at night.
  20. King Feraligatr

    Good NC players?! You make me laugh! Keep it going.

    (there is no such thing as a good NC player)